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Daily MAPS.ME data updates 3 days ago

You could enable frequent downloads without recomending them. Display how old the curently installed map and available update are, allow a manual update whenever, and only display "you should update the map" hints when the local copy is past a certain age.

Daily MAPS.ME data updates 3 days ago

That's great :) Any reason why we can't get these via the official channel, bandwidth cost maybe ?

How do you map while on the go? 11 days ago

For what it's worth (plenty of good comments here already), I'm currently using Vespucci and Mapillary.

Mapillary is a brilliant way to take survey photos; some rough edges still but they're getting fixed. Photos are the surveyor's best friend but they can't be used everywhere, for example when you have to walk right up to a house to read its number, taking a photo makes you even more supicious. The fact that Mapillary photos are shared with the world also limits what you should upload, for example avoid bystanders in the foreground, and poor exposure/angle.

Vespucci has goten much more streamlined lately, simple edits like new POIs or tag changes are very quick to do. I just start editing as I go past the real-world object and finish editing while I walk. For tedious things like housenumbers I just enter enough for a post-survey JOSM fix.

Mapping Mexico with INEGI, you and...Cygnus 29 days ago

Looks great :) I can see that tool being used in plenty of other places. Time will tell how much manual post-processing is required.

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [6] about 1 month ago

My guess in the printer case is that they both sell printers and offer a printing service (needs a survey to be sure). The taginfo stats aren't that compeling, but do point at shop=printer service:print=yes (since shop=printer;copyshop is frowned uppon).

Likewise, amenity=taxi + office=taxi is fine. Shop=taxi can certainly be removed.

For the bar, either it's a real business (and spliting it in two osm objects wouldn't hurt) or it's a changed business that got its osm tags partially updated (not too long ago I spoted an erotic shop converted to a pizzeria but only partially retagged... it looked weird to say the least).

Apprat from that... "amenity][shop" is a neat trick, I'll play with it too :)

Add my location about 2 months ago is as easy as it gets. Enter your town, move the marker to your business's location, add the details (at least category and name), and click "done". An osm contributor will eventually pick up this info and add the business to osm.

Add my location about 2 months ago

Another easy option is

Survey: A "UK/GB OpenStreetMap group"? about 2 months ago

Just FYI, we're getting closer to the creation of an "OpenStreetMap Ireland" association and OSMF local chapter. It's pretty much agreed on by the community (discussion takes place on IRC #osm-ie an email talk-ie), we "just" need to do the paperwork.

In "Ireland" we include the whole island, both ROI and NI. It seems to me that Northern Irish contributors are more in touch with osm-ie than osm-gb, but that may just be observation bias. So make sure to ask the Northern Ireland contributors wether they'd be interested in having two local OSMF chapters to choose from, or if they're happy with just the "Ireland" one (which should become a reality this year).

After the release is before the release :-) about 2 months ago

Notification for nearby fixables is a great idea :) I'm just afraid that it'll use a lot of bandwidth and/or battery. How do you minimise that ? Did you make any measurements ?


Et pour répondre à la question "comment ajouter un type de bâtiment ou une activité, qui n'existent pas en bibliothèque ?" :

Dans iD, ouvre la section "all tags" en bas du panneau de gauche quand tu selectionne un objet. Cela montre et permet d'éditer les valeurs brutes qui sont en bdd, sans l'habillage "bibliotheque de types d'objets".

Avec d'autres éditeurs, notament JOSM, ce sont ces valeurs qui sont mises en avant plus que les presets. Les deux approches ont de bons et de mauvais cotés; perso je préfère nettement l'approche JOSM.


Les tags power=generator, generator:source=, generator:method=, generator:type=* vont du générique au détaillé. type précise ce que dit method. C'est assez clair sur key:generator:type.

Quasiment tous les générateurs photovoltaiques actuels sont des paneaux au silicium, mais il en existe d'autres, par exemple intégrés à des vitres. Peut-être que le terme solar_photovoltaic_panel englobe trop de cas et qu'on devrais plutot distinguer différent types de panneaux, mais ça deviens très technique.

