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Mapping private subdivision roads and other gated roads about 1 month ago

+1 this calls for improving routing software, not routing/permission data.

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [12] about 1 month ago

iD still can't set anything else than a comment on changesets, so its numerous users can only tag source=* on individual objects (and also tend to overload the changeset comment with stuff that'd be better placed elsewhere, like hashtags).

IMHO taging the objects is useful when things are not straightforward (typically when multiple source:= tags are needed), but that's an optional addition to tagging the changeset.

When you want to know the source of some data, the source*=* tags on an object are never as good as looking up the object's history anyway. Object's source=* tags are rarely updated. The changesets date, user, comment, source, and imagery tags are invaluable and easy to fetch.

Automatic tracing gone wrong about 2 months ago

Yup if the lake is big enough, landsat can be used. Not sure how many of those are left to trace ? And yes whatever you autotrace from, a manual check/tweak afterwards is important.

Potlatch editing about 2 months ago

An by "other two" I meant level0 and merkaartor of course :p

Potlatch editing about 2 months ago

@Richard P2 works fine and it's great to have, it's just that I don't see much advantage to it compared with the other two.

This is more a "tell my why P2 is great, what am I missing" question than a "you should use FooEdit instead" advice.

Potlatch editing about 2 months ago


Answered one of you JOSM question on h.o.o :)

Never thought about displaying misc GPX attributes, but now that you mention it, it would be usefull and I didn't find a way to do it (outside of preprocessing the file. Same behavior in iD (actually even less details displayed), and the only way I managed to open a gpx file in P2 is using the task button but it's arguably even less usefull ?

To each his own for viewing object tags and relations, I very much dislike iD's UI for this, and feel that P2's advanced (aka usable :p) view is pretty much the same as JOSM's.

I cetainly don't want to press people into using this or that editor, I was just curious about P2 because I thought that JOSM and iD and Vespucci already catered nicely to most usecases.

Potlatch editing about 2 months ago

Out of curiosity: why Potlatch nowadays ? Just because you're used to it ?

Profile about 2 months ago

The best way to fix this is editing the map yourself. Go to the location, draw the buildings (at least your one, but go ahead and draw the whole street :) ), add and address (housenumber and street), and final add the business type and name.

If you gave it a try and still feel it's too daunting, add a Note at your busines's location and wait for somebody to do the edit.

Should we teach JOSM to first-time mapathon attendees? 2 months ago

There's probably a correlation between what makes newbies start with JOSM instead of's default and what increases contributor retention time. The newbie being more technology-savvy and the mentor being more enthusiastic with JOSM spring to mind, but these are just guesses.

Maybe we should assign first-time editors at random during some mapathons, and ensure that fans of each editor are available for mentoring ?

The most inefficient way in North America 2 months ago

I was surprised to not find any overnodeing checks in the main QA tools (OSMI, Osmose, Keepright...) Maybe you could try to integrate your code in one of these, to reach a wider audience ?

OpenStreetMap Foundation Chairperson's Report for the Annual General Meeting 2 months ago

The waiver is great, but it can be a daunting procedure, elegible people might think they aren't, or be too proud to think they are, etc.

Maybe a subcription fee indexed on the country's GDP per capita (or some similar metric) would make sense ? Take the UK as the reference fixed in £, and adjust other countries's fees during yearly AGMs ?

Automatic tracing gone wrong 2 months ago

Scanaerial is usually for lakes, not rivers. It really depends on how suitable the imagery is.

In the case above, the imagery's contrast made it realy hard for scanaerial. One can tweak the settings and rerun scanaerial, but I knew from experience that (for this case) it'd be faster to draw from scratch.

Whether you rerun the auto-tracing tool or not, good candidates for improvements (as opposed to replacement) are ways that have too few nodes rather than too many.

Localisation des nids de frelons asiatiques 3 months ago

Salut, jette un oeuil à

Si l'anglais n'est pas ton fort, essentiellement ça dit que 1) OSM peut tout à fait servir de fond de carte pour afficher ce genre de données, mais ne devrais pas être utilisé pour stoquer ces données. 2) Il existe des sites dédiés comme par exemple pour répertorier les observations animales et végétales de manière participative.

blog 3 months ago


Making the switch from Wikimapia to OpenStreetMap 3 months ago

Welcome to OSM, I hope you'll find that it's a better home for your activities both as a contributor and as a user.

OSM's software development, server administration, and other admin tasks is fairly well spread out. There are some requests that take far too long to get treated, but you shouldn't see any systemic problem (or if an OSM project does die, it's usually because it got replaced by something better, or wasn't that usefull anymore).

Giving full mapping access to everyone immediately after registering is a leap of faith that neither Wikimapia nor Google dared do. While it allows for vandalism and gross newbie mistakes, we actually manage to handle this without spending too much time on it, and it is a great boon for getting and retaining new contributors.

As for the long term viability of OSM... yeah, the data is very safe there :)

Someone deleted a "dangerous" path 4 months ago

You can try breathing some life into

Other than that, from a "how many people can use the path" point of vew, dangerous paths are arguably more mapworthy than private roads (especially in a place like Tenerife that attracts lots of mountain walkers). And yes, sometimes I see contributors (probably landowners) deleting private roads, when the proper thing to do is, like for dangerous paths, to improve the tagging (in that case access=private).

Of course you should contact the mapper, but I suggest also glancing through his/her other changesets in case the same mistake was made in other places.

Map what's on the ground! 5 months ago

Well, maybe. The artwork is effectively both there and not there. You can't be sure until you survey it, and different surveyors might reach different conclusions.

Changes to posted entries in OSM, without reference to the original contributor. 5 months ago

Also keep in mind that we are all editing each other's work. Most of us have prefered mapping regions, but it doesn't mean that data belongs to its original contributor in an exclusive, dont-edit-without-notifying sense.

It's good practice to notify a contributor when you think (s)he's done a poor job that can be avoided in the furture, but it isn't a requirement. Contacting contributors when a given changeset looks odd (like you just did) is also a normal and good thing to do.

les racourcis de JOSM 5 months ago

Le but de cette entrée de journal m'intrigue. La page web dont c'est tiré n'est pas assez lisible ? Pas assez facile à trouver ?

Postigs question - find out the unnecessary points that exist on the map 5 months ago

Hum, thinking more about it, ST_Simplify probably doesn't pay attention to connected and tagged node, so it's not that straightforward to use.