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Project Drake - mapping the University of Cambridge over 3 years ago

For what it's worth, Oxpoints can store a reference to an OSM object - for example the "way/99933769" in

However, this hasn't really been used, and due to the volatility of OSM objects (especially as stuff is being deleted and resurveyed for ODbL compatibility reasons) I guess there won't be much takeup of it anyway.

OxPoints Open Dataset over 4 years ago

Chatting further with the OxPoints team, it seems there are only 2 points remaining that were derived from Google, and another 2 that were (probably) derived from OSM (they're marked internally as "update with GPS"). The data is shortly to be released as CC0, so then probably can be used in OSM.

OxPoints Open Dataset over 4 years ago

It's derived (in part) from Google Maps aerial photos, and so not suitable for OSM.