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open 86071 mappy123

all housenumbers 55 in that area, unlikely I think.

over 2 years ago 5 months ago
open 480246 Steven Vance

How do the addresses on these buildings work?

6 months ago 6 months ago
open 480010 Steven Vance

This building, which is part of the Salvation Army Freedom Center (a campus environment), needs to be drawn.

6 months ago 6 months ago
open 462585 Steven Vance

All of these new houses need to be mapped.

7 months ago 7 months ago
closed 285661 Steven Vance

Draw in the parking aisles and driveways

over 1 year ago 7 months ago
closed 318349 Steven Vance

The Cermak-McCormick Place Green Line station has three entrances and two elevators. There's an elevator on the north side of Cermak Road, and an elevator at 23rd Street. There are stairs on the north and south sides of Cermak Road, and at 23rd Street.

over 1 year ago 8 months ago
closed 76361 Eliyak

Parking lot here now. trails are rearranged slightly too.

over 2 years ago 9 months ago
open 425718 Steven Vance

This building actually has a donut center, which isn't drawn correctly (it should be drawn as a multipolygon)

9 months ago 9 months ago
open 421166 Steven Vance

What's this building's address?

9 months ago 9 months ago
open 421165 Steven Vance

What bank is this?

9 months ago 9 months ago

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