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I suddenly can't edit wtih Firefox; has something changed? about 1 month ago

Well it would help if you told us what exactly is happening... Does the editor start? If not is there an error message and what does it say? If it does start then are you able to edit? If you can edit then what exactly happens when you try and save? Is there an error message and what does it say?

In short we need information rather than vague descriptions before we can help.

Another reason why there should be some kind of anti-spam protection... about 1 month ago

Thank you for your (rather unorthodox) report. That user has been dealt with.

Remove a spam user in French about 2 months ago

Sure, that's the aim - it doesn't work because we add rel=nofollow to all the links... I'm sure twitter and facebook are full of them, which just proves they haven't solved the problem anymore that we have, despite having vastly more resources.

I have no objection to doing something, and if somebody wants to write code to support a reporting system and a moderation queue then I'm not going to object. I'm just not going to do it myself right now, because the pain this is causing me currently is not sufficient to entice me to spend time doing that. That's how open source works.

SEO SPAM @ User Diaries & Descriptions about 2 months ago

@RobJN Not sure how more moderators is supposed to help? Firstly because currently only full admins can do anything about this and secondly because the problem is mostly about detecting the spam rather than removing it.

@AndiG88 If automatically detecting it's so easy then I look forward to seeing the code, as I'm sure does the author of every blogging platform in the world.

SEO SPAM @ User Diaries & Descriptions about 2 months ago

It's just not a major problem - the vast majority is blocked as soon as it is entered and the small amount that gets through is blocked by me as soon as somebody makes we aware.

In the case of english language spam I will normally see it in my RSS feed within an hour or two - other languages are more problematic.

User spam is less likely to be spotted, but it also isn't a major issue because nobody will actually see a user page for a user that doesn't do anything unless they actually go hunting for it for some reason - it's not like the diaries which will appear in people's RSS feeds.

It is probably reaching the point where we need to build a reporting system, but that's quite a lot of work to get all the necessary backend bits in place and nobody has had time yet.

Automated Street name abreviation replacements about 2 months ago

Yes, there are always edge cases, and they work both ways - there is a street called "The Drive" near me which Google abbreviates to "The Dr.".

Automated Street name abreviation replacements about 2 months ago

This has already been done for the US hasn't it, which was the main place that actually had abbreviations because of the TIGER import - anywhere that has been mapped by hand is unlikely to have them as our policy has always been to expand abbreviations.

In any case if there are other places that need it then you should check out how the US did it for the TIGER abbreviations. You should also make sure you read these pages:

Hello, OSM! 2 months ago

What was the language problem? The editor should work fine whatever language you are using and if it isn't you should report that.

I had another upload crash afewvhours back 2 months ago

"Another crash" implies that you have had them before? Where have you reported them?

coordinates not displayed for static map image generation 5 months ago

Encouraging people to spam trac with "me too" comments is not going to achieve anything.

Bug fixing is not a popularity contest - we don't have an army of people sitting waiting to see what gets the most comments and then implement it. Rather bugs are fixed when somebody with the ability to fix them is sufficiently interested in doing so to provide a fix.

A Social Without Groups 7 months ago

I have to say that I'm with Alex in being very sceptical about the wisdom of trying to reimplement Facebook or whatever inside of OpenStreetMap.

Yes, a really good implementation that was closely tied to location etc might well offer things that external service don't, but I question whether we actually have the resources to develop such a good implementation.

What we are instead likely to wind up with is something very basic that is a poor imitation of other systems, just like our diary entries are a poor clone of proper blogs, and friending is a poor clone of other systems, etc, etc.

Feel free to prove me wrong, but groups will need to be an order of magnitude more work than the current sketch to offer real advantages.

One small point I will make about Alex's suggestions, is that (as an administrator) the claim that the private messaging is being "abused" baffles me - if he has evidence of that then I suggest he lets me or my colleagues see it.

Why so many old, unresolved bugs in Mapnik? 10 months ago

To clarify for other people reading this, the poster isn't really talking about bugs in mapnik, he's talking about bugs (really mostly enhancement requests) in the mapnik stylesheet used by OpenStreetMap for the default layer on the web site.

The simple answer as for there why so many is that nobody has volunteered to fix them - we're a volunteer project and we don't have a corp of paid cartographers.

The fact that the stylesheet is pretty much insanely hard to work with of course is one reason why people don't volunteer, which is why we are converting to carto format to try and reboot things - see the talk Firefishy mentioned for more information.

As to the idea of setting some kind of time limit, what exactly do you suggest we do when the the time runs out? Arbitrarily close the the bug? Send an armed posse to a random programmers house to force them to fix it?

Problem in Editing Map 11 months ago

I suggest you open a ticket at and explain what you are seeing - make sure you indicate what browser you are using.

A Greek nightmare in road classification 12 months ago

Firstly I really don't think you should try and invent road numbers by interpolation, or any other means - if a road doesn't have a number then there's not much you can do except not give it a ref tag. We record reality, not what we would like to be reality.

Secondly, I think you put highway=primary for some things where you meant highway=secondary on the wiki page that you linked to. Also, perhaps it would be better to use highway=tertiary to get the extra level that you seem to want want that overloading primary with the little used motorroad tag.

Finally you should definitely discuss all this with the Greek community, on the mailing list, forum or wiki - basically wherever Greek users tend to gather - before you start making radical changes.

google google google 12 months ago

We do use piwik, rather than google, and as far as I can see the version of iD installed on the main site is not attempting to load google analytics. Can you tell me what makes you think it is?

Trainz railway research update 22:50 about 1 year ago

Just read the wiki page I referred you to and it will tell you exactly how you should tag a disused/abandoned/whatever railway if you really want to add it.

Tagging as railway=M&GN is certainly better than railway=rail in as much as it won't appear on the map, but it's also pretty much useless in that somebody that actually wants old railways won't be able to find it.

Markdown sucks! about 1 year ago

I don't seem to have any trouble embedding XML code:

<tag k="wikipedia" v="D"Iberville,_Mississippi"/>  
day 1 Old lines reboot (M&GN & GE) about 1 year ago

I looks like you have been tagging these as railway=rail but that should only be used for lines which still exist - if this is a disused or no-longer existing line then you should tag it as such. See for more information.

Coastline Update Frequency over 1 year ago

The wiki is wrong (nothing new there...) and it is generally rather less frequent than that - it's a manual process and is also dependent on trying to find a point in time when the coastline as a whole is not too badly broken.

Will @MapBox allow imagery tracing for OSM? over 1 year ago

That would be exceedingly daft - if he wants to ask MapBox a question he should ask MapBox, not a collection of random OSM users.