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how to add a POI? 1 day ago

... or Ctrl+F5 - depends on your browser and its settings.

Einträge erscheinen auch nach über 14 Tagen nicht 1 day ago

Allgemeine Fragen sind in der Hilfezentrale (auch im Menü hier oben verlinkt) bestens aufgehoben beziehungsweise schon dort fertig beantwortet über die Suche zu finden, das spart Zeit. Hier ist eine Liste der deutschen Fragen und Antworten zu finden: . Eine klassische FAQ gibt es auch: ... sowie natürlich das von 4rch erwähnte Forum.

how to add a POI? 1 day ago

it is shown on zoom levels 17 to 19 for me.

Also see

Is it possible to view GPS traces on the map? 2 days ago

if you want to see a trace on a map, upload it to one of those services: I recommend gpsies (no registration needed).

"GPS traces" is for mapping support. See

testeteste 3 days ago

test works! :-) Welcome to OSM!

How can I get accurate locations in a forest ? 6 days ago

it may also help to filter for HDOP accuracy to only record/use the good values. And set a high sampling rate of e.g. 1 second.

How can I get accurate locations in a forest ? 6 days ago

Regarding your "DGPS" try, have a look at . There you will also find suggestions for real improvement. Might also be interesting:

OpenStreetMap Carto v2.22.0 18 days ago

"big changes are making colours better connected to the background" I think I saw this just one hour before when doing a Ctrl+F5 tile refresh in the browser.

Thank you, all carto guys! :-)

Häuser verschwinden beim Heranzoomen 18 days ago

Gehe auf die Karte, drücke Strg+F5 oder Alt+F5 oder Shift+F5 oder wasauchimmer dein Browser für eine Tastenkombination zum neuladen+Cache auffrischen hat. Eventuell zwei mal.

Siehe zu dem Thema auch

How do I mark a route? 19 days ago

your question (with the book clarification) would be better suited for . Please search the old questions before asking – you may find an answer already.

Using relations for sculptures with multiple pieces 25 days ago

I think I did the same 7 months ago. ;-)

My problem with GPS traces and my Garmin Monterra about 1 month ago

Yes since you had wgs84 all the time it is fine.

Take care, do not do too much! ;-) And it is no highscore game, too much speed is not that good, because likely you may notice better ways to map or notice that you are doing something not optimal. Great that you are helping OSM that much!

However, enjoy and do not forget to go outside and survey! :-)

My problem with GPS traces and my Garmin Monterra about 1 month ago

Thanks for writing up this story, that was nice to read!

WGS84 is right. See for example: Converting_to_WGS84

In editors which download traces from the server via the API your uploaded traces are available as soon as they are imported. Maybe the gps traces tile layer, which is used by iD instead of directly using the traces, may need more time to be updated. Potlatch2 and JOSM are examples for editors which download/show the traces directly from the server. I have tested it in JOSM with this of your traces. I get it if I download traces in that map region in JOSM.

test about 1 month ago

it works!

Koordinaten Import about 2 months ago

Generell freuen wir OSMler uns wenn Leute unsere Daten verwenden und natürlich noch mehr, wenn sie beitragen. Es gibt seeeehr viele Möglichkeiten, was man aus unseren Daten machen kann. Aber nicht alles ist einfach. Auch haben wir uns der Freiheit verschrieben – wir können nicht einfach Daten von anderen Datenbanken oder Karten kopieren/importieren. Das würde massiv unser Ziel der freien Verwendbarkeit (unter unserer Lizenz – ) gefährden.

Du schreibst nicht, wo die 1000 Daten ihren Ursprung haben. Das wäre wichtig zu wissen.

Aus vorgenannten Gründen: Wenn die Guidelines dir zu viel Arbeit abverlangen, dann verzichte bitte darauf, hier Daten zu importieren. Mehr per Mail.

fgh about 2 months ago

Hi Kaisako!

Welcome to OpenStreetMap! :-)

What's up with the GPS traces? about 2 months ago

Ha, great :-)

What's up with the GPS traces? about 2 months ago

.. oh, I should have looked at your screenshot (it was blocked because of the external iamge hoster)... you use the gps traces background layer (which also iD uses and which mainly exists because of iD). Use JOSMs native GPS traces display! It also provides you with custom appearance settings.

What's up with the GPS traces? about 2 months ago

@pkoby: strange. And you did download the gps traces download button in JOSM (note the checkbox in the download dialog) and NOT use the gps traces background layer (example tile)?

What's up with the GPS traces? about 2 months ago

and see . It is not just you. ;-) And it is not your traces but the gps traces tile layer (which is used by iD). Just use another editor (Potlatch2 or JOSM for example) and you get them undashed.