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closed 353325 SK53

Name changed.

8 days ago 8 days ago
closed 340881 SK53

Walkabout closed ?

about 1 month ago 8 days ago
closed 339915 SK53

Site of new Kitty Cafe (cat=yes) &

about 1 month ago 8 days ago
open 335592 SK53

Presume this farm/industrial area has gone to be replaced by the new residential area

about 1 month ago 9 days ago
open 335591 SK53

This is a residential area with what look like new houses.

about 1 month ago 9 days ago
closed 109149

Graffham 1838

over 1 year ago 9 days ago
closed 205463

Alford 1

9 months ago 9 days ago
closed 200021

The undergrowth along this byway is significantly overgrown and hinders cycle travel. Please could trimming be undertaken. Many thanks.

10 months ago 9 days ago
open 351126 Harry Wood

Came across this because we've had a photo of it on the OSM wiki for a long time. It has been used as an example of "mall" on one proposal. Incorrectly really. I would actually call this a "retail park", not a mall.

Anyway for the tagging, one thing which definitely seems wrong, is repeating the same tags across all the different buildings. Just as with schools and hospitals which have lots of buildings, we should have an outer area, perhaps including the car-parks, with some of the tags on it.

I think I would do it as an outer way with: landuse=retail + name=Dalton Park + website= (and yeah maybe not shop=mall ... not sure) Then just building=yes on the inside ways.

What d'you think?

13 days ago 13 days ago
open 290766 SK53

New housing here, seen but not surveyed. Side road runs off Flewitt Gardens to E approx opp. 31

4 months ago 13 days ago

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