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FoamToppersWorld - However, if you choose one that is too thick, you may realize that you didn't have to after all. Did you know that a memory foam topper can save you the exorbitant expense of buying a brand new mattress? All you do is lay the foam mattress pad over your old mattress and - wow - talk about a good night's sleep! These covers are made from very tightly woven fabrics that make it impossible for bed bugs to get through. Memory foam mattress toppers should not be placed on bedding material that have already got dips and droops, but on top of current beds that are still in pretty nice condition. All you need to do is add a mattress topper to your bed. However, it may become confusing, as there are several choices of memory mattress toppers. You should be the one to decide if such thickness is enough for your need or it is lacking so you need to choose a thicker foam topper.