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OSM - beschissene Datenqualität 4 months ago

So true.

(you should translate this into English :)

Let's pretend like contribution is an import. 4 months ago

You want to revert the work of 27 thousand users each registered with their own name and e-mail just because most of them haven't read the Map Features wiki page? Yay, way to go!

And yes, I indeed read this and the previous entries as bullying. Mostly because of the hatred and lack of concrete arguments.

Cleaning up data by properties using Overpass and JOSM 4 months ago

Actually, addr:city tag can be found on address points: nodes without any tags besides addr:*. These are pretty common in Europe and a lot of other countries where detailed imagery for tracing building is not available. is a new evil (instead of Potlatch)? 4 months ago

thermo_nuclear, хорошая попытка троллинга, но нет.

1) Новичку в JOSM накосячить значительно сложнее, так как в нём есть отличный валидатор, и редактор не пытается скрыть модель данных.

2) В этой теме обсуждаем редактор для мобильных устройств. is a new evil (instead of Potlatch)? 4 months ago

We have a release cycle of one month. Therefore we can't fix out mistaked quickly, except for the big ones.

Alan, "partial upload" means exactly that: doesn't know in advance which changes are being uploaded, so it updates the changeset comment after it has done. And sometimes user's internet connection get broken, resulting in such partial uploads with non-descriptive names.

MAPS.ME is now an editor 4 months ago

Thanks saintam1! Also, you can now monitor edits in Bulgaria:

GSoC 2016 - marking cities 4 months ago

Did you consider raising village/hamlet lables some zoom levels higher? So that Russia (and other scarsely-populated areas) doesn't look that empty.

Мои правки. 5 months ago

Что-то залип и случайно сделал

Uh... 5 months ago

These people register in OSM using their verified e-mail addreses. Some use facebook/google account for that, hence the real names. So if you answer to any of the notes, or comment a changeset, they will definitely get your reply.

Почему natural=heath - это не что угодно 5 months ago

Вот тебе ещё отличная цитата Ричарда Фэйрхёрста десятиминутной давности: «bridleways in the UK aren't specifically "horse tracks", they're just paths with a legal right of passage for horses, walkers and cyclists. very often there will be plenty of walkers and very few horses using it. Here's a nice bridleway near us -». Короче, мы для этого path используем, а на самом деле... :)

Почему natural=heath - это не что угодно 5 months ago

В заметке не хватает ссылки на, собственно, вики-страницу. После такого длинного объяснения ожидаю увидеть на ней «по возможности, найдите другой тег».

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? (13) 5 months ago

To clarify, that map is not mine, it's made by Runge (Maxim Rylov) with his OpenMapSurfer renderer. The renderer was written as an illustration to his academic work regarding label placement, which shows. Alas, it requires .NET, so basically it works only on Windows.

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? (13) 5 months ago

See another OSM renderer:

Почему и когда разные трактовки в определениях в Wiki на разных языках - это нормально 5 months ago

Кажется, стоило бы дописать конкретики про разницу определений highway=track, а то слишком абстрактно, часть читателей не поймёт.

MAPS.ME is now an editor 6 months ago

There are bi-daily updates:

MAPS.ME is now an editor 6 months ago

A sentence before that: "We decided not to build proxy servers, but to connect each of our users directly to OpenStreetMap". How can edits come from unregistered users?

MAPS.ME is now an editor 6 months ago

Diomas, don't worry: we constantly test battery usage, and it's no bigger than half a year ago.

MAPS.ME is now an editor 7 months ago

CloCkWeRX, it's unlikely Q&A will be useful for OSM, since most answers users know aren't useful for the map, like lunch prices or background music style :)

MAPS.ME is now an editor 7 months ago

Redsteakraw, thanks for your comments. Most of these issues are already on our to-do list. Interesting thought about presets for common international chains. Starting tomorrow there will be an updated unofficial daily maps build:

"This is too complicated" - is it? 7 months ago

No, I mean, if it's okay to map everything using complex tagging schemes, becase only a handful of people in OSM really maps, then why even bother with documenting and explaining?