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Improving the OSM map - Why don't we? [3] 11 months ago

Some information about Czech Geodetic Points (there is czech and english version of text) can be also found at Can you recommend me how to better tag these points?

Improving the OSM map - Why don't we? [3] 11 months ago

This is an official triangular point. It´code is the number 1417-32. Detailed information about this point can be found at the CUZK (Czech State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre) website. As its coordinates are very exactly known, it is ideal point for for aligning the BING orthophoto maps to the OSM data, if it is visible (this is the case). Of course, this point don't need to be displayed on a map, but for drawing map it is very useful. In this case, physicaly it is a special stone and an iron pole with a concrete ring around it to protect it. CUZK in english: The point:

Note: coordinates on CUZK are not in WGS, but JTSK also called as "Křovák". WIKI: