The State of MapBBCode

Posted by Zverik on 17 November 2013 in English (English)

Yesterday a new version of MapBBCode library was released, 1.1.1, and plugins for 4 forum engines were updated to use it. Full changelog is on github, here is a list of visible changes:

  • Documentation was moved to the official website and can be translated. There are Russian versions of some pages. Also I plan to write several guides, including a user's guide and a programmer's tutorial.
  • OpenStreetMap attribution link not only opens our website, but opens it at the location displayed on a map. A kind of permalink. It is the 8th leaflet plugin made for this library, and, like previous seven, can be used separately.
  • Some users requested zooming with a scroll wheel. It was turned off because it disrupts page scrolling, but I was hinted at the solution. Now you can zoom with mouse wheel after clicking on a map.
  • Adding proprietary layers, like Google's, has been made extremely simple. On some forums it's just a matter of installing an add-on or uncommenting a line in plugin's code. But since the library was made for popularizing OpenStreetMap, there is a restriction: non-OSM based layer cannot be made the default one.

During those two weeks, the MapBBCode plugins were installed on several forums, including the biggest offroading forum in Russia (Skif 4x4) and the second biggest cycling forum (Velopiter). I can't thank enough administrators of those forums. Shoorick and DKiselev have written simple unconfigurable plugins for WordPress and FluxBB, which are being tried by some people. In a week or two I plan to release a vBulletin plugin, which would allow granting maps to the biggest forums, like SkyscraperCity, Velomania and, with hundreds thousands of users.

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