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Mapping Swadlincote (Derbyshire) only by strolls about 1 month ago

What method do you use to collect map data when out strolling?

OAuthCommunity request about 1 month ago

JOSM used to have two sorts of user authentication, but I think now just has one. You used to be able to sign in with your username and password, or via the OAuth mechanism; the latter is now the only way. So there's nothing wrong with this request, and it's required in order for you to be able to upload from JOSM.

Better Walking Papers 5 months ago

Ah cool, thanks @GOwin that makes sense. I'll try with an older version. Thanks!

Better Walking Papers 5 months ago

I can't find it in the QGIS plugin list, even with 'experimental' ones turned on. What am I missing?

Bonner ACT Australia 2914 12 months ago

Umm... yes, well now I'm a bit embarrassed. :-) See, I just clicked straight through to the map, and it's been years since I looked at OSM in Canberra and it's all so good there and well I guess I just figured this person had done some mapping there and so I thought I'd give them some tiny bit of encouragement because maybe they were a newbie and weren't quite sure what the diary was to be used for...

Now, of course, I see that chrisPir hasn't actually made any edits! :-(

So, please feel free to delete my comment and this whole post. :-)

New data sources available for Western Australian roads about 1 year ago

Oh, yes, that all makes good sense. I've now re-joined the mailing list and shall try to stay on top of discussion there. :-)

And I think I was rather thinking that me writing this diary entry was sort of counting for "telling the community", but you're right I should've tried a bit harder. Really though, I'm just starting to investigate this stuff and have only done a couple of dozen road names so far.

Oh, and I was being a bit optimistic when I said that there didn't seem to be too many missing road names!


I think I'm just going to go back to camera-and-GPS now though...

New data sources available for Western Australian roads about 1 year ago

Do you mean the Legal Speed Zones (MRWA-519) data? I think they'd probably grant permission for that as well. I didn't ask them for a blanket approval of all datasets because they seemed more inclined to approve specific usages, but you could give it a go. Some of the people at Main Roads are pretty supportive of people using the data, from what I can gather! :-)

And I'm not sure what you mean with your slightly snarky comments about importing. I do realise that using this data is importing, but I'm doing it very slowly and manually and commenting everywhere about what I'm doing. I have read the importing guidelines, and I think I'm following them. Could you be a bit more specific about how I'm not?

And I'll send an email to the talk-au list, that's a good idea. I figure more people probably read the diary feed though.

Bonner ACT Australia 2914 about 1 year ago

Hurrah! Good work.

(Now I'm all homesick for Canberra.)

New data sources available for Western Australian roads about 1 year ago

Thanks @woodpeck! No fear, I wouldn't trust myself to write a script to do this automatically. The closest I'm hoping to get is to write a script to prepare the data a bit more.

Although, in my spot checking around the state, it's really looking like there's not a huge amount to be done, which is pretty cool. :-)

New data sources available for Western Australian roads about 1 year ago

Thanks for the links, @CloCkWeRX, there's some good stuff there. Now I have to investigate more about "Mapillary challenges" — is that some way of loading missing things into the Mapillary app for easier ground-truthing? :-)

New data sources available for Western Australian roads about 1 year ago

@maxerickson: good point, but I found that JOSM couldn't handle the large size of this Shapefile (~280 Mb). It doesn't have a problem (at least on my computer) with a large .osm file though.

Mapping while travelling over 1 year ago

@Omnific: yeah, I thought so, but somehow I managed to not save anything :-( Now I'm being more careful, and pressing save at various points throughout the walk.

A missing zoo! over 1 year ago

I've never even considered the zoo here in Perth... we've got some work to do to catch up!

Kirribilli foreshore over 1 year ago

Great work! :)

The New Me almost 2 years ago

"Striving to better, oft we mar what's well" and all that? :-)

Something I wrote about OpenStreetMap (OSM) about 2 years ago

I think the link is wrong. The correct one is

And I reckon you're right! :)

The true "McDonald's" problem and the apostrophes ... over 2 years ago

Fixed two in Australia. :-)

Addressing almost 3 years ago

Thank you both for the ideas. It sounds like paper and clipboard are the way to go. :)

Now I shall wrangle with getting JOSM to print things...

Addressing almost 3 years ago

Is there any write-up anywhere of good methods for collecting house address data? I mean specifics such as: "trace buildings first, then cycle up one side of the street taking photos of letter-boxen, then back down the other..." (which is sort of how I've done it, but I get some pretty funny looks from people!).

New Zealand Data Help almost 3 years ago

Voted! :)

And for mappers on the other side of the Tasman, here's a request for the Digital Cadastre Database to be open-licenced: