Why I'm running for the OSM US board

Posted by apwright on 5 October 2013 in English (English)

Because I believe in the power of OpenStreetMap to transform how we navigate our worlds and I believe in us, the community to make it happen.

"We build too many walls and not enough bridges." - Issas Newton [1]

The Platform

  • Diversity: OSM is growing fast, but it is the diversity of perspectives -- not just the breadth of reach -- that will determine the color of our success. With a interdisciplinary background in art and technology, academic training in cultural studies, and 5+ year commitment to opensource geo, I believe I can bridge OSM with communities outside the typical purview.

  • Community Engagement: Carrying the momentum of these past editathons, I'm interested in having events that are targeted to new comers and people outside of technical. I'm already doing that with local NYC community by helping to organize targeted editathons and data events and a monthly GeoNYC event. Part of the community engagement is bringing the success and outcomes of these events to the media in a larger public dialogue.

  • Measured Progress: Within OSM there seems to be a collective belief in the power of open data and increased community engagement. As we build on this mission, I would like to bring tactics of evaluation into the process. How successful of editathons in creating ongoing engagement? What is the value -- cultural, economic, political -- of open spatial data? By testing hypotheses, we can choose the best ways to bridge OSM into that larger cultural, economic and political context.

I have been inspired by the current momentum of OSM in the US and am humbled and excited by the possibility of supporting that momentum by serving as part of your board. Either way -- all the best to everyone. I'll be working with you regardless! (And thanks... for letting me be part of it.)

  1. Quoted in the Walls and Bridges Festival

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