Two productive days - so many ways of doing stuff in OSM

Posted by Steve Chilton on 24 January 2009 in English (English)

Have had two quite productive OSM days. Having a bit of spare time yesterday I traced 8,900+ nodes of the rivers and streams of Cornwall with help of Potlatch/NPE. I just don't know how folk score such high editing numbers in the stats, it can't be manual. Mapping remotely I passed by two significant geographical landmarks. Firstly Lands End and whichever bit is actually furthest west in the SW. Now proceeding in an easterly direction along the south coast to hopefully meet up with the excellent work recently done by user:Devonshire in (yes) Devonshire. Also passed through Newlyn, which is the place that tide measurements were taken to establish mean sea level in the UK. In the evening persuaded the author of the brilliant Up-to-date bookmarklet to (somewhat reluctantly) add coastline data and a bounding box to show the area re-rendered. Also put in the missing bit of the Devon/Cornwall admin boundary, which I knew from living dewn thar was down the middle of the Tamar Estuary.
Today had to go to Uxbridge to watch some cross country so did some no-names mapping whilst there (and get some path traces for Hillingdon House Sports Grounds). Also whilst there I deliberately took a detour off the M40 on the way back to the M25 to go round the lower level roundabout at junction 1 - to convince myself it really was as depicted - a roundabout with clockwise and anti-clockwise routes round it, with smaller roundabouts where the 4 joining roads came in. Having to stop as it was getting dark prompted me to wonder why it is that I can be mapping in an unmapped area and feel free to stop whenever it suits me, however much is left undone. Conversely, when mapping no-names stuff like today I feel guilty not completing the area. Rationalised it on way home as NOT being able to see how much is to be done still in the first case, and BEING able to see how much is left in the latter (I was working from a no-names map print with more than I was able to do today showing).
Enjoyed the bridge graffiti on the M25 that I don't remember seeing before - GIVE PEAS A CHANCE. Home to do the edits, and if I don't get too tired implement a couple of mapnik style changes I have been mulling over. Yep, two productive days, with plenty of variety.

Comment from Harry Wood on 26 January 2009 at 17:38

This weekend I went to a couple of those rivers in Wales you've been mapping. Got GPS traces in my kayak!

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Comment from Steve Chilton on 26 January 2009 at 19:22

Excellent. Whole point of NPE trace is to hope that someone will eventually go there and tweak it with GPS data. It will be interesting to see how the refining looks. If you get a chance take a before screengrab, and an after, and post on wiki somewhere, so folk can see the benefits. Let me know the area sometime.

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