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open 906120 SomeoneElse

Is perhaps a "shop=mall"? I'm not familiar with this side of the road in Bakewell.

about 21 hours ago about 21 hours ago
open 905912 SomeoneElse

Is really a mobile phone shop here?

1 day ago about 23 hours ago
open 905909 SomeoneElse

"bigyn swings" looks unlikely here. Also the geometry of the "mini golf course" to the northeast and the path "bwlch" ("pass?") needs checking.

1 day ago 1 day ago
open 904991 SomeoneElse

Does actually exist as a tourist attraction? It was added by a MAPS.ME user with an interest in musical legends of the northwest (alive and dead).

2 days ago 2 days ago
open 904981 SomeoneElse

The footpath and cycleway here need a proper survey. Currently there seem 4 in parallel with the road (which makes no sense).
It looks like they were added for Pokeman Go, but at least one of this user's edits looks like an attempt to add something that exists, so it could do with checking.

2 days ago 2 days ago
closed 396706 SomeoneElse

Lots of consituent ways of also have been given "names" by a newbie mapper. I'm guessing that this is not correct, and really they're just part of a relation with that name. Perhaps a local could check?

over 1 year ago 2 days ago
open 893583 SomeoneElse

Is the operator correct on here? It was changed by a MAPS.ME user.

11 days ago 2 days ago
closed 525627 SomeoneElse

Is really best described as a peak? It doesn't look like one from the imagery, and other alleged "peaks" around here have been changed back to localities.

12 months ago 3 days ago
closed 209481 SomeoneElse

Does this definitely exist on this alignment? I didn't notice it at the south end when I walked past.

over 2 years ago 3 days ago
closed 786217 SomeoneElse

Is "Korean Festival" here something that is permanent and should be mapped?

3 months ago 3 days ago

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