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The first 30-day challenge: retrospective 27 days ago

… I would like to add: this quote sounds only negative. However, the challenge certainly had its good parts. Probably the overall effect of it is positive.

The first 30-day challenge: retrospective 27 days ago

On 12 February 2014 I exchanged six mails with Alex-7 (who had added a note of the contest in the Wiki calendar). Let me quote an excerpt of what I wrote to him since it is (if I read correctly) matching the reality.

I see problems in giving people a monetary reward for "points". They may not act in the best interests for the projects but in their own interest. And if the point system is not designed carefully this may lead to careless, inaccurate and maybe even wrong armchair edits which are not useful.


if the point system is designed to be matching our project goals. No Sweatshop workers in India (badly) "mapping" in the US to win tablet computers, please. By the way: I did not have a look at the actual point system, but I just guess it is not designed good since this is very hard.

Radkonzept der Stadt Ilmenau 28 days ago

Bei manchen Drittanbietern weiß man, dass sie "evil" sind, bei manchen anderen ists wenigstens nicht sicher. ;-)

Radkonzept der Stadt Ilmenau 28 days ago

etwas besser. :-) Danke. Es scheint aber noch nicht live zu sein. Ich bekomme immer noch einen Zugriff auf . Nunja, mit "nur ungern selbst" bist du bei weitem nicht alleine ...

Radkonzept der Stadt Ilmenau 29 days ago

Hört sich ja ziemlich interessant an! Es wäre schön, wenn du die jQuery-Bibliothek selbst hosten könntest, statt google die Daten deiner User hinterherzuwerfen.

#SFSU & #OpenStreetMap - The name= key is for names only! 29 days ago

Good catch! Hopefully they read also other diary entries. However, this is quite common among newbies. Sometimes more, sometimes less - I would guess it depends on the editor used.

Any updated geospatial data from governments about MH370? 29 days ago

The search for MH370 is not really a OpenStreetMap topic. We do not map aircrafts (unless they stay on one position for very long).

I only know which is related somehow to OSM (uses OSM maps as locator)). Not sure what you mean.

I suddenly can't edit wtih Firefox; has something changed? about 1 month ago

If you were accessing via HTPPS: The thing which has changed is that the site supports https*. I guess you were not using it before. iD was fixed for HTTPS recently, so it runs. Apparently the same did not happen yet for P2. The remote control (e.g. for sending the current map section to JOSM) does not work currently in modern browsers due to blocking of active mixed-content. See also

Yesterday the map did not load for me. I did a cache clearing reload (Ctrl+F5) - and it worked again. Maybe the same for you. This could be caused by new, incompatible script versions.

DC Street Names about 1 month ago

Welcome to OSM, David!

Just finished to import a city - Before and After pictures about 1 month ago

Thank you, very kind of you! :-)

Hmm, but fences where there are no (or not always) fences seems not the best idea (e.g. it is bad for navigation without gps - imagine you stay in front of all the buildings and search for the fences which your map shows). I guess there may be some tagging scheme for private ground boundaries. This is such a thing which could be discussed before an import (on mailinglist, forum, wiki or, well, if Romania prefers this, facebook). And then linked in the changeset comment, so everybody knows what's going on.

Just finished to import a city - Before and After pictures about 1 month ago

Pardon that I was asking for sources and discussion. Is this import at least made with public domain data?

Just finished to import a city - Before and After pictures about 1 month ago

Rovastar, please ... Stay on topic and not ad hominem.

Who to report SPAM in the diaries? about 1 month ago

... maybe provide a description in two or three words why / for what this is spam.

Who to report SPAM in the diaries? about 1 month ago

Please report it at (wiki account needed - separate from the one here). Thanks!

Just finished to import a city - Before and After pictures about 1 month ago


  • There are really fences around each private property?
  • landuse seems to be used in a duplicated way.
  • in comment or source tag you should have mentioned the location of the import discussion.

Could you please link the sources and discussion of the import for those people who are interested?

The Mucky Pup about 1 month ago

In fact it is only Great Britain (no Northern Ireland). Have added it.

The Mucky Pup about 1 month ago

... and it needs a sign-on/log-in to get the wonderful pdf :-(

The Mucky Pup about 1 month ago

Am I misusing the site or is England-only? :-( I dislike this: you click a link, navigate through a site... only to find out that it is not servicing your location. This should be mentioned in this blog post and in OSM_on_Paper if it is that way. Thank you, Harry!

Missing attribution in Huffington Post ? about 2 months ago

@mcld: not really - in both cases. But I am too lazy to look it up in the license terms now. For a produced work you need to use a license which ensures that OSM is properly credited. Fot this reason releasing a produced work under WTFPL is not possible. You mention yourself that it is contradictory...

Die Stadt Troisdorf ist jetzt mit dabei! about 2 months ago

Willkommen! :-) Toller Einführungstext hier. Am besten von eurer Benutzerseite aus verlinken oder dorthin kopieren. Dann weiß jeder gleich Bescheid.

Übrigens: dem Link auf den Stadtplandienst fehlt das Protokoll, aktuell ist der Link falsch.