Teva Walker

Mapper since: July 29, 2010 | Contributor terms: Accepted over 3 years ago

Who Am I?

I'm an avid hiker and walker who loves getting outside and hitting the trails. Growing up in Colorado, I spent a lot of time outside exploring. Once I got my first GPS (Garmin Geko 201) I started "collecting" tracks of my walks.

Current Projects

I primarily focus on trails and parks, however, I also edit road data when necessary. My projects are centralized around Kansas City and Colorado Springs. However, I'm also working on mapping state parks in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.


Google Nexus 5. I tested this against a Garmin Oregon 600 and the GPS on my phone seems to be as accurate as the dedicated unit. At least, accurate enough for my needs.


Eagle Scout-- B.A. Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, 2010-- Worked in the Cartography department of a GPS manufacturer before starting more exciting work in the travel industry-- Looking forward to moving back west (currently in the Midwest)

Teva Walker?

I love wearing my Teva Sandals and I often walk and hike in them. Hence the name!