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Выборы модератора 5 months ago

Вы такие умные, просто офигеть.

Заметки OpenStreetMap и MAPS.ME 5 months ago

Ну он не то чтобы был, я его написал утром :) Рад видеть новые способы получать пользу с Если что-то сломается, сообщи — починю.

Заметки OpenStreetMap и MAPS.ME 5 months ago

Привет, упрощаю тебе жизнь: качаешь в JOSM все заметки, сохраняешь (правой кнопкой на слое) в notes.osn, затем открываешь и загружаешь файл туда. На выходе получишь kml для

Карта Балаково 5 months ago

Молодцы, удачи с проектом!

Город нарисован неплохо — из базового не хватает только адресов в частном секторе. Но вы сами можете сесть в машину и за пару дней собрать недостающее :)

Остальное не так важно, либо не отображается на выбранном вами стиле.

Updated Contributor Statistics 5 months ago

Fair point. And already has a screen that explains to user that they are editing a public database and their contributions will be monitored. I don't think it is possible to include a full explanation and tutorial on OSM in an application and not lose users because of that, but we are trying to do something right.

Imagery offset database in JOSM 5 months ago

Great tutorial! You forgot to mention that for more precise offsetting you can use arrow keys to move the imagery.

Updated Contributor Statistics 5 months ago

If we only had contributors using Level0 to edit, well then we wouldn't actually have a map — but you won't argue each of these level0 users is a strong member of the community.

I agree about counting changesets, even submitted a talk for the State of the Map about that, which got rejected. is a mapping, not learning application, and it cannot devote screens of text to explain OSM and how it differs from other maps. Does Vespucci or Pushpin or OsmAnd explain what OSM is? But we mention OpenStreetMap in every interview and every marketing article, which might have reached somebody.

Updated Contributor Statistics 5 months ago

Thanks Simon, your statistics page is great. I've updated the numbers on Editor Usage Stats wiki page as well.

To really compare with other editors, you should filter by POI tags: how many were created, modified or deleted with versus all other. The result won't be too high, but certainly higher than a percent.

Also, if we value number of edits higher than number of users, then we consider the map more important than the community. I doubt many people would agree. But there is also a discussion on whether users are part of the community, so again, we should decide whether a thousand random users are better than a million buildings traced.

In commercial projects, KPI is usually measured either in active users or in actions that generate revenue. OpenStreetMap has no revenue besides donations, so I'd say people are very valuable to the project, regardless of how and why they come.

Tagged and Untagged Nodes 5 months ago

Thanks Imre, I didn't know Taginfo had that statistics. I did this because of the number of references though.

Simon, thanks for reminding of the redaction, I forgot how many orphaned nodes it left. Of course my last remark about removing these is sarcasm: I certainly do not want for anybody to do mass-deletions.

ff5722, nice scripts, thanks for sharing!

Some comments about the OpenStreetMap Awards 6 months ago

Thanks for your opinion, I too think there were many flaws in the process. Regarding the language, how do you think a non-English blog could win in the "writing" category? Not sure about other categories, since they look language-independent.

Ивановская область. Начало 6 months ago

Ещё есть снимки MapBox, тоже разрешены к использованию. Впрочем, природные объекты можно рисовать и по снимкам низкого разрешения из того же Bing. Либо подключить IRS, которая есть на всю западную половину страны — но её придётся долго смещать.

100€ for a subscription to diary comments 6 months ago

Mikel, that looks cool! I mentioned a checkbox, though with an automatic subscription and a visible "unsubscribe" button it can be omitted I guess.

Bryan, BountySource doesn't look too good: 10% on cash outs, and they send money only by paypal (which has issues when sending money to e.g. Russia) or physical checks.

How many POIs does OpenStreetMap have? 6 months ago

By counting features in maps, I found around 11.2 million POIs with names, quite close to your estimate.

100€ for a subscription to diary comments 6 months ago

Searching works pretty well with Google: e.g. on diversity.

I agree we could add many features. For example, post ratings, so you could browse only posts other people liked. The navigation using language and user filters works pretty okay, rss — not so much because of spam. I choose comment subscription because it's one thing that bugs me every day.

Ramblings about State of the Map 6 months ago

You too :)

Ramblings about State of the Map 6 months ago

Thanks for the write-up! There was beer in the brewery, you just had to ask a man behind the counter to pour it. Being famous in OSM is a myth, you have to talk to everybody :)

Free Tiles and a Story of Noncommercial Death Spiral 7 months ago

We don't need users attached to OSM services: the more profit they bring 3-party service providers, the better. The data itself is free, and is guaranteed to be free forever. Services for processing the data are paid-for, and that's a job for 3-party services. We offer data and we offer a choice. OSM owes you the data, but doesn't owe anything on top of that. OSM is not a business, it can't lose any competition because of that.

Please do not mix data and tiles/services.

Free Tiles and a Story of Noncommercial Death Spiral 7 months ago

Doesn't matter. Had profit = commercial. Registered as a company = commercial.

Free Tiles and a Story of Noncommercial Death Spiral 7 months ago

$4..5 per month is not "noncommercial", it's just cheap. There were two providers, one failed to build a sustainable business model. That's all.

There are many services providing data extracts, tiles, iframes, routing, geocoding. Just for tiles, there are 20+ competing commercial providers. OSMF doesn't want to become 21st and enter the competition, because that will lower resources to do our job: providing the data.

Nothing personal, just GPS tracks 8 months ago

Please mention that the layer pictured cannot be used for tracing into OSM, since it is protected by the copyright. We all understand it, but more recent contributors might get a wrong idea.