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Localisation des nids de frelons asiatiques 5 days ago

Salut, jette un oeuil à

Si l'anglais n'est pas ton fort, essentiellement ça dit que 1) OSM peut tout à fait servir de fond de carte pour afficher ce genre de données, mais ne devrais pas être utilisé pour stoquer ces données. 2) Il existe des sites dédiés comme par exemple pour répertorier les observations animales et végétales de manière participative.

blog 23 days ago


Making the switch from Wikimapia to OpenStreetMap 26 days ago

Welcome to OSM, I hope you'll find that it's a better home for your activities both as a contributor and as a user.

OSM's software development, server administration, and other admin tasks is fairly well spread out. There are some requests that take far too long to get treated, but you shouldn't see any systemic problem (or if an OSM project does die, it's usually because it got replaced by something better, or wasn't that usefull anymore).

Giving full mapping access to everyone immediately after registering is a leap of faith that neither Wikimapia nor Google dared do. While it allows for vandalism and gross newbie mistakes, we actually manage to handle this without spending too much time on it, and it is a great boon for getting and retaining new contributors.

As for the long term viability of OSM... yeah, the data is very safe there :)

Someone deleted a "dangerous" path about 1 month ago

You can try breathing some life into

Other than that, from a "how many people can use the path" point of vew, dangerous paths are arguably more mapworthy than private roads (especially in a place like Tenerife that attracts lots of mountain walkers). And yes, sometimes I see contributors (probably landowners) deleting private roads, when the proper thing to do is, like for dangerous paths, to improve the tagging (in that case access=private).

Of course you should contact the mapper, but I suggest also glancing through his/her other changesets in case the same mistake was made in other places.

Map what's on the ground! 2 months ago

Well, maybe. The artwork is effectively both there and not there. You can't be sure until you survey it, and different surveyors might reach different conclusions.

Changes to posted entries in OSM, without reference to the original contributor. 2 months ago

Also keep in mind that we are all editing each other's work. Most of us have prefered mapping regions, but it doesn't mean that data belongs to its original contributor in an exclusive, dont-edit-without-notifying sense.

It's good practice to notify a contributor when you think (s)he's done a poor job that can be avoided in the furture, but it isn't a requirement. Contacting contributors when a given changeset looks odd (like you just did) is also a normal and good thing to do.

les racourcis de JOSM 2 months ago

Le but de cette entrée de journal m'intrigue. La page web dont c'est tiré n'est pas assez lisible ? Pas assez facile à trouver ?

Postigs question - find out the unnecessary points that exist on the map 2 months ago

Hum, thinking more about it, ST_Simplify probably doesn't pay attention to connected and tagged node, so it's not that straightforward to use.

Postigs question - find out the unnecessary points that exist on the map 2 months ago

In case you hadn't found it already: uses douglas-peucker and you should be able to do the conversion using a simple sql update. Remember to vacuum full before and after if you want to know exactly what space savings this gets you.

How many days or weeks does it take to upload the whole planet via Osmosis ? 2 months ago

I can't imagine an osmosis bug that requires root to solve. Can you psql to the db ? Fix you pg_hba.conf if not. Can you write to temp files that osmisis creates ? Use chmod/chown if not.

16GB of ram is at the lower end of usable nowadays. And if you aren't running this on an SSD, you should probably forget about importing the whole world, it'll take months.

Always start with a smaller extract, not the whole world. Try Africa first, for example. You say you want to run stats, could you run stats on individual continent databases ?

The biggest speed improvement you can get is by osmfilter-ing out data you don't need before the import. Do you really need building outlines for example ?

Editing 3 months ago

And communicate with these lesser mappers, my King (via changeset comments or private messages). This'd be better use of people's time than ranting in a diary, and you might even find out that they do know what they are doing, it just wasn't clear to you.

Construction sites on highways 3 months ago

Whatch out when deciding whether roadworks and deviations should or shouldn't be mapped. It depends on a few criterias (mainly the expected duration of the change), but not everybody agrees on where to draw the line. At least get in touch with the contributor who added something that you think is too temporary.

Regarding buildings as hotels, you absolutely can, there's no difference with cafés/restaurants in that respect. What makes you think you can't ?

Daily MAPS.ME data updates 3 months ago

You could enable frequent downloads without recomending them. Display how old the curently installed map and available update are, allow a manual update whenever, and only display "you should update the map" hints when the local copy is past a certain age.

Daily MAPS.ME data updates 3 months ago

That's great :) Any reason why we can't get these via the official channel, bandwidth cost maybe ?

How do you map while on the go? 3 months ago

For what it's worth (plenty of good comments here already), I'm currently using Vespucci and Mapillary.

Mapillary is a brilliant way to take survey photos; some rough edges still but they're getting fixed. Photos are the surveyor's best friend but they can't be used everywhere, for example when you have to walk right up to a house to read its number, taking a photo makes you even more supicious. The fact that Mapillary photos are shared with the world also limits what you should upload, for example avoid bystanders in the foreground, and poor exposure/angle.

Vespucci has goten much more streamlined lately, simple edits like new POIs or tag changes are very quick to do. I just start editing as I go past the real-world object and finish editing while I walk. For tedious things like housenumbers I just enter enough for a post-survey JOSM fix.

Mapping Mexico with INEGI, you and...Cygnus 4 months ago

Looks great :) I can see that tool being used in plenty of other places. Time will tell how much manual post-processing is required.

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [6] 4 months ago

My guess in the printer case is that they both sell printers and offer a printing service (needs a survey to be sure). The taginfo stats aren't that compeling, but do point at shop=printer service:print=yes (since shop=printer;copyshop is frowned uppon).

Likewise, amenity=taxi + office=taxi is fine. Shop=taxi can certainly be removed.

For the bar, either it's a real business (and spliting it in two osm objects wouldn't hurt) or it's a changed business that got its osm tags partially updated (not too long ago I spoted an erotic shop converted to a pizzeria but only partially retagged... it looked weird to say the least).

Apprat from that... "amenity][shop" is a neat trick, I'll play with it too :)

Add my location 5 months ago is as easy as it gets. Enter your town, move the marker to your business's location, add the details (at least category and name), and click "done". An osm contributor will eventually pick up this info and add the business to osm.

Add my location 5 months ago

Another easy option is

Survey: A "UK/GB OpenStreetMap group"? 5 months ago

Just FYI, we're getting closer to the creation of an "OpenStreetMap Ireland" association and OSMF local chapter. It's pretty much agreed on by the community (discussion takes place on IRC #osm-ie an email talk-ie), we "just" need to do the paperwork.

In "Ireland" we include the whole island, both ROI and NI. It seems to me that Northern Irish contributors are more in touch with osm-ie than osm-gb, but that may just be observation bias. So make sure to ask the Northern Ireland contributors wether they'd be interested in having two local OSMF chapters to choose from, or if they're happy with just the "Ireland" one (which should become a reality this year).