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GORDON'S ALIVE about 2 months ago

Frederik Ramm is on his way to add support for undelete in JOSM. He changed something to the API already during the latest Karlsruhe hackweekend.

I'm a complete JOSM convert now, but at some point I was using both Potlatch1/2 and JOSM alternatingly. Glad to see it got some improvements.


What is the OpenStreetMap convention? Do we tag addresses on buildings or on separate nodes? about 1 year ago

Or an Address relation containing the building, an entrance=main node at the front door and a node where the mailbox is located? I almost forgot to add the parcel to it.

Everybody happy!

Polyglot (who would also be in favour of a node per address, but does it go inside the building outline, or as a node of the building outline where the front door is?)

Daten für Cusco Peru almost 4 years ago

Ich habe vor 2 Jahren viel daten 'surveyed' für Cusco,Urubamba,Quillabamba und Santa Teresa. Leider nur ein Jahr nachher eingetragen. Viele Strassen haben jetzt Namen und es sind sogar welche Hausnummern eingetragen von mir!

Viel Spass, ich werde leider nicht schnell neu ins Peru gehen.


JOSM is driving me crazy about 4 years ago

Yep, that was the culprit. Many thanks for your help!!!