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Missing Maps Project mapathon - evening of 29th July

Posted by Tallguy on 30 July 2014 in English (English)


This is the text from a message being sent to all the attendees of a mapathon held in the MSF offices in London - Hopefully it will be of help to someone.

"Hi, and thank you for helping to make the 'Missing Maps' session such a success. I'm the old, tall, bald & bearded one who stood at the front & talked for part of the time.

All of the people who helped the evening work are hoping that you will persevere & do some mapping from , but I think we're all aware that with such a big group of people 'zero to hero' is unlikely. We've given you a start & we're planning to help you keep going, but we do need you to try! I meant what I said about it being a simple process, but sometimes there are little hiccups with the software that can make it seem difficult, just keep trying & you'll get there. By the way, I still make mistakes - it's a human thing, just don't let it stop you & try to learn from them.

Personally I'd like to try to organize a regular mapping session at which we could go along, do some mapping, learn a bit from each other, and drink coffee - the coffee's optional. Learning from each other is a lot more fun than reading instructions on a web site. Would you be interested?

I'd recommend that you sign up for HOT emails - this link for a howto:

If IRC is your thing then (obviously I'd recommend the HOT group!)

There are quite a few places to get more help from (The tasking manager has recently been upgraded & many of the screenshots are out of date - we're working on updating the guides, but the principles are the same). has several different modules & if you're new to mapping it's worth reading; should be updated during the course of the day (keep checking for updates please) - there are also links from it to other guides to mapping. Loads of links - you can spend your life reading & never get any mapping actually done! ..... think the title is self explanatory.

When you mark a square as 'finished', it should be validated by another mapper. That mapper will leave feedback which you can use to improve your future mapping. I'm one of the people that does validating, and my aim is to get you to map more squares, but better! Check for how to get that feedback.

Feedback to us / me. What can we do to improve? We need to know please.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to validate some of your squares soon.

Nick (Tallguy)"

Armchair mapper?

Posted by Tallguy on 20 June 2013 in English (English)

Foot survey today

Obtained a few address numbers in Swanley, Kent, UK, using KeyPadMapper3. I've uploaded the address nodes to OSM, but deliberately left them as nodes at the moment.

My profile

I've spent a few minutes updating my profile. I like to survey areas, and am interested in working with other mappers - if you are interested in working with me, have a read of my profile page & see if there is something of interest. You don't have to be anywhere near Swanley!


Nick (Tallguy)


Posted by Tallguy on 4 April 2008 in English (English)

Hoping to work further on ncn1 in Dartford area later this week. Think I can fill in some of the missing bits, but need the time to cycle there.

Borough Green

Posted by Tallguy on 4 April 2008 in English (English)

Have added a few roads from memory, will be doing more work on this area - Daphne knows area well & will get her to carry a GPS. Does seem to be a poor satellite signal there, so not all tracks are as accurate as would like. Am waiting on new GPS to come into stock - perhaps when this arrives will improve the tracks.

Durham, Maidstone, Dartford & Swanley review

Posted by Tallguy on 4 April 2008 in English (English)

Had a quick (long actually!) look through the mapping done so far in Durham, Maidstone, Dartford & Swanley.
Think I've now corrected all the errors I made previously;
Pilgrims Way, have made a residential road again,
Birchwood Rd - now a road again.
Other bits look okay now - if anyone reads & notices something wrong, let me know or i'll keep making the same mistake!

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