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Piste Maps on Garmin over 6 years ago

Hi, I'd be interested if someone is doing this. I'm not too great on the technical skills so tend to do the mapping & hope someone develops something I'm capable of using.
Nick (Tallguy)

Durham, Maidstone, Dartford & Swanley review about 7 years ago

Probably bad description by me - I'm actually mainly interested in the national cycle routes, more specifically NCN1 & the 'North Sea Cycle Route'. My wife & I are cycling the route in stages. We will be South of Durham again in May, cycling away from Whitby, but will also have a car in the area.
Have had a quick look at the mapping you have done of Durham & it looks pretty good to me.
If there is something I can do to help in one of my trips I will do what I can, and a mapping party in June sounds interesting, depending on the dates.