Quezon Avenue Araneta Flyover under construction, looking for alternate routes

Posted by backpacking philippines on 23 June 2011 in English (English)

I pass by quezon avenue from West Avenue up to Araneta everyday and now I got good news and bad news at the busy intersection where jeepneys create a terminal at the corner blocking cars from turning right to araneta after the u-turn near sto domingo church.

with the start of construction, i'm looking for alternate routes, though I know one via Kaliraya (where I passed by twice already when i see heavy traffic ahead of araneta), the street's actually too narrow for a residential road due to presence of flea market, informal settlers, and lots of pedicabs and tricycles.

Kaliraya would have been a very nice alternate road if not for the pedestrians and pedicabs occupying the street making it like a one-lane street only where you risk your car being sideswiped by pedicabs or you hit slow moving pedestrians walking on the street.

another alternate route is via Roces then morato, e rodriguez then balete drive where you end up on Santolan or just via Gilmore to Ortigas Extension.

I love to experiment to test OSM routing (thus detect errors) but the routes are slow due to presence of jeepneys.

I think EDSA is still better and reliable, especially when it's raining :P

Comment from Hassan S on 24 June 2011 at 12:48


Have you tried the routing plugin in JOSM ?

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