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open 1082171 SK53

The is probably a plant nursery rather than allotments Phil Corbett used to be based here (see note on Newton's Lane)

23 days ago 11 days ago
open 1097996 SK53

OS Green Space has this area as allotments. Looks plausible from Bing.

11 days ago 11 days ago
closed 555034 SK53

These roads are an island of secondaries without refs. Do they justify this status.

over 1 year ago 11 days ago
open 1096564 SK53

Think this used to be (may still be) a country house hotel.

12 days ago 12 days ago
closed 917880 SK53

Set for closure

6 months ago 12 days ago
closed 732760

Awsworth Road is closed to all traffic between 12 Sep 2016 and 10 Mar 2017 for replacement of the railway bridge.

11 months ago 13 days ago
open 1084965 SK53

Fairly extensive development of new houses here (Old School Lane)

21 days ago 13 days ago
open 1094760 SK53

This area of scrub/woodland MAY be Kimberley Green. There is a Notts CC signpost more or less where this note is located but very little about it on the web.

13 days ago 13 days ago
closed 1094143

At 200m scale it still says North Road, higher magnifications say the correct Cutting Road - very odd?

14 days ago 14 days ago
open 1093132 SK53

Seems to have dropped out of FHRS ratings: was closed when I passed but looks a bit more like an e-cigarette place.

15 days ago 14 days ago

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