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OSM Quality 1 day ago

You can also subscribe to RSS feeds of things happening in your designated area

Also see recent new editors with (more tools from Pascal Neis at )

The first thing I mapped… 10 days ago

Nice work. May I ask why you did not put the street number on the buildings themselves which already had streetname and town and all that but instead as seperate nodes outside the buildings?

Experimental Overpass attic support in Achavi (augmented change viewer) about 1 month ago

Looks and works brilliant!

Why doesnt my edictions are good to gpsyes and others?? 2 months ago

They probably haven't refreshed their version. If you make a change now then it will appear, most likely, the next day on the routing websites, depends on how often they refresh their local copy of the database.

Too slow 2 months ago

Which part are you showing them? Are you using the default website or another tile supplier? Are you connected with DSL or fiber or using a modem? Do you have "Show Data" checked? This will slow viewing the map down - by a lot.

I'm sure given more details we could assist you, I myself have been planning to make a "Starter kit" for teachers in my native country and so am eager to hear of any problems teacher might have with any class interaction with it.

New Starter 3 months ago

This would be the badly named "Unclassified Road" which should be "Road" or similar generic term.

You can use the Land Use classification for the area to designate it as industrial.

@OsmThis: Twitter to OSM 3 months ago

I see, thought the geo-tagging could be read from image, my mistake :)

@OsmThis: Twitter to OSM 3 months ago

Tried this for the first time, not seeing any note.

@OsmThis: Twitter to OSM 4 months ago

Looks very good, I'll add this to the Mapping Botswana guide for example!

OsmHydrant 4 months ago

Very nice. I'm trying to load my area and the circles for loading fire hydrants just turn and turn and no data turns up?

Mapping Botswana via Facebook 4 months ago

Indeed, your Mali example is what i was thinking of with my "Quality Inspector". In addition it could look up in the Nominatim and other GPS sources for probably village names. I'm not very proficient with the .osm scanning which is hindering my development there, I moved onto other tasks for now but keep this in the back of my mind. My ideas are mroe numerous than lines of code I'm managing!

This red/green webpage is more like the Trello taskboard, I have a defined list of GPS co-ordinates (under free license) which I then manually tick if present or not. Some of these already exist on the map and so I simply tick them to green when I find them. By default I put everything to red and not into a 3rd neutral state, however I might add the 3rd state as "not applicable" for example for places with no roads at all or no buildings at all.

By OSM-login I mean I am going to add OSM-auth to it so you can login there and tick the boxes as applicable from red to green or green to red. As for reserving a task I'm thinking about it but each task is usually small enough that I'm not too worried about it at the moment, but might be useful for bigger things like the Botswana villages.

If the taskboard tool gets bigger coverage and maybe scores of people using it intermittently then maybe some gamification could be introduced (OpenBadges for completing 10 farms or something) if I deemed it could help with for example kids who are mapping 10 farms as an assignment for school. I've been in contact with some teachers and they are interested in adding OSM and other similar open projects on the curriculum to teach students that they don't have to be only data consumers, they can also influence and put their efforts on the map/Wikipedia/Gutenberg etc. Another pet project of mine!

Mapping Botswana via Facebook 4 months ago

Thanks Harry.

I've been thinking about a Quality Inspector tool that digs through a data dump (I've been using Iceland as guinea pig) and lists various things in it, for example under each settlement it lists if it has a school or a firehouse or police station or whatever and the user can put an expected number in maybe (for example, Iceland as a whole should contain about 15-ish firehouses - will the output match that?). So this is not a Quality tool like current ones (which checks if the data is valid) but publishes summaries sort of for easier eyeballing of deficient data.

For example if an entire region lacks schools, that seems very strange and so would merit a second look. So far these ideas swirl around in my head but actual solving using programming is slow going.

I'm working on a new thing, I recently got a data dump from the land registrar (so mostly farms but also some other stuff) and I slapped some filters on it and am working on AJAXing it up, so you could use your OSM-login and then work on stuff on the list and tick the appropriate boxes (from left to right, is it on the map, is it connected to the road network, are buildings mapped, do we have imagery of it or is it lacking).

So it's a beta version but once done it should be a tool that people can easily do a couple of defined things from, they click on an item, get pointed to a location on the map, open up their favorite editor, add any of the items requested, save and then tick off which parts work. Also since no login is required for viewing the project page we can allow anonymous users to use this to find a location on the map where they can add a Note if there is something special about that place (farm is now abandoned or has a church or whatever).

To be extended for other similar things, possibly moving the Botswana settlements to this format (so a seperate Trello login becomes needless). In my mind a lot of people would be willing to help with clearly defined and small tasks like these, they just feel daunted by all the stuff they find when they casually log in for the first time and see hundreds of polygons and paths as they look at their home location in a city.

Debian 5 months ago

Looks good, edging closer to installing own tileserver one day.

New MapRoulette Challenge: Ways Needing Smoothing 5 months ago

Very interesting. How would I go about in creating MapRoulette challenges for a totally different area? Specifically thinking of my Mapping Botswana project here...

vespucci 0.9.4 available on google play store 5 months ago

Many thanks for this. For the next release maybe I'll have finished the Icelandic translation! displays presidential election results on OpenStreetMap 5 months ago

Don't think it is surprising as it is free to use. The stranger thing for me is that the colored bubbles are in the color of a narrow winner, does that mean they get all the votes from that district (first past the post) or is it just the combined votes all over country that make sure who gets to the second round?

The huge Bratislava circle for example show very narrow margin for the winner.

Mapping Botswana via Facebook 5 months ago

Very true Nakaner, I intend to create a guide related to the Mapping Botswana project which details the editors, both on mobile and PC, online and offline.

Happy 9th birthday, this is my contribution 5 months ago

Very true Joost, only now we have some better imagery for the newest areas so I have some work there to tweak buildings and paths.

The Never-ending Task

I suddenly can't edit wtih Firefox; has something changed? 5 months ago

JOSM is a standalone Java editor, the most powerful of them all. If you have JOSM open and click on the Edit with JOSM link it loads up the area in question in the JOSM editor.

community building 6 months ago

This looks great and the new neis-one service is awesome. Will try to emulate similar for Iceland and Botswana