Posted by Severák on 31 December 2015 in English (English)

I am glad to introduce you a new renderer written by me.

Despite its name it is used for rendering of earth surface mostly.

Useful for ad-hoc rendering, not intended as batch tileset renderer alternative.

For more info and download visit severak/lunarender at Github.


  • input format: OSM XML, Overpass API JSON output
  • output format: SVG
  • rendering rules scriptable with lua


(following demo pictures are centered on Palmovka)

default stylesheet:

default style

(note missing river - LunaRender cannot render multipolygons for now)

grey style with trams drawn in color:

grey style

technology demo - nodes sharing within paths. Darker nodes - more shared.

shared nodes

technology demo - all nodes and ways rendered:

all nodes and ways

technology demo - random colored houses:

random colors

tram network rendering style:

trams style

Nymburk in default style:


Hlubočepy in grey style:


entire tram network of Liberec and Jablonec extracted from Overpass API (note scroll or unzoom to see something)

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