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closed 130166 Richard

Now two-way for cyclists:

5 months ago 11 days ago
open 202011 Richard

Work underway on constructing this section of cycle route AIUI.

13 days ago 13 days ago
open 202005 Richard

I think NCN 63 has been moved away from this interim route.

13 days ago 13 days ago
open 202003 Richard

There's a new golf course being constructed here, which will have a cycle route across it as the missing link in NCN 63. Due to open this summer (2014).

13 days ago 13 days ago
open 186497 Richard

This is tagged as motorroad=yes, bicycle=no, but has NCN and ICN route relations on it. That doesn't sound right!

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago
open 182391 Richard

Since this is a cycle route, it ought to have a bicycle=yes tag (and a surface tag would be nice too...)

about 2 months ago about 2 months ago
open 170523 Richard

More railway to do either side here

2 months ago 2 months ago
open 169822 Richard

This is being upgraded to become a cycleway

2 months ago 2 months ago
open 169810 Richard

NCN 46 needs surveying here to find out which way it goes through Bromsgrove

2 months ago 2 months ago
open 168463 Richard

Missing ROWs near here

3 months ago 3 months ago

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