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Ramblings about State of the Map 2 months ago

Thanks for the write-up! There was beer in the brewery, you just had to ask a man behind the counter to pour it. Being famous in OSM is a myth, you have to talk to everybody :)

Free Tiles and a Story of Noncommercial Death Spiral 4 months ago

We don't need users attached to OSM services: the more profit they bring 3-party service providers, the better. The data itself is free, and is guaranteed to be free forever. Services for processing the data are paid-for, and that's a job for 3-party services. We offer data and we offer a choice. OSM owes you the data, but doesn't owe anything on top of that. OSM is not a business, it can't lose any competition because of that.

Please do not mix data and tiles/services.

Free Tiles and a Story of Noncommercial Death Spiral 4 months ago

Doesn't matter. Had profit = commercial. Registered as a company = commercial.

Free Tiles and a Story of Noncommercial Death Spiral 4 months ago

$4..5 per month is not "noncommercial", it's just cheap. There were two providers, one failed to build a sustainable business model. That's all.

There are many services providing data extracts, tiles, iframes, routing, geocoding. Just for tiles, there are 20+ competing commercial providers. OSMF doesn't want to become 21st and enter the competition, because that will lower resources to do our job: providing the data.

Nothing personal, just GPS tracks 4 months ago

Please mention that the layer pictured cannot be used for tracing into OSM, since it is protected by the copyright. We all understand it, but more recent contributors might get a wrong idea.

AFK 4 months ago

I'd recommend installing and adding POIs to the map the entire time :) That's how I spent my last trip.

And thanks for your work!

Experimental publishing of Sentinel 2 satellite data 5 months ago

So basically anyone in the OSM community who wants to have the latest imagery from Sentinel 2 has to go through you? And if they are too shy to ask, they will be met with "you failed my social experiment" blame?

Experimental publishing of Sentinel 2 satellite data 5 months ago

How much of this Landsat 8 tutorial can be used for processing Sentinel 2 images?

A look into a sample of edits from MAPS.ME contributors 5 months ago

Tomas, there was 460 changesets made with in Lithuania. So you claim that nearly half of edits in your country are bad. The change stream looks okay, besides maybe some edits by ЮрийИ. If your problem with that particular user, or with all edits made with

GOwin, every user editing with is registered using their validated e-mail address. So they are definitely getting all messages. But as it is often the case with newbies, they may be a bit scared to answer, especially if they are met with a rude welcome.

The Wiki Sign-up is Broken! 5 months ago

There is for me. Could your ad-blocker block the captcha?


Надо сделать для каждого здания возможность "Показать вход" 5 months ago

В OpenStreetMap нередко есть входы в здание. Просто на стиле они не отображаются — но видны, например, в или на стиле MapSurfer, используемом на сайте

И двачую, 2GIS, как и другие источники, типа яндекса и гугля, нельзя использовать для уточнения OSM.

OSM - beschissene Datenqualität 5 months ago

So true.

(you should translate this into English :)

Let's pretend like contribution is an import. 5 months ago

You want to revert the work of 27 thousand users each registered with their own name and e-mail just because most of them haven't read the Map Features wiki page? Yay, way to go!

And yes, I indeed read this and the previous entries as bullying. Mostly because of the hatred and lack of concrete arguments.

Cleaning up data by properties using Overpass and JOSM 5 months ago

Actually, addr:city tag can be found on address points: nodes without any tags besides addr:*. These are pretty common in Europe and a lot of other countries where detailed imagery for tracing building is not available. is a new evil (instead of Potlatch)? 6 months ago

thermo_nuclear, хорошая попытка троллинга, но нет.

1) Новичку в JOSM накосячить значительно сложнее, так как в нём есть отличный валидатор, и редактор не пытается скрыть модель данных.

2) В этой теме обсуждаем редактор для мобильных устройств. is a new evil (instead of Potlatch)? 6 months ago

We have a release cycle of one month. Therefore we can't fix out mistaked quickly, except for the big ones.

Alan, "partial upload" means exactly that: doesn't know in advance which changes are being uploaded, so it updates the changeset comment after it has done. And sometimes user's internet connection get broken, resulting in such partial uploads with non-descriptive names.

MAPS.ME is now an editor 6 months ago

Thanks saintam1! Also, you can now monitor edits in Bulgaria:

GSoC 2016 - marking cities 6 months ago

Did you consider raising village/hamlet lables some zoom levels higher? So that Russia (and other scarsely-populated areas) doesn't look that empty.

Мои правки. 6 months ago

Что-то залип и случайно сделал

Uh... 6 months ago

These people register in OSM using their verified e-mail addreses. Some use facebook/google account for that, hence the real names. So if you answer to any of the notes, or comment a changeset, they will definitely get your reply.