Mapper since: December 28, 2014 | Contributor terms: Accepted over 2 years ago

A mapper based in San Pedro, Laguna, mapping the hometown and places visited.

My current mapping involves:

  • Mapping the Philippines' power lines
  • Mapping the transmission and subtransmission lines, towers, poles, and substations of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines
  • Tagging power plant installed capacity from official sources (i.e. power plant owner/operator public documentation), if available
  • Distribution system mapping
  • Data cleanup
  • data cleanup (mistagged POI's, incorrect capitalization, other bad data)
  • New user edit cleanup
  • Private data cleanup (private residence POIs)
  • Tagging mistake cleanup (capitalized keys, incorrect capitalization, deprecated values/tags, tags not complying with tagging under community consensus)
  • Local area updates (San Pedro, Laguna, Muntinlupa, Batangas City)
  • POI additions/updates
  • Buildings mapping
  • Barangay mapping
  • Power distribution facilities mapping and updates (substations, feeders, poles, transformers, circuits)
  • Remote mapping
  • Rural area mapping
  • Extrapolation
  • Land use area and building mapping
  • Resolving notes
  • Mapping using Mapillary images

I mostly use JOSM, but I use iD,, Level0, or Potlatch in some edits.