Who sunk Ireland?? 2 months ago

There's a lot of townland boundaries changesets at the moment, including by rather new contributors. This increases the likelyhood of the coastline being broken. There's still about one year of work left, come in and help :)

Initial activity and retention of first-time HOT contributors 2 months ago

Very interesting study, thanks.

Do you think you could analyze the changesets to determine local vs remote MM contributors, maybe using the amount of names and POIs added ? I suspect the retention profile would be quite different between these two.

Don't know what to think of it of this research 2 months ago

How long did they leave those deliberate mistakes in ?

Figuring out how long mistakes remain in OSM (or any other data set) is a noble cause, it helps build (or destroy) confidence in the data.

But introducing a deliberate error in a dataset that is used live and in snapshot form by countless different actors is a Really Bad Idea. A less harmfull way to measure things is to look at changesets that fix honest-mistake errors and draw conclusions from that. Finding relevant changesets is harder, but the alternative method used by these Dutch people is IMHO not acceptable.

Power editing with OverpassTurbo and Level0 3 months ago

Also, tags like "fixme=name missing" are pretty much useless, because that information is already there. Plenty of QA tools already point out nameless POIs/places, and querying the same via Overpass is also very easy.

Globalizing the name translation debate 3 months ago

Thanks for the nice writeup. There are still people on the mailing list arguing that this is "nonsense" but I hope that they'll open up, or at least agree to disagree and carry on mapping.

@imagico for this kind of data, verification is done by native speakers. The more eyes we have on OSM data the better (and providing the initial name:CC coverage should help). If two contributors disagree on Abergavenny's name:vi then we'll look more closely at more verifyable sources. In the meantime there's no point in depriving ourselves from usefull data.

In Ireland we recently got a lot of farmers mapping their fields' names ( for example). It's even less verifyable because these names are only used by a few individuals from one familly, yet there's nobody in the community arguing for deletion. I think the difference is that the contributors are locals and therefore the other mappers don't feel "threathened by invasion" like they did with name:ru=Абергавенни. And it's a shame that such a feeling arises in a global mapping project.

exporter une carte dynamique 3 months ago

Pas sûr de ce que tu entend par "carte dynamique", mais je vais supposer que c'est le cas le plus simple: afficher les tuiles de carte en permettant de zoomer et de se déplacer.

Le plus simple est d'utiliser une appli faite pour. Sur desktop, je conseille marble avec sa fonction "télécharger une région" (attention aux conditions d'utilisation des tuiles d' Sur mobile, OSMand et sont des choix populaires (le 1er est plus puissant, le 2ème plus ergonomique). Voir aussi

L'autre solution est d'installer une stack similaire à ce que tu as sur Un peu trop long à expliquer dans un commentaire, mais regarde et

What's your OpenStreetMap story? 3 months ago

I bought a trekking GPS for my honey moon, but the official maps for my destination (India) were expensive and only available via snail-mail. Back to my home country (Ireland) after 6 weeks with a map-less GPS, I found that topografic maps for Ireland were downloadable, but still twice the price of the device itself. Searching some more I found OSM and put it on my device. Started contributing after a few months, including trekking paths that I knew weren't available anywhere else, and was hooked.

Ersthilfe 3 months ago


Du brauchst keine Anmeldung um OSM zu benutzen, nur um OSM zu editieren. Siehe

Humantarian Map - Correction Required 3 months ago

Sorry zmmalik, but there's no point in copy-pasting that kind of text in a diary comment.

Please read through both links I provided, and look at the various OSM boundaries that strive to show the current situation with all its complications.

If after that you still think that the current set of borders in OSM are not accurate and neutral, you can contact the DWG to examine the situation. You'll need to provide links to recent documents (not something from 1957...) that show, from various angles (at least Indian and Pakistanese) that the current on-the-ground and/or official status is different from what OSM conveys.