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open 638337 Rostranimin

I believe that there's the ongoing development of a new path link here (unmapped) linking Moray Park Terrace to Lochend Butterfly Way (see discussion ).

1 day ago 1 day ago
closed 245184 Rostranimin

Cycle lanes - looks to me that the cycle lanes need to be recorded for the south carriageway here. Google Streetview shows them continuing on both sides of the road to just west of the station.

almost 2 years ago 1 day ago
open 571609 Stephan Matthiesen

These bike racks are being replaced with 2-level racks and much more capacity - installation still ongoing, should be updated when finished.

2 months ago 10 days ago
open 192696 thebikestrain

Is there a reason the new section of trail is named differently to the rest of the "Loch Leven Heritage Trail"?

about 2 years ago 12 days ago
closed 212159 Rostranimin

National Cycle Network 1 should now be along loch side here.

almost 2 years ago 13 days ago
closed 212153 Rostranimin

National Cycle Network 1 should not now use this road here.

almost 2 years ago 13 days ago
closed 515194 sairfeet

A significant part of this Edinburgh University construction site has now been completed including the 3 buildings facing Holyrood Road and various footpaths through the site. Some of the building geometries are quite complex.

5 months ago 13 days ago
closed 409286 Rostranimin

Nothing tagged as 'railway = station' at Oban station.

12 months ago 16 days ago
closed 469732 Rostranimin

Is there a footway connecting from the central path to the road end as with the other road ends? Can't be seen on Bing imagery.

8 months ago 17 days ago
closed 361449


about 1 year ago 17 days ago

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