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open 433932 Robert Whittaker

I cycled past here today, and there was some sort of fenced-off area with seating and an information board here. Needs mapping in more detail.

21 days ago 13 days ago
closed 323803 Robert Whittaker

The local paper says construction on a new skate park has started. I think it's somewhere around here.

7 months ago 21 days ago
closed 333542 Robert Whittaker

How does Sustrans Cycle Route 30 get to and cross the A143 here to join up with the route at the Black Swan? (See the OpenCycleMap layer.)

7 months ago 22 days ago
closed 328312 Robert Whittaker

Is there a pedestrian and/or cycle crossing of the A143 here, to join the two branches of Green Lane?

(It looks like there might be from Bing, and I can't see where else a Sustrans route signed along Chandler's Lane could go.)

7 months ago 22 days ago
closed 412476 Robert Whittaker

I noticed some new cycle route signs along Newmarket Road this morning. They're stickers with white bicycles and arrows on a blue background, and in place of a colour/number patch, have a black silhouette (possibly a head) in a white circle.

Does anyone know what this route is, and whether it should be mapped in OSM?

about 2 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 211721

Incorrect speed limit. Reported speed limit is 70 km/h

about 1 year ago 3 months ago
open 391940 Robert Whittaker

Should this Tesco Store be a "Tesco Express", rather than a "Tesco Extra" (as it's currently tagged)?

3 months ago 3 months ago
open 386420 Robert Whittaker

Check on progress of construction site here.

3 months ago 3 months ago
closed 254057 Robert Whittaker

HA update on A11 works says: "B1106 Full closure of the B1106/old A11 junction (Elveden cross-roads) 8pm to 6am on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd October, for the surfacing of the new junction alignment."

So we might like to re-survey the junction after that date to see what's been changed.

12 months ago 3 months ago
open 323936 Robert Whittaker

New bus station due to open here on Sunday 1st March. It will need a survey, the old bus station needs removing, and bus routes will need updating.

7 months ago 3 months ago

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