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My problem with GPS traces and my Garmin Monterra 2 days ago

Yes since you had wgs84 all the time it is fine.

Take care, do not do too much! ;-) And it is no highscore game, too much speed is not that good, because likely you may notice better ways to map or notice that you are doing something not optimal. Great that you are helping OSM that much!

However, enjoy and do not forget to go outside and survey! :-)

My problem with GPS traces and my Garmin Monterra 3 days ago

Thanks for writing up this story, that was nice to read!

WGS84 is right. See for example: Converting_to_WGS84

In editors which download traces from the server via the API your uploaded traces are available as soon as they are imported. Maybe the gps traces tile layer, which is used by iD instead of directly using the traces, may need more time to be updated. Potlatch2 and JOSM are examples for editors which download/show the traces directly from the server. I have tested it in JOSM with this of your traces. I get it if I download traces in that map region in JOSM.

test 5 days ago

it works!

Koordinaten Import 19 days ago

Generell freuen wir OSMler uns wenn Leute unsere Daten verwenden und natürlich noch mehr, wenn sie beitragen. Es gibt seeeehr viele Möglichkeiten, was man aus unseren Daten machen kann. Aber nicht alles ist einfach. Auch haben wir uns der Freiheit verschrieben – wir können nicht einfach Daten von anderen Datenbanken oder Karten kopieren/importieren. Das würde massiv unser Ziel der freien Verwendbarkeit (unter unserer Lizenz – ) gefährden.

Du schreibst nicht, wo die 1000 Daten ihren Ursprung haben. Das wäre wichtig zu wissen.

Aus vorgenannten Gründen: Wenn die Guidelines dir zu viel Arbeit abverlangen, dann verzichte bitte darauf, hier Daten zu importieren. Mehr per Mail.

fgh 23 days ago

Hi Kaisako!

Welcome to OpenStreetMap! :-)

What's up with the GPS traces? 26 days ago

Ha, great :-)

What's up with the GPS traces? 26 days ago

.. oh, I should have looked at your screenshot (it was blocked because of the external iamge hoster)... you use the gps traces background layer (which also iD uses and which mainly exists because of iD). Use JOSMs native GPS traces display! It also provides you with custom appearance settings.

What's up with the GPS traces? 26 days ago

@pkoby: strange. And you did download the gps traces download button in JOSM (note the checkbox in the download dialog) and NOT use the gps traces background layer (example tile)?

What's up with the GPS traces? 26 days ago

and see . It is not just you. ;-) And it is not your traces but the gps traces tile layer (which is used by iD). Just use another editor (Potlatch2 or JOSM for example) and you get them undashed.

Oh TIGER... about 1 month ago

@mvexel: yeah, I just wanted to mention the possiblity (not more) of even a made-up bing aerial image.

Oh TIGER... about 1 month ago

or bing does not show reality! (in case you only rely on bing) ;-)

Ich schreib nix. about 1 month ago

Nagut, dann kommentiere ich auch nicht! Gar nicht.

Mapbox satellite view experiment about 1 month ago

... oh, and, you have to clear your browser cache (e.g. by ctrl+F5) to see an effect after this. Otherwise you still have the X tiles available.

Mapbox satellite view experiment about 1 month ago

For iD this works:

Block the wrong zoom levels 18 until 20 with Adblock. Filters to be added (for example):


Works, see this screenshot.

You also may want to contact the iD developers, but that is only really possible via the issues list at github (which is an external company).

Mapbox satellite view experiment about 1 month ago

Thanks, Minh Nguyen! Ahh, yes at this location "Mapbox Satellite" in fact changes to X X X if you zoom in too much – in iD. In JOSM I experience the same, but I can fix it by replacing tms[19] with tms[17] in the imagery's source URL. After this JOSM just magnifies the zoom level 17. I guess(!) mapbox provides up to zoom level 19 - but not in very part of the world. In those parts it seems to serve error images ("X") which is not really helpful because you need to tell you editor to not use them.

Workaround: How to fix the retina problem. about 1 month ago

Another option is to view Lyrk's hi-res tiles. See a comparison to's tiles.

Mapbox satellite view experiment about 1 month ago

I do not really get what you are writing about. I can zoom in more and more in iD ... the aerial imagery gets magnified and blurry. But this is what you seem to want, don't you? JOSM does the same. Just Potlatch2 does not magnify and stops to display is you zoom in too much.

What do you mean by "JOSM implementation of iD zoom interpolation"?

Recycle for OSM's 10th Anniversary about 2 months ago

great! :-) Thanks for sharing those instructions. Now we can all prepare our special OSM birthday hats.

Keine AHNUNG was ich hier mache ,... about 2 months ago

Willkommen und viel Spaß bei OSM! Zögere nicht mit Fragen, wenn dir etwas unklar ist. Wir freuen uns über neue Mitarbeiter!

Info Lost at different zoom levels about 2 months ago

... and the easy solution: just wait. You did not do a mistake.