Garmin Won't Route you to SCTEX-NLEX from MacArthur

Posted by backpacking philippines on 30 January 2011 in English (English)

just realized this...there's really no way Garmin will route you to the faster SCTX-NLEX for Garmin will only think about it of there's a bend on MacArthur

it seems, Garmin looks for the nearest highest class way (tollway-trunk-primary...) but will only find ways connected to it.

MacArthur is such a very long trunk road though is prone to traffic than SCTEX and NLEX (both are tollways/expressways). On it's end is another trunk road, EDSA, via Monumento.

Unless Garmin can see that the max_speed tag for MacArthur is lower than SCTEX and NLEX, there may be a way but I doubt it.

If only I can find a route simulator for things like this. Mapsource, too, prefers road class over distance

anyway, i've been probably taking my time on this issue that i really don't need. just let people find the road to SCTEX from Tarlac (which I think should also be upgraded).

Would a long trunk road with less max_speed be preferred over two tollway_link and SCTEX-NLEX? Do I need to change the settings of my Garmin 1300 to do this or it's just the way it is so i just leave it alone?

how about changing the max_speed tags to the practical real world settings rather than the theoretical speed limits?

Comment from Richard on 30 January 2011 at 11:59

"how about changing the max_speed tags to the practical real world settings rather than the theoretical speed limits?"

No. max_speed is for the official speed limit. If you want to tag the average speed, choose a different tag, then use mkgmap's rules (or a preprocessor) to take account of that instead.

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Comment from maning on 1 February 2011 at 02:49

backpacking philippines,

If you are using the osmph garmin maps I compile, then max_speed is not used:

I disabled the use of max_speed because ETA calculations are too optimistic.

I agree with richard, real world speed should be in another tag and not in max_speed.

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