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Details about iD editor users get publicly, permanently and silently logged with every edit – a privacy breach 22 days ago

As someone who occasionally contacts mappers new to an area, I find JOSM's language tags on the changeset really useful (e.g. when deciding what language to use when contacting them). Having the same information logged by iD will be similarly useful.

What you do on the Internet is essentially public (especially when you're updating a public map!). Lots of browser information is logged by every other internet site out there, and glossing over that fact doesn't "help privacy" in any way at all. According to the browser that I'm typing this into right now is unique among those that site has tested - there are real privacy concerns about what we do on the Internet, but storing the browser and language against iD edits in OSM isn't one of them.

OS Street View Copyright Easter Egg 2 months ago

It's not the first and it won't be the last "comedy misspelling" (1) in the OS's data (which, let's not forget, came originally from some rather lowly local council employee). Rather than a deliberate "Copyright Easter Egg" I suspect they've just made a mistake. As Bernard Ingham said in another context, it's much more likely to be a cock-up than a conspiracy.


It's not because you have accurate data that you have to upload all of them in OSM 3 months ago

Given the plate tectonics that's active in the area

I just hope that he's going to keep it up to date in the future :)

Go home coastline data, you are drunk 3 months ago

Let me guess - Slartibartfast wanted to go somewhere wamer where he could get a nice South African Red?

West Lothian is 100% complete! 4 months ago


Now, about those hedges... and litter bins... and bus routes... and addresses...


Contributor Statistics 2014 5 months ago

Re 2012 - perhaps lots of press coverage about the licence change? Maybe we ought to do that more often :)

Basemap 5 months ago

It's also worth mentioning which Garmin device - some can display images, some only vector maps (see for example and the links from it for info about non-vector data).

The help site has lots of Garmin questions - it's worth searching there with one of:

1111 Changesets! 5 months ago

So did you do that last changeset hopping on one leg?


Welcome message for new users in Brazil 6 months ago

Interesting - do you have any plans to look at what impact sending a message (or not sending a message) might have?

Last year I had a look at the effect on mapper retention of the new mapper messages sent in Poland:

(and see links from there for two other months' analysis). Essentially, it didn't find a measurable difference in retention - but didn't look at edit quality or any other possible effects.

Also you might find this previous study interesting:



OpenStreetMap - yours to cut out and keep 7 months ago

I wonder if that photograph would make a suitable "Image of the Week"?

(it would need to be released under an open licence though as per that link)

Can anyone explain this? 7 months ago

Have you contacted the mapper concerned?

In cases such as this I'd normally suggest the dev API to them (if they're testing stuff) or (if they're just creating a fantasy map, which looks to be the case here).

Note that they've also modified the border of Egypt to exclude this as an enclave:

Thank you for your trust! 7 months ago

It seems odd to thank someone for running an organisation that I've never actually joined, but - thank you!

Whilst OSMF might be "a tiny speck somewhere off centre" it's often the public face of OSM. Like a drunken uncle at a family party, when they start behaving oddly, it gets noticed. Your OSMF chairmanship brought a dose of much-needed sanity to the board and the organisation; it'll be sorely missed.

We can no longer go on like this 9 months ago

@Yorvik Prestigitator yes, it was a new user the last twice it happened, but on the most recent occasion it was found and fixed within ~6 hours so I don't think that was more than a temporary annoyance.

The wrong side of mapping transient events in OSM about 1 year ago

You said above "Since few weeks, flood waters have subsided and the media frenzy have moved somewhere else.". The second of those statements is true to an extent, but the first isn't necessarily so.

According to a BBC TV news report yesterday, flooding in the levels has dropped around 0.5m, and the reporter was still able to do the usual piece to camera with acres of water in the background.

So yes, there is a discussion to be had about when and how transient events are mapped, and how long an event has to be to be considered "not transient", but don't assume that because the media have moved on that the events over. People in the Philippines are still getting back on their feet after last November, there's still a civil war in Syria, etc.

OSM Formula 1 over 5 years ago

So (assuming that Donington doesn't run out of cash before next year) does someone need to book a track day to get a GPS trace of the new layout?

Local Cycle Network over 5 years ago

Thanks - I've been meaning to sort out the 5 Pits Trail for ages!