OSM on the french/german TV channel "ARTE"

Posted by Pieren on 13 June 2012 in English (English)

Yesterday evening, audience doubled after the broadcast of the TV program "Le dessous des cartes" on ARTE channel ("Mit offenen Karten" in the German version). The short program (11') was about "Cartography 2.0" and after a first half introducing the subject, a good second half spoke about OSM and its competitors. Short but very positive for us. The video is visible on the net for a while (probably in French and German, check that out). Wheelmap and Haiti mentionned as examples.,broadcastingNum=1350129,day=4,week=24,year=2012.html

Comment from anon4mj427zg on 13 June 2012 at 23:49

Thanks for sharing! Interesting show.

For all people who like to avoid flash (like me): Direct links for players (e.g. for playing and saving in vlc player - hit Ctrl+N). I hope there are no session IDs included which get invalid after some time. Those are H264+AAC streams.

  • [German 75.6 MiB](rtmp://
  • [French 75.8 MiB](rtmp://
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