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closed 357487 lxbarth

Needs survey. I received this feedback from a a Mapbox user:

"Union Terrace begins where I've placed the marker. It runs from the marker down to the High Street.

Park Street continues from its junction with Bowden Hill along passed Everleigh Flats to the marker.

Please replace 'Union Ter' with 'Park St' in the section between Bowden Hill and where I've put the marker. Thank you."

19 days ago 19 days ago
closed 357160

Victoria Station

20 days ago 20 days ago
closed 357159

Buckingham Palace

20 days ago 20 days ago
closed 357158

The Mall

20 days ago 20 days ago
closed 357157

This is Trafalgar square, full of pigeons and Tourist. get a picture sat on the Lions!!!!

20 days ago 20 days ago
closed 357156

Horse Guards here you will get the pictures stood next to the Horses and walking underneath the archway you can stand next to the Soldier.

20 days ago 20 days ago
closed 357154

Downing Street you will also see the Cenotaph

20 days ago 20 days ago
closed 357153

Westminster, see Houses of Parliament and London Eye across the River.

20 days ago 20 days ago
open 350516 SK53

Pretty sure this has lost it's signage and is no longer an RBS branch. The ATM is still there on Hucknall Road side.

about 1 month ago 20 days ago
closed 299844

On the cycle map, srtm elevation data is shifted to the east by approximately 1km relative to osm data. Good to see for the river Marsyangdi, flowing from hill top to hill top ;-)

4 months ago 22 days ago

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