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New Telenav Mapping Project: Dual Carriageways about 2 hours ago

Sadly the most painful part of this is if these roads are part of relations. If a dozen bus routes are linked to a single stretch it is a complete pain to even try to fix the relations. I know at times I have just given up.

Hello Community 12 days ago

For the rendering on you should look at not the mapnik one above they are not the same thing at all.

6000 EUR for OpenStreetMap about 1 month ago

Ummh, it sounds a bit dodgy to me, why not just pay it directly to OSMF? Money going into FOSSGIS pot I imagine is funding and the fossgis project.

6000 EUR for OpenStreetMap about 2 months ago

Hold on, is the money generated going towards osm? I can only see it going to another organisation fossgis

OSM issues apparently ? about 2 months ago

It is probably best to look at the uk guidelines

OSM issues apparently ? about 2 months ago

You seem to be confusing OSM "standards" and what the HA, OS or Sabre say they are.

Often these are the same but infact they are different. We are not the HA, OS or SABRE.

The general rule for the UK is that the Green sign is Trunk for A roads and A roads without it is not. As I am sure you are aware that is the case for these roads.

Hence why others have changed it since changed them.

Maybe this can be opened up with the wider UK community on the UK mailing list where it can be discussed further but the system we use has been established for many years.

OSM issues apparently ? about 2 months ago

For splitting ways if there is a change in type, speed limits, etc then you can change it. I am not sure what other reasons you want to change them just so something that appears on the map.

Oh please don't change the classification of the street unless you have done some research.

I noticed that you seem to have changed roads around here:

Trunk roads are A roads by signposted by the green signs. Primaries are A roads without green signs.

The Mapbox OpenStreetMap Data Team Guidelines 4 months ago

Excellent stuff. Many of us do appropriate your efforts in the mapping with your the data team.

One tiny thing could you explictly say they are from mapbox and controling user for ediyes import account. Looks like that one got missed.

Survey = "No freaking way" or Mapping parts of the world no-one else wants to map, Part 2: HMP Sudbury, Derbyshire, UK 5 months ago

Well...I think my rather tongue in cheek points still stand. Obviously there are some/many prisons mapped however I imagine few are be richly mapped. Even in those examples of well mapped ones there is no addresses, contact, many missing features, duplicate prison tags, etc.

The Missing Mappers Problem? 7 months ago

Nice graphs.

However do not think this is bad at all.

You seem to have users with >500 changes = 490 (probably could reduce this for bots,imports, etc you found) and only 49 people have dropped out (with the bots, imports removed). Percentage wise that is really low about 10%. As as others have pointed out some are from Europe and are still continuing but not in the US e.g. as above and randomly checking a couple of them , there is at least another bot in there too ( So it could be lower still maybe overall 8% or something. That I think is pretty good.

It will never be zero.

Obviously you would like it to be people move on to different things in the life and not contribute. (I am sure we have all done than on things in the past). Others sadly will get ill (or worse) and cannot continue contributing.

As long as the the numbers of contributors increases more than others drop out it will keep getting better.

how a bad query can get you working for 2 days 7 months ago

Well I am not surprised as you seem to want to download half the database via the API.

The best solution for you is likely to be: Download the planet files for Europe (or whatever regions you need) Convert the whole thing into PSQL via osm2pgsql Do SQL queries on that data locally.

SFSU Campus Mapping 11 months ago

Yeah JOSM all the way. iD is an entry level/newbie tool.

East Grinstead 11 months ago

What problems do you have?

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike 11 months ago

Surely your entry can be summed up as I/we are not making enough money of other people's data therefore you need to open up the data more. I, for one, will not be crying a freaking river about that.

Just finished to import a city - Before and After pictures 11 months ago

Excellent work. I imagine the neighbouring towns/village can be done next.

Although beware posting publicly on imports as you the face the wrath of the vocal anti-import brigade.

The wrong side of mapping transient events in OSM 11 months ago

The irony of this is the Twitter post that ' reported' this was actually a tweet about how good osm is because this had been mapped.

OpenStreetMap UK: what should we do this year? about 1 year ago

I think we should add things the the general population find most useful.

Although I am not a great adder of shops I think these are very useful to most users of the map.

Shopping centres are a great example of this. These are in general really poorly mapped and these are places that millions of people visit.

This can be for many reasons, the lack of meaningful rendering/displaying the info for the multiple levels that the shops reside on on, and the perceived boring nature of this and ironically (given my stance) one of the few areas where it could be argued that lack of female diversity is more apparent.

In my opinion that shops are more useful that on off chance that someone needs the address & postcode info for 52 Festive Road.

Some see no usefulness in mapping just buildings but I think they are useful guides, it tells you that a building is there!

Poor man's rendering about 1 year ago

Slowly things are getting added/changed to the main map Join in and add specific example you want added. but please don't add wrong info like you are.

Mapping parts of the world no-one else wants to map, Part 1: Hanger Lane, London over 1 year ago

Maybe so but no-one would come. ;-)

Anyone going to SoTM from Derby? over 1 year ago

Hi mate,

I had/have no plans on going but as you are going I'll know someone so I might.

I'll let you know.