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Transcontinental highway interconnecting Brazil to Germany about 1 month ago

The changeset is also in Dutch, but I guess you can use the actual road network to get from Germany to The Netherlands :-)

Mapping bus route in Ayacucho - PerĂº 2 months ago

I added the platforms to the routes. There is a new rendering of Public Transport routes based on Overpass API, so always up to date:



Mapping bus route in Ayacucho - PerĂº 2 months ago


This is wonderful! During the previous Google Summer of Code, we created a plugin to help with mapping public transport. So I opened JOSM, drew a bounding box around Ayacucho and downloaded all the data using Download from Overpass API with the following query:

[out:xml][timeout:25][bbox:{{bbox}}]; ( node["public_transport"="stop_position"]; node["public_transport"="platform"]; relation["route"="bus"]; ); (._;>;); out meta;

Then I added public_transport:version=2 to all the bus route relations.

With the PT_Assistant plugin installed, validation will produce a result showing all the 'issues'. Most relations were upside down, meaning that many times a problem with going against the flow of oneway traffic was reported. I fixed all those.

There was 1 route where both directions were in 1 route relation, so I split that one.

I hope I didn't introduce any errors, local survey will, of course always be necessary. I think the tool may help you save some time and if you use it regularly, you know all the relations are always continuous from start to end. Once you start adding platform nodes, you will also be able to verify that the sequence order makes sense (for the relation shown in the active foreground relation editor window).


Short history of name editing in MAPS.ME 5 months ago

I think it makes sense to keep name: even when it's the same as name. It enables one to know which language(s) the name field is in. At some point there have been proposals to indicate which language the name field holds, but those never broke through. Discarding name: seems counterproductive. A few years ago I would have tried to 'conserve' memory, but I've long since given up on that.


Short history of name editing in MAPS.ME 5 months ago

Initially I didn't like duplication between name and one/some of the local languages either, but since there still no better solution for indicating the language(s) of the main name tag, I think it's the only sensible option. Especially in multilingual countries (which are most, even the US is not exclusively English speaking).

Anyway, thanks for being responsive to our comments/criticisms. We're a bunch that's hard to please :-)


Tell me about your username 6 months ago

I chose Polyglot when I started editing on Wiktionary, which I did for a few years, until I discovered that improving OpenStreetMap is a lot more fun than fighting vandalism on WikiMedia sites. The username stuck somehow. I'm still very interested in Wikidata and Wikivoyage and combining those Opendata projects with one another.

Pokemon Go ==> OSM Go (EN) 8 months ago

I've been thinking about this myself. The best I could come up with, is to distribute flyers promoting OSM to the players, as they all have good smartphones with GPS. Tell them about Mapillary, OSMand and Maps.ME.

Creating a gamelike experience would take a lot of effort. The first thing I would provide, is the possibility for people to indicate their mode of transport. This may help a lot with mapping PT routes.

Our stops could be bus stops and POIs. Add opening hours: 50 points. Verify them a few months later: 100 points.

We would need a separate intermediate DB though to store all that source data and metadata like how often has something been checked.

And then a way to make this available to JOSM and iD users.

I have no idea how one would be able to gain the kind of enthusiasm Pokemon Go gets, while doing something as useful as generating such source data for the rest of us to use.


Public Transport Plugin 8 months ago

The reason why we didn't emphasize this resorting of stops is that there was already a plugin for PT which does add the stops, starting from the ways itinerary in the route relation. I'm going to download Managua and see if that works as a workaround. It would involve removing all the stops and I have no idea if it would even work with the stop_position nodes. That other plugin was coded a long time ago. Let's see if we can still include that functionality in this plugin as well.

The basic idea was to start from an ordered list of stops though, as that is what I'm usually doing, so it's more 'import' geared than the other way around.


Public Transport Plugin 9 months ago

Hi Stephen,

Are you working with version 23623? I still need to test with that one, but I also found an inconsistency, when stop_position nodes have the highway=bus_stop tag. I mentioned that this morning, so it could be solved in the latest version. It's still work in progress.

About the first comment. For the first and last ways, I think it makes sense to split them on the stop_position node, as the part before, in case of the first stop, and the part after, in case of the terminal stop, aren't part of the routes.

Checking whether the order of the stops is plausible, wasn't implemented yet.


Public Transport Plugin 9 months ago

Oh, that is very interesting indeed! Thanks for that tip. I'll probably work it into the diary entry.


Belgische Mapper van de Maand: Stijn Rombauts 11 months ago

Wat de busroutes betreft. Vanavond wordt bekendgemaakt welke student een oplossing mag helpen coderen in het kader van GSoC 2016; een JOSM-plugin die ervoor moet gaan zorgen dat het mappen van bus- en tramlijnen voor iedereen toegankelijk wordt en dat het eenvoudiger wordt om deze up-to-date te houden.

