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Translating OSM Diary entries 2 days ago

Maybe because it's pretty much a commodity these days (even built into some web browsers)?

For the OSM weekly we tend to offer both the original article and a translation. I tend to use whichever of Google Translate or Microsoft Translator seems to give the better answer, based on my knowledge of the original language.

Which online translation mechanism would you suggest should be built into OSM?

What's new in OSMCha 7 days ago

If the frontend to this is then might I suggest actually linking to it somewhere near the top of the diary entry? That way people will know what it is about :)

Llanollen Canal 26 days ago

To be honest, I wouldn't worry too much about "very little landuse". It's actually easier to add other features (POIs, hedges, ditches etc.) before landuse has been mapped, and if you've surveyed all the hedges etc. adding landuse is also much easier.

There has been a bit of a problem in GB with "remote upland mapping" - people wanting to "colour in" landuse and making a bit of a mess of it, either by drawing very rough landuse boundaries (far less accurate than the existing work that people have done) or by just "getting it wrong" - picking something rendered by the OSM Carto stylesheet ("heath") regardless of whether the thing they're mapping is remotely heathland, or even "heathland in OSM terms", or not. is one thread on talk-gb, but not the only one, as it's been an ongoing issue.

As to what thing on the ground matches what "natural" OSM tag, that's probably one for the mailing lists - is an attempt to map existing non-OSM classifications as a basis for this.

With regard to " Still waiting for someone to come up with a rendering for Fell" why not have a go yourself? If you want "a slippy map like the OSM website" then if you follow you'll get one (see also ), and modifying that to say "treat natural=fell like natural=heath, but with a slightly different colour" would actually be pretty straightforward.

What is slightly complicated is that natural=fell is actually used for a variety of features (see ) so you might need to do a bit of head-scratching to see if you wanted to also include a special "fell" rendering for or .

Add this place please 26 days ago

Other people have been mentioning similar things: . It's not related to OSM itself, but to the supplier that Snapchat has outsourced their map updates from. Talk to Snapchat or their map supplier about it.

Add this place please 27 days ago

@escada I think they're trying to get a place to appear in a map in Snapchat, which I suspect uses an OSM-based map from Mapbox.

@ain%20albaraha I see that you've made a number of edits already. Changes will appear at relatively quickly, but may take longer to appear in the map in Snapchat - someone from Snapchat or their map supplier would have to answer that question.

Does anyone even check what HOTOSM contributors leave behind? about 1 month ago

@butrus_butrus "ways with a node for every half a metre length" are a real problem if those nodes don't add any extra value (e.g. if it's a straight line), or if they're in the wrong place (which can happen if the accuracy of the underlying data is good enough to say within 1/2m in any given direction.

With anything in OSM someone somewhere will always want to come along and improve it later, and if 500 nodes are used when 5 would do then we're making that person's work much harder.

Does anyone even check what HOTOSM contributors leave behind? about 2 months ago

It's a different user. What I'd suggest rather than (or perhaps as well as) writing a diary entry about a problem like this is to actually try and help the mapper make better contributions. Currently they've created 13 changesets, and no-one has commented on any of them.

Given that they're a brand new mapper I'd suggest a "hello and welcome" comment in the first instance, then trying to explain where it's appropriate to use "motorway" and where it isn't.

Oh - and thanks for patching up the data :)

Does anyone even check what HOTOSM contributors leave behind? about 2 months ago

Any chance of a link to the area? I'm aware of a suspicious "trunk road adder" in China (who isn't actually a HOT contributor as far as I am aware) and it'd be useful to see if the trunk roads above (a) are the same user and (b) match anything on any imagery.

Tram lines in Riga (Latvia) about 2 months ago may be a related issue, and a proposed fix for that is .

Tram lines in Riga (Latvia) about 2 months ago

I don't think that it is a data change - has not changed for a year. It's likely related to the latest release of the map style that OSM's "standard" map uses .

Tram lines in Riga (Latvia) about 2 months ago

Which map are you looking at? still is both a tram and a tertiary road. Perhaps the map that you are using has changed the way that roads and tramlines display?

