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Sorting route relations 2 months ago

@lonvia: really brilliant. I never assumed that you sort the routes. @Tomas Straupis: and it allows calculating the elevation profile.


My Bicycle setup for Mapillary 3 months ago

I have the same problems with my 1GBit/sec DSL upload speed.

I do the following:

  • prepare the images using mapillary Python script on my PC
  • rsync the images to my Raspberry-Pi
  • limit the upload speed to mapillary to 30KB/sec (by a traffic monitor on the Pi)
  • use the mapillary Python scripts on Pi to upload to mapillary
  • have a module for the RPI-Monitor to remotely monitor the progress

works fine for me. But for 5,000 images it might take 2-3 days to upload all images.

10 years in OSM 5 months ago

Wow, another oldie! Congratulations.

Breaking route relations while splitting roads 5 months ago

Good concern. Having stops and platforms is recommended, not mandatory.

I'll change that to "all or nothing": if there is at least one stop or platform, the full check for stops or platforms is started

  • first and last node of the entire way have to be stop positions of the relation, the first and last stop in the list.

  • stop positions have to be nodes of the ways.

  • stop positions have to be ordered respecting the way, i.e if I follow the entire way, I will pass stop#1, stop#2, ... of the list of stops (ignoring all other stop positions on the way of course)


Breaking route relations while splitting roads 5 months ago

Hi Polyglot,

good point and less error-prone. I try to change my habit towards this - may take a while.

BTW: my Perl script will also check the sequence: stop/platform, ... stop/platform, way,... , way

The original idea for the script was to have a wiki page, listing the state of all routes of a region/operator/network, so that we can easily check and start JOSM for those who show problems.


Breaking route relations while splitting roads 6 months ago

... and another hint:

Exit the JOSM "relation editor" before splitting a way which is already member of that relation. Otherwise you will have to fight with conflicts.

Best regards Toni

Waymarked Trails goes OpenTopoMap 6 months ago

Thanks to you too, Sarah for developing, hosting, maintaining "Waymarked Trails". A great, the best place to search for trails!

And of course thanks to OpenTopoMap for adding this feature.


Breaking route relations while splitting roads 6 months ago

Hi Jothirnadh,

thanks for summarizing this. I have have stepped into this trap many times.

Also a good trap ...

Downloading only the public transport relation and then try to split a way. This might end up in spoiling other relations that have not been downloaded so far.

Always download the surrounding data before splitting!

Another hint:

Have a look at JOSM ticket #14711: JOSM does not consider "oneway=yes" or "junction=roundabout" when sorting.

I'm currently working on a script for the analysis of public transport relations of a region/city/network. Kindly have a look at the Munich/Germany analysis: some parts are in German but errors (Fehler) and notes (Anmerkungen) are in English.

Best regards Toni

Road speeds 8 months ago

Yes, you can use maxspeed:forward= and maxspeed:backward= where the direction is according to the Way in OSM. Editors like JOSM will also take care of this if you reverse the direction of the way for instance. Cheers Toni

highway=milestone vs mapillary vs richtiges tagging 8 months ago

Ich habe nichts mehr gehört.

highway=milestone vs mapillary vs richtiges tagging 8 months ago


highway=milestone vs mapillary vs richtiges tagging 8 months ago

Wir hatten vor Kurzem auf der Bayern-Mailingliste eine Anfrage vom ADAC bezüglich der Milestones auf den Autobahnen.

Die Stauberater auf ihren Motorrädern sollen OSM-baiserte Information über die Kilometersteine bekommen.

Der ADAC will die Information u.U. selber in OSM einpflegen :-)

new road 10 months ago

Hi Bottlecap,

welcome on board.

It usually doesn't take much time for an update of the map. Maybe you can use "reload" or "Ctrl-R" to clear the Browser's cache.

Have fun Toni

Routenplanung — richtungsändernde Einbahnstrassen 11 months ago

Gut beschrieben und macht wirklich Sinn.

Im Prinzip sind diese oneway=alternating wie Fähren über Flüsse zu behandeln. Man könnte als auch im Umkehrschluss auch bei Fähren oneway=alternating benutzten, oder? Bei Seefähren entsprechend mit oneway=reversible? Analog mit Abfahr- bzw. zu erwartenden Warte-Zeiten.

Von Baustellenampeln muss hier ja nicht geredet werden, oder? Das sind ja temporäre oneway=alternating mit Betonung auf "temporär".

Gruß Toni

Mentz-Abfälle about 1 year ago

Geht mir auch so. Auch ich lasse Bahnhöfe links liegen wenn's um KeepRight, OSM Inspector, JOSM Validator oder ähnliche Qualitätssichernde Tools geht - mehr als schade drum.

GraphHopper 0.3 released: Fast Route Planner Beyond Two Dimensions over 3 years ago

No, it doesn't seem to support turn-restriction relations.

See example,

where no_left_turn is set and drivers have to ride a bit further to the south and then do a 180° turn.

Namen in OSM over 3 years ago


Netter Aprilscherz. Hoffentlich interpretiert das keiner als Handlungsanweisung.


Lower right back pain (building tagging on map) over 4 years ago

Hi Joe,

do you think of something like this here?


For your region, this kind of information is quite dense or at least missing at all.

Hmm, everyone is invited to add missing data to OSM, feel free to do so - it does not hurt ;-)


OSM Kartenansicht over 6 years ago

Hi ratorst,

"Platform Status Mostly running (Few services degraded due to maintenance)"

ist womöglich der Grund.


More neighborhood building 'texture' almost 7 years ago

Keep building=yes and add