Ik was daar al een tijdje aan bezig, maar dan in Python, wat het minder toegankelijk maakt voor de 'modale' JOSM-gebruiker.

Binnen een maand of 2 zouden de eerste resultaten te zien moeten zijn.


National Missing Maps mapathon 11 months ago

Oh look, there is a brand new project for Swaziland:

For those mappers who already start to suffer from withdrawal :-)


National Missing Maps mapathon 11 months ago

I guess that's what happens when you give students of cartography a new toy to play with :-)

I agree that it was a big success. Personally I didn't make many pictures. I was busy enough presenting and helping people out. Since I don't know iD, I taught them JOSM right away. Getting started takes a bit longer that way, but I think it's worth it. I really have to get those instructions done by next time though...


Mapillary 12 months ago

Hi Philippe,

By not following the wiki, you make life harder for other people who do. Glueing together 2 strings is a trivial thing to do in most programming languages. Now, if people use 2 incompatible formats, you'll have to add logic to figure out whether the url is already complete, or not.

In the wikipedia key we also don't add the full url, neither in wikidata.

Can you elaborate on why this makes things more difficult for you?


Welcome to the new Missing Maps about 1 year ago

I'm glad to see that Missing Maps is expanding our community here in Belgium. Organise a mapping party and you get 8-15 people. Organise a Mapathon and you get 30+

It's great to see all these people learn about Openstreetmap. It's also great to see so many activities being organised lately. And not only to go and map remotely. We recently had one focusing on facilities for homeless people in Brussels, incorporating data that would otherwise have remained in isolation.

I see what we do remotely as a first step for local groups to build upon and this really works, maybe at a smaller scale than would be desirable (the local mapping happening over there), but at least it's set in motion.


Setting up JOSM about 1 year ago

I should probably do it once more and this time record sound as well, while at the same time staying more to the point.

Good to know OAuth is already in josm-tested. Now it's not needed anymore to store the password locally.


Belgian Mapper of the Month: Polyglot about 1 year ago

I'll have to update that map. The itinerary of bus 337 changed on the 1st of January. I already updated it in the OSM data, of course, but it's not reflected in that map at the moment. Ad also created more artwork in the mean time.

This job is never done :-)


Belgian Mapper of the Month: Polyglot about 1 year ago

There are 2 PT plugins at the moment. I haven't investigated the second one yet, but the functionality I implemented needs the scripting plugin, as it's coded in Python:


My christmas gift for the OSM Community - JOSM Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet 300 DPI about 1 year ago

I didn't know about '8' to go back to previous zoom view. That will be really useful in combination with the todo plugin. Sometimes my fingers are faster than my brain and I already used ']' on an element that still needed something done to it (Usually a building that wasn't made with 90 degree corners).

You might want to add ]. That todo list can be quite useful.

I'm also using 'b' all the time, as well as Ctrl-h and Ctrl-Shift-H for history.

Shift-J for making 1 area out of overlapping areas.

Shift-I for adding nodes where ways intersect. The new nodes are then selected, to add ford=yes or railway=level_crossing f.e.

Ctrl-Shift-G is replace geometry. At some point I had mapped that to 't'

Alt-Shift-J extracts a node, mostly important if you care about preserving history of the objects.

Shift-R repeats the tags from the previously selected object, replacing existing ones, keeping the old values for the ones the previous object didn't have.

Ctrl-Shift-E selects all connected ways.

Shift-P Parallel line mode. Interesting for drawing parallel rail tracks, dual carriage ways and islands on roundabouts...

Alt- with a number toggles visibility of layers, which can be handy when working with different background layers

With Mapillary plugin installed: Shift+Comma enables the layer. I tend to keep it in semi-automatic mode, in manual mode Shift-Period will download pictures for the current viewport.


Belgian Mapper of the Month: Escada over 1 year ago

In the mean time my focus moved over to bus routes (since the stops are all in now) and Mapillary, obviously.

This really shows how helping beginning users to get started is a great investment in building the community as well as the map. I should try to do it more often... Of course it doesn't happen each and every time the "apprentices" become wizards themselves, but that's all right.

It's really great to see how Marc improves the lanes mapping, removing the wrongly tagged ones. Some mappers seem to be convinced all lanes need to be mapped as individual ways. I do it too, when I already modify the way for other reasons.

What is also great is the help he was able to provide in setting up a PostGIS database and querying it to help out with the PT related data. That kind of peer review and assistance is invaluable. Especially, as I'm just an amateur with an interest :-)

If Marc had come in a year or so earlier, he would probably have found me mapping and reviewing cycle node networks. I guess the experience built up doing that, helped a lot to explain him how to map the walking node networks that were starting to be rolled out back then.