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open 259455 Robert Whittaker

Check on opening of new underpass here, and also new Public Bridleway linking it to Shakers Road via Weather Heath. Opening expected early November 2014.

about 8 hours ago about 8 hours ago
open 259122 Robert Whittaker

C616 end here not yet in final configuration, and connection with new path to underpass not complete. Check back later to complete mapping of this.

about 14 hours ago about 14 hours ago
closed 226616 Robert Whittaker

Check on opening of B1112 underpass here. (Was due to be 2014-8-24, but HA email says it's been delayed by about a week.)

2 months ago about 14 hours ago
open 254057 Robert Whittaker

HA update on A11 works says: "B1106 Full closure of the B1106/old A11 junction (Elveden cross-roads) 8pm to 6am on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd October, for the surfacing of the new junction alignment."

So we might like to re-survey the junction after that date to see what's been changed.

14 days ago 14 days ago
open 129020 Robert Whittaker

Check bus routes to/from the station. The citi8 bus I travelled to the station on left along Station Place, not Station Road.

8 months ago 16 days ago
open 251894 Robert Whittaker

Is this the post box pictured in ? If so it could do with royal_cypher=EVIIIR adding.

18 days ago 18 days ago
closed 250020 Robert Whittaker

According to a new footpath linking Oaks Lane and the P&R is now open.

21 days ago 18 days ago
closed 160705 Robert Whittaker

New Lidl store under construction somewhere around here.

6 months ago 21 days ago
closed 175610 Robert Whittaker

Survey needed here to align amenity nodes with buildings visible on Bing. Currently the nodes are located in the middle of a car park.

5 months ago 25 days ago
open 246353 Robert Whittaker

According to , the new cycle path here (currently tagged as proposed on OSM) is now open.

It would probably benefit from an on-the-ground survey to capture and changes that might have been made to the original to the proposals.

29 days ago 29 days ago

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