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I am looking library to access OSM data from Visual Studio or Android over 1 year ago

OsmAnd ( - Android) has had the ability to announce street names and road numbers since version 1.5, so that might be worth a look.

OpenStreetMap UK: what should we do this year? over 1 year ago

My choice would be filling in missing speed limits for the major road network, as can be seen from this useful ITO! Map.

Complex Bus Routes almost 2 years ago

I don't get the need to do separate bus route relations per variation of route. What are these being put into OSM for? To visualise where buses go? To be able to correlate a timetable of a particular route at a given time with the route itself? If OSM has sufficient information for bus access permissions then automatic routing could be used to do all this, combined with the NaPTAN stop information. Are there really enough people with enthusiasm to keep such route variations up to date several times a year?

OSM now supports z19 almost 2 years ago

I was pleased to notice that today also. It results in names being displayed beside what were previously only icons and some of the highly detailed areas now become more visible / understandable.

Fed up with abbreviations in tags almost 2 years ago

asl = Advanced Stop Line office=IT, addr:country=IT, typo for lit? Who knows. The clue is likely in the key name. ngo = Non-Government Organisation

Top 5 tips to start your business almost 2 years ago

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dasdasdasdas about 2 years ago

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Doing an A-road as a relation about 2 years ago

What about two A-roads that share a roundabout? ref=A1;A2 on the roundabout or separate relations for the references?

It is somewhat easier to visualise a relation online than the aggregation of highway ways within a bounding box with a certain tag.

Making OSM data mor compact about 2 years ago

Does the farmland and meadow actually meet and overlap the track though? Doesn’t merging nodes obscure the separation of ways useful for later editing selections?

curious stuff over 2 years ago

The postman must hate Monteith Row over 2 years ago

Perhaps residents swapped homes on the same street and kept their house numbers to avoid needing to notify everyone of their change of address, except the postman. Perhaps homes 53 and 55 were merged into a single property. Or perhaps someone switched the house number numbers around for a prank.

Christmas Lights over 2 years ago

Happy Spammy Christmas

New in Open Street Map over 2 years ago


1,074,201 things to do for OpenStreetMap, literally. almost 3 years ago

There seems to be a large number of highlighted segments that are attached to highway=service closed-ways with area=yes. The routing does not seem able to use highway=track, tracktype=grade1.

Update OpenStreetMap's OS Street View instance almost 3 years ago

Thank you for this wonderfully helpful advance.

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The good boundary highlighting of Google maps almost 3 years ago

Wait for it and you’ll get the usual response that the OSM map is purely for demonstration and for checking what has been mapped. Except there does need to be a site to demonstrate what can be done with OSM, comparable to Google Maps, and it may as well be done on the main OSM site where everyone goes expecting just that.

Housenumbering... almost 3 years ago

I’ve always thought that “associatedStreet” was a poor choice of relation type name, since the relation also represents the addresses associated with a street. Since there should also be parsing for type=street it seems better to use the shorter name with the associated smaller risk of spelling error.