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Mapping while travelling 7 months ago

@Omnific: yeah, I thought so, but somehow I managed to not save anything :-( Now I'm being more careful, and pressing save at various points throughout the walk.

A missing zoo! 8 months ago

I've never even considered the zoo here in Perth... we've got some work to do to catch up!

Kirribilli foreshore 9 months ago

Great work! :)

The New Me 10 months ago

"Striving to better, oft we mar what's well" and all that? :-)

Something I wrote about OpenStreetMap (OSM) about 1 year ago

I think the link is wrong. The correct one is

And I reckon you're right! :)

The true "McDonald's" problem and the apostrophes ... over 1 year ago

Fixed two in Australia. :-)

Addressing almost 2 years ago

Thank you both for the ideas. It sounds like paper and clipboard are the way to go. :)

Now I shall wrangle with getting JOSM to print things...

Addressing almost 2 years ago

Is there any write-up anywhere of good methods for collecting house address data? I mean specifics such as: "trace buildings first, then cycle up one side of the street taking photos of letter-boxen, then back down the other..." (which is sort of how I've done it, but I get some pretty funny looks from people!).

New Zealand Data Help almost 2 years ago

Voted! :)

And for mappers on the other side of the Tasman, here's a request for the Digital Cadastre Database to be open-licenced:

OSM Hackerspaces Map now updating almost 2 years ago

Cool map! I've added the Artifactory.

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution about 2 years ago

Now to figure out what "12oz" "drip" and "house coffee" mean. :)

Ha! Yes, exactly! :)

Not-very-useful GPS traces over 3 years ago

Ah! Cool. Thanks. :-)

Housenumbering... over 4 years ago

There's a print plugin for JOSM. Bit odd at times (when pages sizes change and things) but it works very well and you can print in a bunch of different ways.

Untangeling ways over 4 years ago

I used to do far more shared nodes than I do now, because I've started just mapping exactly "what's on the ground".

A stream, for instance, is a way down the centreline of the stream, and one area (often) on either side, following the riverbank.

Two areas will usually have some sort of boundary, which I map as a way set between the two areas.

The only time I share nodes is when the boundary between them actually has no width (e.g. is a imaginary line between two survey points or something).

Just makes it easier to edit, as PurpleMustang says.

Clovis Transit Mapping Project over 4 years ago

(Egh. When are we going to be able to edit comments here?!)

Clovis Transit Mapping Project over 4 years ago

Great idea!

I notice you're putting the route names in the bus stop names. These should probably be put in as [route relation( names instead (along with Clovis Transit as the operator).

Then you'll get nice red lines along all the routes too! :-)

x-plane users over 4 years ago

I'll help, if you don't mind an antipodean view (via Bing)!

Settlers Hills, Western Australia about 5 years ago

I had a tiny crack at it, but you're right: it's not the most interesting part of the world to trace!

If you're ever interested in a Perth mapping party, by the way, drop me a line (if you are in Perth, I mean!).

57 weeks of vehicle movements about 5 years ago

Thanks Harry! It is centred around Perth indeed; this is where all the vehicles are based. They go out for 10–14 day swings, taking GPS positions every ~30s.

Did you notice my tracey subterfuge with a big empty circle around the Perth metro area?! I get the data in massive clumps of nmea files, and process them with gpsbabel using -x radius,distance=20K,lat=-31.995815,lon=115.73512,nosort,exclude

I wish I had more time to map things, but it's hardly a central part of my employment... :-(

The Chiltern Way about 5 years ago

Hurrah for beer and walking. And mapping.