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Finding dragged nodes about 1 month ago

Osmose and OSMI both also catch self-intersecting ways and multipolys. Don't think it would catch that particular problem, but they catch many others. Those QA tools will keep you busy.

Rail Crossing Warnings Are Sought for Mapping Apps 3 months ago

While OSM has that data (quite complete in my experience), getting OSM-based routing apps to issue a warning is going to take a fair bit of outreach effort (given how many apps would need to add the feature).

Why OpenStreetMap US elections should use Single Transferable Vote (STV) 3 months ago

Insert jokes about americans clinging to demonstrably-flawed election systems here (sorry for the smugness, Eurrope isn't free from election problems either but the USA's is quite high-profile).

For what it's worth (I'm not going to be an OSM-US member anytime soon), switching to STV would IMHO be a great thing to do.

Un outil de comparaison de carte 3 months ago est une autre installation du même outil, avec notament le fond de carte osmfr.

3 years of welcome messages, more than 3400 of them 3 months ago

Or even compare against all the users (in other locations probably) which you didn't welcome to see if, for example, the retention ratio is better ?

Question regarding deletion of some tracks/paths.. 5 months ago is a handy tool to grab more monitoring links. It'd be great to keep it updated with other tools.

Most OSM contributors have areas they specially care about, but don't get too hung up about people editing "your" data specifically. The OSM data is constantly in flux, with some occasional setbacks in quality but generally moving in the right direction. It's better to worry/care about a specific region/topic than about the particular set of objects you edited.

suppression compte 5 months ago

Pour supprimer un compte Il faut envoyer un mail à

Cela dit, supprimer un compte qui n'a eu aucune activité ne sert pas à grand-chose. Vous trouverez peut-être plus interessant d'aller sur's/account pour changer l'email et/ou le nom affiché pour votre compte.

On Being Trumped 5 months ago

Pretty much all OSM surveyer have to deal with that. I find that giving lots of info when locals get curious/suspicious works best.

Be cheerful and use it as an opportunity to evangelize about OSM. Print some small flyers to hand out. Show osm on your smartphone. Show the photos you've taken. Be ready to answer the usual "it's a private road" (It's actually public, no trespassing needed), "what company do you works for" (it's a worldwide community of volunteers), "we've had burglaries here recently" (I can understand why you were worried when you initally saw me). Compare with Google Map/StreetView (more pervasive privacy issues, harder to fix, lower quality data...). Etc

recherche 6 months ago

Un peu vague comme question. Quel critère définis la personne recherchée ?

UK Unadopted Roads - What are the Accepted Mapping Keys? 6 months ago

Getting back on the subject of using the right OSM medium for the right purpose, may I suggest for questions like this ? It's made for that, it uses your login, you'll get (in my experience) better feedback than on a diary post, and the questions and answers feed a searchable knowledge base.

UK Unadopted Roads - What are the Accepted Mapping Keys? 6 months ago

Regarding the original question, it seems that "unadopted" is purely an ownership/maintainership distinction, and is orthogonal to all the other tags we frequently use (highway=residential/service/track, access=private, surface=*, etc).

So I'd say tag all those first, since they cover all the attributes that OSMers usually care about. Then go ahead and add unadopted=yes, if you know this fact for sure. Just don't make it imply any physical attribute of the road.

There are currently 89 unadopted=yes in the db. It'd be great if you had the time to write a wiki page explaining what it is, as it's unlikely to be understood outside of the UK.

UK Unadopted Roads - What are the Accepted Mapping Keys? 6 months ago

What's an "unadopted road" ?

Also, remember that noexit=yes is only useful as an aid to mappers in unclear cases, and doesn't actually need to be added to cul de sacs. A bit like oneway=no. Noname=yes is different, because that information can't be infered from the rest of the data.

Today's Spam 7 months ago

Checking the wiki spam page history, the last batch of spam cleanup was in march. Not great indeed, I thought it was more frequent than this.

It may be effective, but I don't think that diaries are the right medium for spam warnings : people reading them are looking for news about OSM, not routine admin stuff.

Hopefully and its associated PR will be solved/merged soon, so that we finally have a decent reporting system.

Today's Spam 7 months ago

Probably better to edit

My Ambitious South Philly Mapping Journey 7 months ago

Gah - stop reminding me ! I know I need to get my act together and work on myself :p

[edited] 7 months ago

Could have been meant in a lighthearted way, just forgot the ":)" at the end. But the place still needs to be mapped.

Milestone 7 months ago

I remember reaching that milestone in my hometown too, years ago. Quite a giddy feeling :) The next steps (housenumbers and buildings, in my case) can take a looooong time (I'm still working on it here). And POIs are never finished.

What, if anything, should I do about this? 7 months ago

Can't read the message you posted, it is only readable by you.

It's common enough for people to look at OSM and be surprised that part of their private property is mapped, and think that it shouldn't be. Each time I encountered this, a quick explanation was enough to convince the property owner, and often even gain some local knowledge to improve the map.

As long as you're only using public data (satellite imagery, non-trespassing survey...), are tagging things properly (don't forget to add access tags when necessary, especially to prevent routers from suggesting a driveway as a shortcut between two road, but most driveways don't need that), and are not including private information (such as "John Woo lives there" or similar), it's normal to have it in OSM.

Start by explaining this to Dreganius. Whether he is or knows the owner isn't actually important for the purpose of deciding what goes into OSM or not, what matters is the previous paragraph. Everybody benefits from a complete map; it would be pretty stupid for all the neighbouring houses/driveways to be mapped except this one.

After that, re-add the driveway, tagging it as access=private/destination if necessary. Local knowledge is needed before readding the name tag. If it is the name of the house, then putting it in addr:housename is probably the right thing to do. If it is the name of the people living there, then I agree that it is out of scope for OSM.

Nothing personal, just GPS tracks 7 months ago

Currently all those track repositories are data silos, even in the rare case when the license allows extraction. It'd be great to have a sevice which would be good enough to be used by any willing party (say all osm-based satnav apps) in just a few lines of code.

Top of the head requirements:

  • Anonymising (cut first and last part of trip, don't export lone tracks...)
  • Dead-simple upload API (REST, no account...)
  • Permissive license (PD ? Ability to wipe own data ?)
  • Pre-filters for HDOP, timestamps...
  • Post-filters for speed, date, hdop...
  • Auto-classify transport mode.
  • Export/render point clouds, flow direction, speed histogram...
  • Cheaply scalable

Ouch, that's actually a sizable amount of work. But it'd be worth it if it improves uppon the very fragmented sources that we currently have.

Lodestone Golf Course 8 months ago

Shouldn't you add at least a name to so that OSM users can search for that particular golf course ?