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Top OSM Rank: Who are these crazy, amazing people? about 10 hours ago

Very nice. Also nice to see the ! at my entry!

geographic coordinates about 22 hours ago

In the search box you can click on "Where am I?" to get lat lon

Swaziland, Zimbabwe and South Africa entered 12 days ago

Sounds awesome. If you ever feel like going to a windy rock I'll help you out in Iceland.

Swaziland, Zimbabwe and South Africa entered 18 days ago

Sounds like your Mapillary images would be awesome to peruse. Here is my trip to an island, Viðey, outside Reykjavík to give you a glimpse. They can send you a mount you can put on the front window with a phone taking pics. You can then view them in iD editor on OSM.

Mapillary 4 months ago

You don't need a Mapillary tag, on their website you can view the images on top of a map and in iD editor you can activate Mapillary layer.

Roadmap: A State of the Map for all communities worldwide 6 months ago

Worthy effort and will be interesting to see the development. I'm developing a different tool, a human eye/hand reliant estimator. Perhaps more of a checklist - allowing you to spot easy to fix areas faster and which areas need imagery or more data.

I'll blog about it soon.

deleted 6 months ago

Made it into an area

Alert notice 6 months ago

You don't get e-mails but there are two services that can give you RSS feed that your e-mail program can fetch.

Easier option is WHODIDIT where you zoom into the area you want to watch, click on the GET RSS LINK button and then copy the RSS link into the Feed setting of your e-mail client (depends on which how to do it).

For a larger area you might have to use RSS History filter but there you need to input the co-ordinates by yourself (since bbox is broken now on the OSM website).

Great Wester Park 6 months ago

If you are interested in seeing if others are making changes in the area you can get a RSS feed for the area using Zveriks WhoDidIt

Who uses OpenStreetMap? 6 months ago

Very nice. I'm running Mapping Botswana at [] which is basically just a few pages with a wrap around It is only a few months old so I guess it hasn't arrived yet in the published data.

GORDON'S ALIVE 7 months ago

Just had a new vandal in Iceland use P2 to create a racetrack covering several hundred km with only 4 points. He couldn't have done that in iD!

First thoughts 7 months ago

I looked at Google Map for my town recently to compare it to my summer long project of mapping it last year. There were some glaring errors there and I submitted some fixes (my old home was no longer at a street but a path for example) and a couple of them they let through (after several days) and others they ignored, saying some other mapper had a different opinion (juvenile names given to paths).

I'm not touching the Google stuff again.

Mapping my campus: cooperate with existing data 7 months ago

Is it possible that the dormitory acts as a hostel during summer when there are no classes? In Iceland we have hotels who function in dormitories during off-season only.

First thoughts 7 months ago


These are good questions. I've taken two different approaches in two different areas. In Iceland I first focused on my home town (pop 30.000) and got that up to scratch before taking a bigger picture (which was fairly good).

In Botswana I went to other way, I focused first on mainline roads and names of towns and villages before now delving into single areas.

In this case I would probably start by making sure the mainline roads are present and correctly named, then focus on a narrower area such as your home county.

OpenStreetMap: where should the next recruitment drive be? 7 months ago

Just found this via your comment on my little manually created map of Iceland. In summer 2013 I mostly finished my home town in Iceland and decided to "adopt" a country in Africa which needed lots of work. In the end I decided on Botswana which is sparsely populated but fairly large.

The Mapping Botswana project is now a year old and slowly gaining local momentum, there are challenges to creating a local base from 10 000 km distance but social media and finding contacts is edging us closer.

Who I am/Why I'm running for 2014 OSM US Board 7 months ago

Not eligible to vote but I do like your neighborhood leaders emphasis. I'm sort of one (member of board) in my neighborhood and been in close contact with the municipality but should obviously branch out to other leaders and boards.

Just noticed I've passed 350 edits 7 months ago

I started with Potlatch2 and frankly it scared me away from the project for years.

I then discovered JOSM in 2013 but then iD entered beta and I loved it. I still use iD for minor changes but bring out JOSM when it is time to get serious (mapping entire town, neighborhood etc).

I've just started to make vital signs for the two countries I am focusing on, Iceland and Botswana. Both are fairly small and very sparsely populated compared to most other countries so it is doable to produce this once a month.

I think it shows the contributors that they are not alone and that they do put their mark on the map.

Ok, so I am a bit tired now 7 months ago

Don't burn out too quickly. I took an entire summer to map my town of 35.000 people in 2013 and this month I've been doing some fixes every day after new imagery was available.

As for Garmin check out the wiki page, much of the work might be already done for you.

Help needed with reverting changeset 8 months ago

I have reverted the changeset using JOSM. You did the right thing as a newbie, to ask for help!

This tells you about the revert plugin in JOSM.

Best of luck!

"Wisepilot map reporter" is absolutely useless 8 months ago

They have said they are trying to fix it, although I guess they can't do much about the notes already posted. See this on mailing list.