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closed 405985 Rostranimin

I think that the parallel footway and pedestrianised way here need tidied up - photographs suggest the footway should turn to link to Clyde Place - also that if we need both mapped (there's a hedge thing between two paths on the ground) they might really be the other way around (pedestrianised way to the north of the path). Also there are missing connections between the path and Clyde Place.

over 2 years ago 15 days ago
closed 201016 Rostranimin

National Cycle Network 78 is now signed south of this point.

almost 4 years ago about 1 month ago
closed 7038 Rostranimin

National Cycle Network - this section is now complete and needs to be added to OSM

almost 5 years ago about 1 month ago
closed 325997 Rostranimin

National Cycle Network mapping here may be incorrect. See sustrans map which shows route away from the road at this point:

about 3 years ago about 2 months ago
closed 456064 Rostranimin

National Cycle Network route 78 is mapped using two separate relations, which generally go north and/or south from this point. But the split between the relations is untidy and confused.

over 2 years ago about 2 months ago
open 745717

Edinburgh airport's terminal expansion is not shown.

over 1 year ago 2 months ago
open 605210 jaguarviajero

This part of the map is out of date. It does not show the segregated bus lanes.

almost 2 years ago 2 months ago
open 399640 grantTokenLogic

Major construction currently underway to widen the road / add bus lanes and add a much bigger bus stanza at Govan Meryland St.

Map may need updated on completion.

almost 3 years ago 2 months ago
closed 787130

Does anyone know where this cycle path is going to end up when the new bridge is opened?

over 1 year ago 2 months ago
open 364302 Rostranimin

Construction work for bridge is underway (obvious!). Changes in roads expected 2015, 2016? Detailed plans for new roads are at:

almost 3 years ago 3 months ago

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