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Something I wrote about OpenStreetMap (OSM) 23 days ago

I think the link is wrong. The correct one is

And I reckon you're right! :)

The true "McDonald's" problem and the apostrophes ... 7 months ago

Fixed two in Australia. :-)

Addressing 10 months ago

Thank you both for the ideas. It sounds like paper and clipboard are the way to go. :)

Now I shall wrangle with getting JOSM to print things...

Addressing 11 months ago

Is there any write-up anywhere of good methods for collecting house address data? I mean specifics such as: "trace buildings first, then cycle up one side of the street taking photos of letter-boxen, then back down the other..." (which is sort of how I've done it, but I get some pretty funny looks from people!).

New Zealand Data Help 11 months ago

Voted! :)

And for mappers on the other side of the Tasman, here's a request for the Digital Cadastre Database to be open-licenced:

OSM Hackerspaces Map now updating 11 months ago

Cool map! I've added the Artifactory.

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution 12 months ago

Now to figure out what "12oz" "drip" and "house coffee" mean. :)

Ha! Yes, exactly! :)

Not-very-useful GPS traces over 2 years ago

Ah! Cool. Thanks. :-)

Housenumbering... over 3 years ago

There's a print plugin for JOSM. Bit odd at times (when pages sizes change and things) but it works very well and you can print in a bunch of different ways.

Untangeling ways over 3 years ago

I used to do far more shared nodes than I do now, because I've started just mapping exactly "what's on the ground".

A stream, for instance, is a way down the centreline of the stream, and one area (often) on either side, following the riverbank.

Two areas will usually have some sort of boundary, which I map as a way set between the two areas.

The only time I share nodes is when the boundary between them actually has no width (e.g. is a imaginary line between two survey points or something).

Just makes it easier to edit, as PurpleMustang says.

Clovis Transit Mapping Project over 3 years ago

(Egh. When are we going to be able to edit comments here?!)

Clovis Transit Mapping Project over 3 years ago

Great idea!

I notice you're putting the route names in the bus stop names. These should probably be put in as [route relation( names instead (along with Clovis Transit as the operator).

Then you'll get nice red lines along all the routes too! :-)

x-plane users over 3 years ago

I'll help, if you don't mind an antipodean view (via Bing)!

Settlers Hills, Western Australia about 4 years ago

I had a tiny crack at it, but you're right: it's not the most interesting part of the world to trace!

If you're ever interested in a Perth mapping party, by the way, drop me a line (if you are in Perth, I mean!).

57 weeks of vehicle movements about 4 years ago

Thanks Harry! It is centred around Perth indeed; this is where all the vehicles are based. They go out for 10–14 day swings, taking GPS positions every ~30s.

Did you notice my tracey subterfuge with a big empty circle around the Perth metro area?! I get the data in massive clumps of nmea files, and process them with gpsbabel using -x radius,distance=20K,lat=-31.995815,lon=115.73512,nosort,exclude

I wish I had more time to map things, but it's hardly a central part of my employment... :-(

The Chiltern Way about 4 years ago

Hurrah for beer and walking. And mapping.

Homeowner Associations over 4 years ago

I'm part of the Fremantle Society, who're setting up a civic wiki called FreoWiki, and we're planning on using OSM maps on that extensively. I've been doing a bit of mapping around the place, in patches. Mainly using Walking Papers (and some people here have raised the idea of helping school children contribute this way, although nothing's happened yet).

The council here has recently implemented something called IntraMaps which looks pretty interesting (and slow, and not slippy). It doesn't really do anything that OSM can't... it's got things like 'Municipal Heritage Inventory', which shows where all the local government heritage-listed buildings are (which we can put on OSM); and all property boundaries (which we can only guess at because that data belongs to LandGate).

# one rival supported through back door? over 4 years ago

I think the main issue that mongoltweets is getting at is that, in order to log in to OSM (is it just the wiki? or also to create a mapping account? I haven't done either for ages) one must permit Google javascript to run. The issue with that (have I got this correct?) is that it gives them a chance to track which (Google-JS-executing) sites that one (or, rather, one's IP address) visits.

There certainly are alternatives to ReCaptcha, that can run on the same server as the app; I guess they're just a bit more of a hassle to set up.

"What You Doing" Moment over 4 years ago

What's this DWP? I didn't think the Democratic Workers' Party was in the business of inspecting postboxes...

New GPS over 4 years ago

I just bought a eTrex Vista HCx, and so far it's totally great. Small and light, and feels pretty rugged. I've only used it when walking so far, and it's perfect for navigation on foot; I think it'd be great on a bike too (there's a handlebar bracket available for it).