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Delete Diary Entry 15 days ago

Only by asking an admin currently, but I've just done it for you...

Firefox 35 update 2 months ago

Note that this only affects MacOS and not other builds of Firefox 35.

Learn-a-tag: driving_side=left/right 2 months ago

Looks like there is a small piece of the one in Twickenham marked in that way. My guess would be that it's not public highway and it was the car park operator who applied those bizarre markings.

Learn-a-tag: driving_side=left/right 2 months ago

I'm not sure I'm buying that one in Twickenham. Evidence suggests it certainly was one way going south and I think it's highly unlikely that a public highway would have changed to require driving on the wrong side.

There is, fairly famously, one road in the UK where you drive on the right and I always led to believe it was the only one. There is a note on it ( which agrees, although it is missing the driving_side tag.

SSL Tile Down? 3 months ago

There was an issue with the Taiwan cache server the other day, and it looks like they only unblocked the http port and not https when they fixed it.

I've reached out to them to get https fixed.

Now Live: Notes Posted By Scout Users 4 months ago

Please don't use for links to web views... Yes I know it works at the moment but hopefully one day we will be able to separate the api and web views...

02203 4 months ago

What is the source table?

What am I doing wrong, re: using the embed feature (its not working) 5 months ago

It's not a web site bug though (or at least it works fine for me) so please don't ;-)

seeking Administrator 5 months ago

If you mean that local names are not being rendered in an appropriate font on the map then is the place to report it.

Note however that a number of the more complicated languages can't be properly tackled until we upgrade mapnik 3 with harfbuzz support (mapnik 3 should hopefully be release in the near future, but there will likely be a delay before we can upgrade to it).

Is it possible to view GPS traces on the map? 5 months ago

It's not a feature we offer, no. The purpose of the GPS upload is to provide source data for tracing in an editor to create the maps.

GORDON'S ALIVE 6 months ago

Importantly it is now translated into many new languages, including Aramaic and Ancient Greek. We are sure our users will find this extremely useful!

I feel nostalgic 9 months ago

Well really it should mostly not load at all ;-)

firefox and id giving troubles 9 months ago

A fix for this is rolling out now.

firefox and id giving troubles 9 months ago

So I think we have nailed it down - it only happens when you are using https and there is a bug report at and a fix at

firefox and id giving troubles 9 months ago

@AndiG88 That was a separate bug ( in the previous version of iD that I believe should be fixed in the new one!

firefox and id giving troubles 9 months ago

I've now tried this in Firefox 30 on Windows as well and that also seems to work fine. Can somebody that can reproduce this please report it to with as much information as possible about your environment and how to reproduce it.

firefox and id giving troubles 9 months ago

That should say for the main web site of course...

firefox and id giving troubles 9 months ago

First things first, you should report bugs in the appropriate issue tracker - for iD that is and for the main web site it is

If this started happening this morning then this is presumably related to iD 1.5.0 which was deployed a few hours agao - that said it is working for me in FireFox 30 on Linux. Indeed that is where I smoke tested it before I deployed the update.

street name 10 months ago

So fix it then ;-)

I suddenly can't edit wtih Firefox; has something changed? about 1 year ago

Well it would help if you told us what exactly is happening... Does the editor start? If not is there an error message and what does it say? If it does start then are you able to edit? If you can edit then what exactly happens when you try and save? Is there an error message and what does it say?

In short we need information rather than vague descriptions before we can help.