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We can no longer go on like this 16 days ago

@Yorvik Prestigitator yes, it was a new user the last twice it happened, but on the most recent occasion it was found and fixed within ~6 hours so I don't think that was more than a temporary annoyance.

The wrong side of mapping transient events in OSM 7 months ago

You said above "Since few weeks, flood waters have subsided and the media frenzy have moved somewhere else.". The second of those statements is true to an extent, but the first isn't necessarily so.

According to a BBC TV news report yesterday, flooding in the levels has dropped around 0.5m, and the reporter was still able to do the usual piece to camera with acres of water in the background.

So yes, there is a discussion to be had about when and how transient events are mapped, and how long an event has to be to be considered "not transient", but don't assume that because the media have moved on that the events over. People in the Philippines are still getting back on their feet after last November, there's still a civil war in Syria, etc.

OSM Formula 1 almost 5 years ago

So (assuming that Donington doesn't run out of cash before next year) does someone need to book a track day to get a GPS trace of the new layout?

Local Cycle Network almost 5 years ago

Thanks - I've been meaning to sort out the 5 Pits Trail for ages!