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New road style for the Default map style - the second version over 2 years ago

Thanks. Looking forward to see it "in real life".

New road style for the Default map style - the second version over 2 years ago

When can we expect to see the new style implemented on the main map?

New road style for the Default map style - highway=path is evil almost 3 years ago

Overall I like the changes. The old green trunk roads are very difficult to see against natural=wood when zoomed out, so I'm glad to see them go. I don't find the blue motorways problematic since it's a very different blue from that of the waterways. It's just a matter of getting used to blue roads on a map.

It would be nice if we could have more styles to choose from on the main map, but I understand if it will be to much work to maintain different styles.

Would it be possible to make an example where we can compare the new highway=motorway, highway=trunk and highway=* + motorroad=yes?

New road style for the Default map style - the first version almost 3 years ago

Trunk and motorways should render differently. They are not the same thing, and in some countries the difference is huge.

OSM links about 4 years ago

Nice work!

Universal language over 4 years ago

Sí, hablemos una lengua universal: el castellano.

La importancia de la congelacion de los alimentos about 5 years ago




Experience over 6 years ago

I'm not sure that telling people that you may get arrested is the best way to promote OSM and recruit new people to the project...

I'm surprised to see that Sweden has such a law. The whole idea behind such a law seems to be something left over from the cold war era. The law is from a time before Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, Facebook etc., and should be changed to take into account modern technology and its uses in present day society.

Oslo almost 7 years ago

Thank you.

Angel mapping evening almost 7 years ago

OffMaps2 actually uses vector maps. If you're going to buy more than just a couple of maps, I'd recommend buying the so called "maps flatrate". An alternative is City Maps 2Go, which is a bit cheaper.

story from thailand about 7 years ago


location voiture maroc about 7 years ago


Pourquoi les gens de optent de plus en plus à des voitures de luxe: about 7 years ago


gpx not accepted - again over 7 years ago

Upload seems to be working again; at least for me.

Hello, sunday...server problem ? over 7 years ago

Same problem here, with Safari, so it's probably not related to the browser. Maybe the server is just busy.