Areas rendering order about 2 months ago

I'm guessing that you're talking about OSM's "standard" rendering here (there are lots of others)?

It's developed over here, and there have been lots of discussions over the years over what should and what should not be included.

In order to see the effect of any change, I'd suggest that you have a play with the rendering yourself and see what it looks like. There's a set of tutorials here, and if you want to set up a tile server from scratch you can follow the instructions here.

My Bicycle setup for Mapillary about 2 months ago

I particularly like the "low bridge detector" :)

bus stops 2 months ago

@alan_gr Unfortunately, the wiki isn't always "authoritative". In I described a situation where I changed the wiki to reflect current practice, but it was changed back because current practice was "wrong". My options at this point were to get into a wiki edit war (I'd probably win that, since I am through historical accident a wiki admin, but it would (a) be a very silly waste of everyone's time and (b) something of an abuse of powers) or to get on with something more constructive, which is what I decided to do.

The best advice for new mappers is "stick with the editor presets", and follow the iD editor walkthrough, which is a great introduction to "how to map". In iD if you add a point and search for "bus stop", a highway=bus_stop is exactly what you will get.

bus stops 2 months ago

I believe that the "more simple tag" is "highway=bus_stop". In the UK it's 33 times more likely to be used that public_transport=stop_position.

More complicated tagging isn't "wrong" of course - but there's no need to make things more complicated than they need to be. The only roadside public transport infrastructure in most of the UK are bus stops, so it makes sense to just map those.

Creating a Map for a Garmin Edge 520 3 months ago

Thanks for writing this. There have been quite a few times over the years when people have asked how to get an OSM-based map onto a device with an unfeasibly small amount of storage, and there hasn't been a good answer to point people at before now.

Upcoming research on participation biases in OSM 3 months ago

Hi tigermilk and welcome to OSM!

Just in case you're not aware, the next East Midlands OSM meetup is in Nottingham on Tuesday Evening at the Lincolnshire Poacher up Mansfield Road. You're welcome to come along and say hello!

Best Regards,


OSM: Why can't contributors check/correct their own work! 3 months ago

Maybe those comments weren't always polite :)

More seriously, a comment such as "you have broken a multipolygon here" will not communicate anything to someone who does not know what a multipolygon is.

Of course, there are genuine issues with e.g. MAPS.ME users not replying to comments. Part of that is because MAPS.ME users sometimes don't even know what OSM is, so to find it "talking to them" is very unexpected. Also matching the language of the comment to the language of the mapper is important (not everyone speaks English, and web translation these days is good enough that they'll at least get the sense of the problem, so there's no excuse not to).

OSM: Why can't contributors check/correct their own work! 3 months ago

Actually, that editor that you don't know how to spell has the QA cues built into the UI, not as an afterthought at upload time - see for example , where the duplicate nodes appear as red pustules saying "fix me now!".

More seriously, the reasons why contributors don't correct their own work include:

  • They're new editors, still finding their way. Everyone needs to be allowed to get it wrong a few times as they learn how to edit OSM (whatever editor they are using).
  • No-one has actually told them that something is a problem. If people don't know about QA tools they won't know that they exist. The best way to get in contact with new mappers is to comment (politely!) in a changeset discussion. Anything that just sounds like "you're doing it wrong!" is unhelpful, even if they really are doing it wrong.
  • The QA tool is wrong. JOSM's validator is good, but still "cries wolf" quite a lot of the time, because not everywhere in the world is like Germany.
  • What's been uploaded is only the "first draft". For example, last night I uploaded this. It was important to upload it because it's a major change to the area, but it's far from complete, and there will be many things in there that need refining based on further survey. JOSM's validator there finds 1 error and 186 warnings, most of which are indications that further survey is needed (e.g. highway crossing building is obviously wrong, but which is in the right place?). Some of what JOSM's validator says there are just completely invalid, and it's up to the mapper to work out which and why.
Mapping Grenfell Tower 3 months ago

It's not just "these estates" - some leafy suburbs also don't have as good a covering of local mappers as they might have either.

Take for example (Winchmore Hill). Basically schools yes, station and bus stops yes, pubs yes (but little detail), shops mostly no.