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Vấn đề ảnh vệ tinh nhiều mây 4 months ago

Tớ đã thử cách này. Cũng tốt đấy, khi chỉnh tms thành 17 thì zoom cận cảnh dễ nhìn hơn. Nhưng Mapbox cũng không có nhiều dữ lịêu lắm, một số vùng chẳng hạn, không thể coi trên cả Bing lẫn Mapbox, như Thành phố Tam Kỳ, tỉnh Quảng Nam chẳng hạn.

Vấn đề ảnh vệ tinh nhiều mây 6 months ago

Vậy mình sẽ cố gắng xem sao. Hy vọng sẽ giải quyết đc các trường hợp bị mờ hình vệ tinh.

Vấn đề ảnh vệ tinh nhiều mây 6 months ago

Mình vẫn đọc đây. .. Cảm ơn bác đã viết bài này. Tình cờ mình dò tìm mãi mới kiếm được user người Việt trên OSM. ^^

Cách của bác cũng thú vị, nhưng mình không rõ có áp dụng được cho map ở Việt Nam không. Bởi vì nhiều khu vực map ở VN chỉ có dữ liệu vệ tinh của Bing mà không có mapbox hay gì gì khác.

From VietNam 8 months ago

Greetings from Australia. I am a Vietnamese mapper in OSM too. Feel free to contact us.

namdinh 8 months ago

Không sao đâu bạn. Cứ làm từ từ rồi 'sẽ nhừ' mà. Có gì khúc mắc cứ liên lạc với mình.!

LÀm quen với tất cả mọi người! 8 months ago

Chào bạn.

Chào mừng bạn đến với OSM. Có gì khó khăn thắc mắc cứ liên hệ mình để được trợ giúp.

Thân chào,

The Art of Maps 10 months ago

Thanks @NZGraham! You're right~~! We always find some new things to add to the map. But it's not easy to draw certain stuff, like the landforms and landuse, with blurred and low-res Bing satellite coverage. Some areas are completely blank ~ no sat imagery at all :(

The Art of Maps 10 months ago

Hi @Minh Nguyen,

Thanks for your reply. Surely I am pleased to test the Vietnamese version of iD and as you mentioned above. But in fact, most Vietnamese netizens prefer using their computers and apps in English, because there are not agreed translations of certain IT terms. For example, 'software' is known in Vietnam as 'phần mềm', but Vietnamese Americans call it 'nhu liệu' (a Sino-Vietnamese version).

Furthermore the local community of mappers rarely meet (I wonder if they do exist sometimes), so I'm not pretty sure if they would agree with my future translation of terms.

But yeah, You have my support in your translation idea.

You're right. the Khu A-PMH is not an administrative region (which should be ward), but in fact, it is well managed by the PMH Corp. Currently the PMH Corp is in charge of providing facilities to the residents and services in Khu A. They're also in charge of liaison btw residents and the Ward governments. Security is provided by them too.

In addition, mapping the boundaries for Khu A makes it closer to the address form as currently practised by local shops and houses. That's why I marked Khu A as Zone 10. E.g. a house in 'Mỹ Kim III estate' is referred to as : #Housenumber, [Road], Khu phố Mỹ Kim III, Phú Mỹ Hưng Phường Tân Phong, Quận 7, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh.

However, there are some issues too : - It's impossible to address an item (node) without the Street. Some houses like to mention their Number and estate name, not road names (those in Phú Gia estate and large apartment buildings). - If so, we need more boundary levels, i.e. 11, 12.

My mapping projects almost 2 years ago

Great work, @Rhubarb. I wonder if we can survey all the fire hydrants in this city in one year. There are numorous of such in the suburbs.


I'm thinking of a mapping project which involves the contribution of several mappers. Mappers may form groups to undertake different parts (regions, suburbs) of the project to fulfil the tasks that they registered.

The aim of this project is to bring mappers together and to form a club for further social contributions in addition to mapping. And in fact, OSM mappers in Australia seem quiet.

What do you think about it?


Hallo almost 2 years ago

robert : Thanks :-). I'm really enjoying it now. :-)

Hallo almost 2 years ago

Hi AndrewBuck : yeah thanks for reminding me about that. I'm pretty sure the open policy is a good point of OSM, and i've seen our map displayed in several themes, i.e Transport map and Cycle map. They show exactly what we wanna see.