Viewing trace 2013_07_05_Bus_452_Parsdorf_Gewerbegebiet_to_Baldham_Sued_Bahnhofsplatz.gpx

Filename: 2013_07_05_Bus_452_Parsdorf_Gewerbegebiet_to_Baldham_Sued_Bahnhofsplatz.gpx (download)
Uploaded: 5 July 2013 at 18:12
Points: 1,572
Start coordinate:
48.1459; 11.7832
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Owner: ToniE
Description: Bus route 452 from Parsdorf, Gewerbegebiet to Baldham Süd, Bahnhofsplatz
Tags: Bus 452, Parsdorf, Hergolding, Weißenfeld, Vaterstetten, Baldham
Visibility: Identifiable (shown in trace list and as identifiable, ordered points with timestamps)