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Moskowskoje Morje 5 months ago

All other renderers show the area correctly. This is possibly related to administrative borders rendering.

A year with imagery offset database 5 months ago

I know the page is too long — try this illustrated tutorial.

Crimea in OpenStreetMap 5 months ago

In this political map I've manually updated data in a PostGIS database, and rendered a patch for Crimea, which I then overlayed on top of a world map. Much visual effect comes just from different colouring, which is easy to create using one of TileMill's example projects.

А вы уже в Крыме? 5 months ago

Правильно - в Крыму, но о Крыме. Только что посмотрел, поправил в заметке, спасибо.

@Spammers not welcome here@ 6 months ago

Статус АР Крым в OSM 6 months ago

бгг автор, предлагай ещё

Сбор адресных данных для OpenStreetMap с помощью навигатора 6 months ago

Отличный и подробный текст, спасибо. Из поправок — что вместо building:material чаще используется building:cladding.

Также удобно собирать номера домов с обходными листами, где контуры этих домов уже есть, обрисованные по спутниковым снимкам.

JOSM scripting plugin: be a power user! 6 months ago

There is also the CommandLine plugin which executes shell scripts.

Current work on vespucci 6 months ago

Would you add an imagery offset database support? At least for downloading offsets.

2 билета по цене 1 7 months ago

Здравствуйте. А почему вы решили вести свой блог на картографической площадке?

Sochi was not mapped for Olympics 7 months ago

Frederic, I doubt it. The graph shows that Sochi region was mapped when a very active local mapper appeared. He would have done so whether there was an Olympics or not. Russian press was silent on the topic until around 2012.

Как? 7 months ago

Не бойтесь разбивать линии. Это нормально.

Podkład Bing-Sat kalibracja - Las Wolski (północ) 2013-12-21 8 months ago

Pleasy use imagery offset database for storing offsets so they are available to other mappers in your region.

GPS-треки 9 months ago

Спасибо! Но если вы их загрузили, то почему их нет в этом списке? Если у вас есть, то им нужно поменять режим видимости на «идентифицируемый» или «публичный».

3 10 months ago

А как это связано?

MapBBCode: free maps for everyone 10 months ago

The problem is, only one of those services/plugins offer raw textual data for user's objects that can be edited by hand and copied into another medium, and it's GeoJSON — rather cumbersome and hard to read, especially in small textareas. Most of these just show a map with almost no extra information. So that makes MapBBCode the first attempt at the task. The bbcode can be integrated into your MediaWiki extensions, just by allowing content inside the tags. But OpenLayers is so 2009 :)

I intend to see the adoption of the bbcode through. There is a module in the works for OSM's forum, and we are planning to invade a lot of russian offroading and cycling forums, making open source plugins along the way. It, of course will take time, but surely is inevitable.

MapBBCode: free maps for everyone 10 months ago

baditaflorin, did you try clicking on a line (between points)? There is a popup panel with a "Delete" button.

MapBBCode: free maps for everyone 10 months ago

Oh wow. That is the greatest honour one can receive in this project. My life is now complete. Thank you :)

MapBBCode: free maps for everyone 10 months ago

Those are not polygon labels, but regular markers inside polygons. There is a way to add popups to polygons by editing the raw code, but adding markers was proved to be more intuitive for users.

Simple File Format 10 months ago

Are you reinventing o5m?