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Initial activity and retention of first-time HOT contributors 4 months ago

@deskstop The main objective of the Activations is not to bring in new HOT contributors and assure their progress. This is to respond to an emergency. But these events are surely very motivating and bring in a lot of new contributors. Many organisations, universities, OSM local communities and Missing Maps, etc take the opportunity of the media coverage about such events to invite people to their mapathon. If a local OSM community or Missing Maps has success retaining contributors participating to such events, should we say that HOT lost this participation?

This is a biased analysis to consider only specific HOT activities to evaluate retention of OSM mappers.

Adding to that, your sample size and time span are too short to conclude anything.

Initial activity and retention of first-time HOT contributors 4 months ago

Is your retention measure vs OSM activity in general or HOT specific tasks you determine? I suspect that you measure the total OSM activity. Otherwise, I would also consider this as a biased measure of the OSM retention.

Your MM sample is too small and the time span too short to conclude at this point about the trajectory of the contributors. Yes it would be interesting to measure over longer periods. Measure of retentions up to 6 - 9 months would help to analyze further the trajectories of contributors.

It would be interesting to compare the trajectory of contributors that participate to periodic meetings with others, to see if they have the same mapping profile, how their volume of objects edited progress.