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closed 200347 Polyglot

Where is this bus stop exactly, this is a situation where connecting it to a stop_position would be very useful

5 months ago 9 days ago
closed 129272 Polyglot

FKPnw position of node 157 needs verification

9 months ago 10 days ago
open 271427 Polyglot

Which buses can be taken where exactly? So many bus stops, but it's hard to figure out which stop goes where. I would be very glad if somebody could send me some pictures of the signs on the poles

12 days ago 12 days ago
open 267454 Polyglot

The tram stops were separated from the bus stops a bit further north east, but are they in the correct locations now?

21 days ago 21 days ago
open 267182 Polyglot

Ooiendonk 5-19 needs to be surveyed

21 days ago 21 days ago
open 267179 Polyglot

I surveyed Mathildegang in March 2014. CRAB doesn't agree though with my findings, it will have to be resurveyd for housenumbers

21 days ago 21 days ago
closed 264981 Polyglot

18 32 6 6 32 18

26 days ago 25 days ago
closed 240310 Polyglot

Is the oneway direction of these ways correct? The sequence of the bus stops suggests otherwise

3 months ago 26 days ago
open 263941 Polyglot

Can bicycles go against oneway traffic here? If not adapt cycle route relations, if so add oneway:bicycle no on the highways

29 days ago 29 days ago
open 263153 Polyglot

housenumber 128 needs resurveying

30 days ago 30 days ago

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