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Почему natural=heath - это не что угодно 4 months ago

В заметке не хватает ссылки на, собственно, вики-страницу. После такого длинного объяснения ожидаю увидеть на ней «по возможности, найдите другой тег».

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? (13) 4 months ago

To clarify, that map is not mine, it's made by Runge (Maxim Rylov) with his OpenMapSurfer renderer. The renderer was written as an illustration to his academic work regarding label placement, which shows. Alas, it requires .NET, so basically it works only on Windows.

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? (13) 4 months ago

See another OSM renderer:

Почему и когда разные трактовки в определениях в Wiki на разных языках - это нормально 5 months ago

Кажется, стоило бы дописать конкретики про разницу определений highway=track, а то слишком абстрактно, часть читателей не поймёт.

MAPS.ME is now an editor 5 months ago

There are bi-daily updates:

MAPS.ME is now an editor 5 months ago

A sentence before that: "We decided not to build proxy servers, but to connect each of our users directly to OpenStreetMap". How can edits come from unregistered users?

MAPS.ME is now an editor 6 months ago

Diomas, don't worry: we constantly test battery usage, and it's no bigger than half a year ago.

MAPS.ME is now an editor 6 months ago

CloCkWeRX, it's unlikely Q&A will be useful for OSM, since most answers users know aren't useful for the map, like lunch prices or background music style :)

MAPS.ME is now an editor 6 months ago

Redsteakraw, thanks for your comments. Most of these issues are already on our to-do list. Interesting thought about presets for common international chains. Starting tomorrow there will be an updated unofficial daily maps build:

"This is too complicated" - is it? 6 months ago

No, I mean, if it's okay to map everything using complex tagging schemes, becase only a handful of people in OSM really maps, then why even bother with documenting and explaining?

"This is too complicated" - is it? 6 months ago

But how newbies should find out about tagging a диспансер?

А вы на Зеленоград жалуетесь... 6 months ago

Конечно, не замаплен:

Help: Revert changesets 7 months ago

Somebody beat me to it by 3 minutes :) If you are using JOSM, do install the "reverter" plugin. It will add a "revert changeset" to the "Data" menu, which you can use for reverting.

Sizes of various map formats 8 months ago

Osmand = 68 MB:

ВАТ 8 months ago

Да, ещё были варианты «Обменник» и «Стрелка». Ну и «геокафе». Буду рад, если 6 февраля придумаем лучшее название.

Cygnus Field Report 8 months ago

Does Cygnus work with nodes (for POI conflation)?

Belarus shapefile data 8 months ago

Though you can't use wikimapia's data for osm, due to its license.

распечатка карты 9 months ago

Ещё можно сделать растровую картинку на

Geolocations of Wikipedia articles on the OSM map 9 months ago

Okay, I've uploaded my script to the GitHub: It produces an OSM XML file from a wikipedia article dump, but you can then convert it to any format.

Новогодняя встреча со школьниками 9 months ago

Ещё учти, что в школьной сети может быть закрыт https, т.е. osm не поредактируешь.