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Postigs question - find out the unnecessary points that exist on the map 22 days ago

Besides that reducing the size of the planet file by such a small amount woudn't justify anything, removing the nodes creates a new version of the way adding to general database bloat.

Further none of the editors nor the API support downloading elements that have no nodes in the requested bounding box. As a result it makes sense to have not all too far apart nodes on even completly straight ways..

It should be noted that we have massively (as in multple nodes per meter) overnoded ways from imports that naturally can be simplified when detected.

Expanding the OSM Community about 1 month ago

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap about 2 months ago

@andygol how many of the increasing number of relation based turn lanes are from you and other Mapbox employed mappers?

Why am I against wholesale import of administrative boundaries from any 3rd party source for the Philippines about 2 months ago

@maning & @seav the wording is simply a bit ambigous. First citing a third party that the licence is incompatible and then continuing with "Even if the licence is compatible ...." it really isn't and the permission we got for a handful of countries was after the fact in dire circumstances.

To be very clear: anybody that imports GADM data -now- -will- get caught and the data -will- be removed immediately..

Why am I against wholesale import of administrative boundaries from any 3rd party source for the Philippines about 2 months ago

I'm not sure why you are assuming that GADM data has a acceptable licence for OSM (no issue with the rest of your post though).

Please see:

How do you map while on the go? 2 months ago

EdLoach naturally you could have created the note with Vespucci and in 0.9.7 uploaded it when you got home and checked all Osmose reported problems in the area too :-)

But seriously it really depends on what you are doing, some times I'll just snap a photograph, sometimes I'll enter stuff on the road immediately (typically POIs and housenumbers). I'm not claiming that there is a one size fits all solution, not even for myself.

How do you map while on the go? 2 months ago

BTW I believe that post 1.0 release versions of Pushpin are actually better than what I wrote and provide at least some support for non-node objects (pushpin overall isn't a large source of edits in OSM in any case for my reasoning on that see below).

As to a user friendly editing tool, sure it is possible, just take the effort for iD and mulitply by 10. iD already tries to do smart things like automatically generating a multi-polygon when you split a polygon/closed-way and it serves as a good example to gauge how much extra effort would be needed to expand that kind of level of abstration to all of OSM and where the pitfalls are.

But the real question is: is there ienough breathing space between pure surveying apps and full blown editors (Go Map! and Vespucci) to actually get a enough of a user base that the developement effort can be justified., I'm fairly sure that either you simply want to survey with implied adding the data post-survey at home, or if you enter it in to OSM directly you don't really want to touch it again and keep post-survey clean up to a minimum. The consequences of the later is that you really do need to able to do nearly everything that you can do on the desktop. I should point out that surveying on the move is not the only use case for mobile editors so they will tend to have more functionality than "add a POI" apps will have in any case.

How do you map while on the go? 2 months ago

BTW my recommendation for a survey app on Android continues to be OSMtracker plus OpenCamera if you just want to take photographs (OpenCamera works well Vespucci too).

How do you map while on the go? 2 months ago

Yepp, just as all the other apps which

a) don't show you what is already in the OSM data

b) take the hammer approach to editing (replace nodes with nails)

pushpin is just one of a number with the same issue not worse or better than the whole lot.

How do you map while on the go? 2 months ago

@mvexel the basic notion that it can be "simple" to just add a "poi" is mistaken. It is a consequence of the OSM data model for better or worse that a POI can have many many different guises and the only way to handle that without breaking things is to have a full complement of the existing data available with all the complications that implies.

So maybe the answer is that android users would prefer not to break existing data, contrary for example to people that think push pin is good.

Tag-only editing with Vespucci 2 months ago

@ Duck the mode doesn't really have a bearing on element selection (you still need to be able select nodes in the end), but I find the change I made for 0.9.6 with the smaller default node touch regions have made it significantly easier to select ways in high density areas.

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [9] 2 months ago

Well a different way at looking at it would be to say well we have roughly 40'000 mistagged objects of a good 80'000'000 (just counting nodes with tags, in reality the number is larger)..

In other words: we have the incredibly large error rate of 0.05% aka "not a problem".

Is there an app for creating notes? 3 months ago

Vespucci will allow you to do that.

However this is currently works slightly different than the normal editing mode and requires a mobile data connection (the Notes code is currently in the process of being refactored and will allow pre-survey bulk down- and post-suvey upload in the next version, similar to the normal editing mode).

Naturally if you are using vespucci you might as well directly add the stores to OSM.

After the release is before the release :-) 3 months ago

I haven't made any measurements in absolute terms yet, but the big win is that the refactoring of the auto download code (and when done of the notes code) allows the whole thing to run without the screen on. Obviously that is a net win wrt battery life in any case.

As to bandwidth, you can still simply download an area in advance or even simply have a set of JOSM compatible OSM files on device (this currently isn't possible with Notes, but that is one of the major reasons for the refactoring, so will be in the release).

Initial activity and retention of first-time HOT contributors 4 months ago

What is the split in absolute numbers of the total of ~1500 for starting in TH, ER and MM?

I find your interpretations of the results rather biased, for example an alternative explanation for the lower (HOT, not OSM in general) retention rates of TH and ER could be that the more experienced contributors prefer mapping on their home turf to staring at not particularly good images of places of which they have no 1st hand experience. Obviously this would not be something that effects the majority of MM contributors due to lack of any other experience.

Don't know what to think of it of this research 4 months ago

@escada could you please forward a link to the changeset in question to the DWG so that the account can be permamently banned.

MapBox and MapQuest ... the bit the tech pundits are missing 4 months ago

@imagico it is undoubtably quite legit for MapBox to control what others can easily use of the technology they have developed (well in most cases it is more continued development of projects that existed pre-MB). The blog post was more about cutting through the haze of rethoric camouflaging completely conventional business practices.

And as you point out, the basic underlying business model is not really new, it is just that the trade rags have lost track of what the previous dozen of buzz words for the same were.

I don't have an opinion on if there is space in MapBoxes niche for more than one player at this point in time. What is however clear is that the easy available capital in the states makes it extremely difficult for any European company to compete, not that any of the other players have indicated that they really want to do so.

Experimented on Mapping By Photo-geotagging 4 months ago

I would recommend to use either OpenCamera as the camera app (records the orientation of the device and has a setting to only take photographs when the device has a GPS fix) or use Mapillary.

While it is true that you will typically not get the best position accuracy by taking out the device waiting for a fix and pocketing it again, the trick is to capture enough context that you can use aerial imagery too to identify exactly where the relevant object is. For example if you are taking a picture of a shop, take a picture of the whole building too so that you can identify it from the roof shape etc.


[LearnOSM] Report may 2015 4 months ago

Upps, that comment was from me ,,, used the wrong account.

Thoughts on the import of address nodes in JOSM using MassGIS L3 Parcel data to aid in adding addresses to buildings in MA 5 months ago

While for once this seems to be a technically competent import, you seem to have ignored essentially all non-technical prerequisites

I would, very strongly, recommend that you immediately catch up on the stuff that you haven't done up to now.