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Trying Overpass API 4 days ago

.... or may be a better place, because other users with the same question in the future could find the answer without the need to ask again

Trying Overpass API 4 days ago

generally is a better place for such questions. you will find many already answered: (click on one of those and then maybe sort the list by "most voted")

How to tag alphalt in a forest 7 days ago

what is the actual use on the "road"? – tag this … and the surface and smoothness independently (you could tag the width too). "asphalt" is fine for a "track".

Hey, ich bin der Neue 8 days ago

Willkommen Odustour! :-)

Wenn du eine Frage zu hast, dann fragst du am besten auch jenes Unternehmen. Laut Fußzeile in der Karte kommen noch nicht mal die Kartenbilder von OpenStreetMap, sondern von "Here Maps".

Wenn dich Routing basierend auf OSM-Daten interessiert, dann probiere es einfach auf aus (evtl. erst oben rechts auf den Menüknopf und dann auf den Knopf mit den Richtungspfeilen) (Beispielroute). Alternativ schau auf . Software für dein Android-Smartphone mit OSM-Bezug findest du unter aufgelistet.

Viel Spaß!

Edit in the city of Umm Ruwaba in Sudan 17 days ago

Looks like you did much work to map the road network, good! :-)

Everybody here will have different priorities of what to map/improve next. Do what you like, what you think it is important, what you know (do not use other maps/databases!), what is most fun. Following are some further comments from me:

Currently there are only "secondary" and "residential" roads in the city. Are there some bigger roads which could be treated/mapped as "tertiary" (the next smaller one below "secondary") or "unclassified" (the next smaller one below "tertiary")?

If possible, please use changeset comments when you save your edits. That helps others (and in two years also yourself) in understanding what and why you did a particular change. :-)

Error message 25 days ago


Glückwunsch about 1 month ago

Willkommen bei OpenStreetMap, Tvali!

XD about 1 month ago

Welcome to OpenStreetMap! :-)

This is a Test about 1 month ago

Willkommen! Deine erste Bearbeitung hat schonmal super geklappt! :-) Viel Spaß!

test about 1 month ago

it works! Welcome to OSM!

Lorem Ipsum about 1 month ago

consectetur adipisici elit, sed eiusmod tempor incidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Just an idea … dashcams and street view about 1 month ago

in the meantime there is . I guess you could use it somehow.

ATMs in Belgium about 2 months ago

@Sanderd17: "more armchair mapping than an import" -- With aerial imagery: do you see that there is a bank branch, do you see that there is a ATM, do you see that it has this address? ;-) Not really. I am not saying that it is an import (because of the manual work and the address lookup elsewhere - I do not know AGIV), but it has similarities/is close to an import.

ATMs in Belgium about 2 months ago

Hi Brecht, thank you for your response!

It may be that it does not cause legal problems, but to save work (also your work) and to avoid damage to the project (copyright law infringement) I think it should be discussed with the community. This is similar to an import. What you import is the list of branches of a specific bank / ATM and their addresses.

The diary comments are not really suited for this discussion. I think forum or mailinglist would be best. Mention this diary discussion in the new place.

Databases may seem simple (as opposed to graphics, for example), but they could be protected - see . I do not know if the list of their branches and address is protected by the law. Just to give you an example: it would not be allowed to use the "yellow pages".

Yes, the banks likely have an interest of getting their branches into OSM, however, then you could ask them for an official permission (if we think that their branch-address database is protected). Remeber that the bank branch data, as long as it is in OSM, also could be used by the competitors of a bank. Now, the bank may object to the inclusion of their branch database into OSM.

By the way: "Most correct" is if a mapper stays in front of the bank/ATM - not a bank's list. :-)

If you discuss this issue elsewhere, please mention the new location here (in case someone finds this by a web search).

Regarding "blunt": I/we do not accuse you or want to punish you or whatever - there is just an improvement which should be made. And this is what I wrote. Yes, I understand that it is not nice to enthusiastically start a project (of would you think is a great idea) and then somebody else tells you that this may not be a good idea.

Thank you!

ATMs in Belgium about 2 months ago

At least it should be discussed before you do that much work – which may need to be deleted later (more work). Was it somewhere? Or are you sure that your action is okay (legal)?

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland! :-)

ATMs in Belgium about 2 months ago

Uumm, but you are aware that you should not (must not - copyright!) copy the ATM database from any bank website? I assume you do not visit the ATMs yourself, do you?

Anonym about 2 months ago

Hmm, interessant!

Danke für's Entwerben. :-)

Anonym about 2 months ago

Willkommen bei OSM! Möchtet ihr zu OSM beitragen oder soll das nur Werbung sein? ;-)

How to extract a topographic map of an area 2 months ago

Oh.. you already have asked there:

How to extract a topographic map of an area 2 months ago

Hi Alberto, please ask (if you cannot find an old question about the same) at . That would be more useful.