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closed 275990

This peninsula is now part of Australian Capital Territory (south tip, with lighthouse, is still part of New South Wales!). A t the same time, Jarvis Bay Territory is now separate Australian territory.

almost 2 years ago 10 months ago
closed 295487 CloCkWeRX

Road name should be checked by survey or, disagrees with google maps

over 1 year ago over 1 year ago
closed 231520

Incorrect speed limit. Reported speed limit is 60 km/h
Reported using Wisepilot map reporter

about 2 years ago over 1 year ago
closed 191941

Missing bike exit from to start Ave. This section is also connected to Ascot Ave.

about 2 years ago over 1 year ago
closed 267391

Z Ward

Geocoordinates: -34.9428374, 138.6323594

almost 2 years ago over 1 year ago
closed 164125 Softgrow

Add KLIA2 building and also correct alignment for Kliaekspres tracks etc

over 2 years ago about 2 years ago

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