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closed 181449 Rub21

Location of Free Magyar Reformed Church seems off

over 2 years ago 16 days ago
closed 340719 Rub21

Can someone verify if this road is Fort Hill Circle or Fort Hill Place, and then verify the tag : addr:street of buildings around this road?

over 1 year ago about 2 months ago
closed 444336 Rub21

does exist roads here?

about 1 year ago 2 months ago
closed 525950 Rub21

Could someone check out if this road is connecting to other road?

9 months ago 2 months ago
open 713587 Rub21

Could anyone fix the landuse=residential? it is broken

3 months ago 3 months ago
closed 604432 Rub21

Is this stadium covering all residential areas ? could anyone verify?

5 months ago 3 months ago
closed 521534 Rub21

pls, could someone check the connection here?

9 months ago 4 months ago
open 612101 Rub21

anyone can check this wrong intersection?

5 months ago 5 months ago
closed 462980 Rub21

Esta calles cruza de esta forma, podria alguien verificarlo?

about 1 year ago 6 months ago
open 559767 Rub21

does someone know if this road is in construction?

7 months ago 7 months ago

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