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Is it possible to view GPS traces on the map? 2 days ago

It's not a feature we offer, no. The purpose of the GPS upload is to provide source data for tracing in an editor to create the maps.

GORDON'S ALIVE 10 days ago

Importantly it is now translated into many new languages, including Aramaic and Ancient Greek. We are sure our users will find this extremely useful!

I feel nostalgic 3 months ago

Well really it should mostly not load at all ;-)

firefox and id giving troubles 4 months ago

A fix for this is rolling out now.

firefox and id giving troubles 4 months ago

So I think we have nailed it down - it only happens when you are using https and there is a bug report at and a fix at

firefox and id giving troubles 4 months ago

@AndiG88 That was a separate bug ( in the previous version of iD that I believe should be fixed in the new one!

firefox and id giving troubles 4 months ago

I've now tried this in Firefox 30 on Windows as well and that also seems to work fine. Can somebody that can reproduce this please report it to with as much information as possible about your environment and how to reproduce it.

firefox and id giving troubles 4 months ago

That should say for the main web site of course...

firefox and id giving troubles 4 months ago

First things first, you should report bugs in the appropriate issue tracker - for iD that is and for the main web site it is

If this started happening this morning then this is presumably related to iD 1.5.0 which was deployed a few hours agao - that said it is working for me in FireFox 30 on Linux. Indeed that is where I smoke tested it before I deployed the update.

street name 5 months ago

So fix it then ;-)

I suddenly can't edit wtih Firefox; has something changed? 8 months ago

Well it would help if you told us what exactly is happening... Does the editor start? If not is there an error message and what does it say? If it does start then are you able to edit? If you can edit then what exactly happens when you try and save? Is there an error message and what does it say?

In short we need information rather than vague descriptions before we can help.

Another reason why there should be some kind of anti-spam protection... 8 months ago

Thank you for your (rather unorthodox) report. That user has been dealt with.

Remove a spam user in French 8 months ago

Sure, that's the aim - it doesn't work because we add rel=nofollow to all the links... I'm sure twitter and facebook are full of them, which just proves they haven't solved the problem anymore that we have, despite having vastly more resources.

I have no objection to doing something, and if somebody wants to write code to support a reporting system and a moderation queue then I'm not going to object. I'm just not going to do it myself right now, because the pain this is causing me currently is not sufficient to entice me to spend time doing that. That's how open source works.

SEO SPAM @ User Diaries & Descriptions 8 months ago

@RobJN Not sure how more moderators is supposed to help? Firstly because currently only full admins can do anything about this and secondly because the problem is mostly about detecting the spam rather than removing it.

@AndiG88 If automatically detecting it's so easy then I look forward to seeing the code, as I'm sure does the author of every blogging platform in the world.

SEO SPAM @ User Diaries & Descriptions 8 months ago

It's just not a major problem - the vast majority is blocked as soon as it is entered and the small amount that gets through is blocked by me as soon as somebody makes we aware.

In the case of english language spam I will normally see it in my RSS feed within an hour or two - other languages are more problematic.

User spam is less likely to be spotted, but it also isn't a major issue because nobody will actually see a user page for a user that doesn't do anything unless they actually go hunting for it for some reason - it's not like the diaries which will appear in people's RSS feeds.

It is probably reaching the point where we need to build a reporting system, but that's quite a lot of work to get all the necessary backend bits in place and nobody has had time yet.

Automated Street name abreviation replacements 8 months ago

Yes, there are always edge cases, and they work both ways - there is a street called "The Drive" near me which Google abbreviates to "The Dr.".

Automated Street name abreviation replacements 8 months ago

This has already been done for the US hasn't it, which was the main place that actually had abbreviations because of the TIGER import - anywhere that has been mapped by hand is unlikely to have them as our policy has always been to expand abbreviations.

In any case if there are other places that need it then you should check out how the US did it for the TIGER abbreviations. You should also make sure you read these pages:

Hello, OSM! 8 months ago

What was the language problem? The editor should work fine whatever language you are using and if it isn't you should report that.

I had another upload crash afewvhours back 8 months ago

"Another crash" implies that you have had them before? Where have you reported them?

coordinates not displayed for static map image generation 11 months ago

Encouraging people to spam trac with "me too" comments is not going to achieve anything.

Bug fixing is not a popularity contest - we don't have an army of people sitting waiting to see what gets the most comments and then implement it. Rather bugs are fixed when somebody with the ability to fix them is sufficiently interested in doing so to provide a fix.