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Re:The order/thinking/philosphy/system of OSM tags;- Consistency

Posted by Warin61 on 24 January 2015 in English (English)


What are 'we' tagging'? And Why are 'we' tagging it?

My preference it to tag what is seen ... not what is consumed, not what is done. An example: There looks to be some angst over the new tag 'man_made=tap' tag. And that looks to come from the supporters of the tag 'amenity=drinking_water' humm ..

That tag 'amenity=drinking_water' .. does not sit well with me. I agree it needs to be tagged, but is this the best way? It is not consistent with other tags .. such as;

amenity=pub .. should this then be amenity=beer_drinking or amenity=beer?

amenity=restaurant .. should this then be amenity=eating or amenity=food?

My thoughts are that 'amenity-drinking_water' should become a tap, a blubber, a fountain .. what is seen. Why is this better? Consistency with other tags. And then .. well for me I like to know if I can fill my water bottle from it without making a mess (tap and maybe a fountain). Or I like to know if I can drink from it without needing a cup/water bottle (bubbler).

----------------- next time - logical grouping of things?

The order/thinking/philosphy/system of OSM tags?

Posted by Warin61 on 14 January 2015 in English (English)

I'm a bit confused by the highest level tags... what is the thinking behind them? Probably this has grown without too much coordination, but it is leading to a mess.

Should there not be some order/thinking/philosophy to them?

For example

highway= .. is tagging a thing.

amenity= is tagging a function/service.

Would it not be best to adopt one order/thinking/philosophy/system and stick to it? I think the present tags have evolved from different points of view and would be best reorganized, but before that happens some guide lines need to be established as to the order/thinking/philosophy/system that should be used. That would help people proposing new tags .. that would fit in with the system, rather than confuse it further.

If highway= were to be tagged as a service then it would be transportation=motorway, primary_highway, railway, ferry etc.

If amenity=drinking_water were to be tagged as a thing then it could be tagged as water=blubber(,sea, river, pipe, tap, )

Thoughts? I've raised the issue on the tagging talk group too.

improper tags

Posted by Warin61 on 6 July 2014 in English (English)

A Comment from BlueTiger on 3 July 2014 at 14:14 in another entry; " Most of the times when I travel I will leave the OSMTracker running and update new POIs. At times I have skipped uploading POIs as they don't have proper tags in OSM. Unfortunately I have taken a bad choice here, I should have updated them anyway and requested for new tags."

I've seen a few tags that were not "proper" in an OSM sense .. but they make sense if you know what is there. Unfortunately getting somethings in to be "proper" in OSM looks to me to be difficult due to the numbers and location game e.g. Radio Telescope. While other things that are not consistent get through - e.g. highway=footpath and highway=path. So I'm inclined to tag all things I consider important in either a navigational sense or a facility. Make a tag note= with some explanation if necessary. This way the data is there .. even if used at this time. I'd rather have the data recorded rather than thrown away. The "improper" tag can be changed latter if a more appropriate tag is available.

Targeting inappropriate 'layer' entries.

Posted by Warin61 on 12 April 2014 in English (English)

I'm presently targeting things that have inappropriate 'layer' entries in my area.e.g.

highway, layer -5 ... no tunnel/covered etc ...

park layer -2

I assume this way done for rendering issues. The areas look to be best served with multipolygons.

There do not appear to be tools to find these inappropriate layers, so I'm using a simple text editor to find them., then JOSM to do the editing.

Automated Street name abreviation replacements

Posted by Warin61 on 2 March 2014 in English (English)

I'm toying with automating the replacement of abbreviation of street names e.g. St to Street, Ave to Avenue etc. It is tedious to do that by hand and the automation process can limit the replacements to tagged 'highway's and to the end of the name tag so things like St Andrews won't get changed to Street Andrews! It would be used on .osm files making the changes, a separate text file documenting the changes (so you can check), the abbreviations and their replacements would be in a text file so additions could be made by anyone (in any language). To upload the changes JOSM would be used.

Intro ?

Posted by Warin61 on 11 February 2014 in English (English)

Not sure what this is for .. so I'll just do a general introduction...

Mapping - mainly Australia, Sydney .. resident in the Epping area. I do travel elsewhere (I'll take a look at my GPX tracks and see if I have stuff to add when time permits).

Location: Epping, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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