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I had no idea this was so additive! 3 months ago

If there is some empty space (grass, ditch, etc..) between road and the forest then do not connect the nodes of road and forest area. If the forest ends directly at the road, then you may connect the nodes.

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Someone broke OpenStreetMap again 6 months ago

Seems to be ok now. I would guess it was just someones mapping accident, not an intended vandalism.

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highway=bus_stop - Mappen für den Renderer 9 months ago

After multiple pages of monologue, some dialogue and smileys you have found out that: * public_transport wiki page needs serious rewriting and improving. * highway=bus_stop/railway=station/etc are easy to use by newcomers for simple stations. * public_transport schema is needed for more complex stations.

Reality is that newcomers mostly use presets for tagging. So it would not matter if a simple bus stop is represented by highway=bus_stop or public_transport=stop_position + bus=yes.

For simple stations or not completly mapped complex stations those two tags are already enough to define a station. So only 1 extra tag to define a station on the same detail as previously (not 5).

//That small thing called rewriting of wiki page remains: Currently there is a lot of hard to read copy-paste text, missing examples, redundant network key (already defined by bus/train/etc. relations)

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