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open 185666 SK53

Baldenweger Buck is a decent quality metalled road. I think this should be highway=service as far as the hut.

25 days ago 1 day ago
open 197283 SK53

Jongleurs looks moribund, and their website gives location as Oceana. Currently a new licence application posted on door, so perhaps something else will appear.

2 days ago 2 days ago
closed 8853 SK53

Dorothy Perkins seems to have got misplaced (presumably from next to Burtons

about 1 year ago 3 days ago
open 196337 SK53

Another PRoW exists connecting Church Road with the path at E end of wood. This runs more or less E-W in the wood.

4 days ago 4 days ago
open 196336 SK53

A PRoW runs from the B482 (from memory at edge of wood), more or less along the E edge of this woodland until it joins the lane which passes Bluey's Farm.

4 days ago 4 days ago
closed 194408 RogueRider

The turn from Hatchlands Road (from Redhill) to Hatchlands Roard (to Reigate) is treated as a straight on where as it should be a left turn.

Confirmed using Navigator for Android which uses OpenStreetMap data.

7 days ago 7 days ago
open 194404 SK53

On the ground signage suggests that this track is Rufenlochweg & that Emil-Thoma-Weg is name of hiking route which uses this track.

7 days ago 7 days ago
open 9399 SK53

Tram construction in this area (pile driving at end of April)

about 1 year ago 7 days ago
open 194018 SomeoneElse

The spelling (of "CooP" rather than "Co-Op") here seems unlikely.

8 days ago 8 days ago
open 135095 SK53

Another pub/hotel existed around here in 1998

4 months ago 13 days ago

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