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closed 578080 SK53

Name change, now a Polish convenience store.

about 2 months ago 15 days ago
open 610244

There should be buildings here: this area was built 3-ish years ago. There should also be buildings in the next square to the left, and new flats have been built along Drake Way. There are currently new developments being built to the north as well (so this may need updating again soon).

23 days ago 16 days ago
open 102607 SK53

Site for new Waitrose planning permission granted 2013:

over 2 years ago 16 days ago
open 619490 SK53

Is there a twitchell through to Dale Ave. here?

16 days ago 16 days ago
open 619487 SK53

To be replaced by micropub

16 days ago 16 days ago
closed 576195 SK53

Cosy Cafe here (not sure if it replaces Liberty Flights

about 2 months ago 17 days ago
closed 435856 SK53

There are two railway stations mapped here, one located at the ticket office & the other on a railway line. When I last passed through here (2012) there was only one and it was called Bolton. I believe that Bolton Interchange refers to the combined Bus/Rail intermodal site, not the railway station, but this needs re-checking.

10 months ago 19 days ago
open 615795 SK53

I think this building is The Salving House (FRCC hut). Not sure that the northerly building is the right shape.

19 days ago 19 days ago
open 613290 SK53

According to the list on Wikipedia Fenit Within is in the Civil Parish of Fenit, but the Memorial Atlas only shows Fenit Without in that parish. Will need checking against other sources.

21 days ago 21 days ago
open 612748 SK53

Barony & Townland Boundaries as mapped are not co-incident. Is this correct?

21 days ago 21 days ago

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