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Mentz-Abfälle 3 months ago

Geht mir auch so. Auch ich lasse Bahnhöfe links liegen wenn's um KeepRight, OSM Inspector, JOSM Validator oder ähnliche Qualitätssichernde Tools geht - mehr als schade drum.

GraphHopper 0.3 released: Fast Route Planner Beyond Two Dimensions over 2 years ago

No, it doesn't seem to support turn-restriction relations.

See example,

where no_left_turn is set and drivers have to ride a bit further to the south and then do a 180° turn.

Namen in OSM over 2 years ago


Netter Aprilscherz. Hoffentlich interpretiert das keiner als Handlungsanweisung.


Lower right back pain (building tagging on map) over 3 years ago

Hi Joe,

do you think of something like this here?


For your region, this kind of information is quite dense or at least missing at all.

Hmm, everyone is invited to add missing data to OSM, feel free to do so - it does not hurt ;-)


OSM Kartenansicht over 5 years ago

Hi ratorst,

"Platform Status Mostly running (Few services degraded due to maintenance)"

ist womöglich der Grund.


More neighborhood building 'texture' about 6 years ago

Keep building=yes and add




Premier rond-point !! about 6 years ago


c'est bon. If faut complete ca avec "highway=unclassified". Apres, on peut voir le ronde-point.


Mapping gated communities in Marseilles over 6 years ago

Oops: links were delete (caused by $lt; and $gt; around it?)



Mapping gated communities in Marseilles over 6 years ago

What's "landuse=residential" for me?

Well, an area where there are predominantly houses, where people live.
It does not imply any administrative or other structure to my.
It can even stretch over several villages that are close to each other.
The boundary of a single village/city/... or community should not be
mapped by landuse=xxx, name=yyy.

Please have a look at: where I mapped an
area=yes, name="Wasserschutzwald Deisenhofen" in a forest (protected
area for water supply of Munich). barrier=fence is a different way that
uses the same nodes as the area.

But I also have a different example: 5 * landuse=residential, name=xxx

And I'm thinking about a single landuse (joined with the rest at the buttom)
with 5 * area=yes, name=xxx

Let's think also about: a community that includes residential, retail and forest
landuses inside their boundary. An area with name="Community of ..." including
these and maybe also boundary=civil and border_type=???.


Mapping gated communities in Marseilles over 6 years ago

I use the same:

"landuse=residential" and "name=xxx"

and sometimes instead of that (if area inside a residential landuse)

"area=yes" and "name=xxx"

Beginn over 7 years ago

Hi und willkommen,

Problem? Nur Geduld. Das System (Mapnik/Osmarender) erkennt, dass was geändert
wurde und 'malt' die Seiten neu, aber nicht bis zur letzten Zoomstufe runter.
Spätestens am Mittwoch danach sollte alles durchgängig neu 'gemalt' sein.

Und es gibt noch den 'Data' Layer, oben rechts das '+' und dann
'Data' anklicken.


GPS Track for OSM over 7 years ago

Thanks Jerker,

it works for both, E50 and N95.

I will give it a try tomorrow, with my XaioX Marathon BT-GPS receiver.


GPS Track for OSM over 7 years ago

Too sad, I can't try it out!

Binaries are said to be incompatible with Nokia E50 and Nokia N95.


Fehler im Nordwesten von Bad Tölz almost 8 years ago

fixme oder FIXME ist gut, denn dann wird's sichtbar im OSM Inspector von
Frederik Ramm und Jochen Topf (

Sind das die dort sichtbaren Wege (runter zum Fährhaus)?


Using N95 as a tracker almost 8 years ago

Hi Anders,

I also have the N95 and I'm using GpsMid ( which
uses OSM-Data and does the rendering itself. It also includes a routing SW.
Greater area around Munich, Germany takes about 5MB.

It's worth trying!

BG Toni

Bad Tölz over 8 years ago

Herlich willkommen SchokoNick!

Schau mal auf

dort ist für nächstes Wochenende ein ein Mapping-Event geplant.
U.U. in Bad Tölz.

Ich selbst bin in Ottobrunn und bewege mich süd-ost-wärts.
Bis Bad Tölz werde ich mit den Rad wohl nicht kommen.


Erster Track online.. over 8 years ago


auf Zoom-Stufe 12 in Deine Gegend gehen

Crtl+MouseLeftKlick beim passenden Quadrat

ein wenig warten (1-4 Stunden) und es ist
im Osmarender von zu sehen.
Cache des Browsers leeren!

Dann kann man bis Mittwoch noch ein paar Korrekturen nachziehen.

Fixed the Harz almost 9 years ago

South-East of Munich there is a mixture of daveemtb's and another solution. There are also slightly overlapping (small) areas for bigger forests. Most of them have been mapped before the "multipolygon" and "relations" appeared (before OSM 0.5).