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OS OpenData Street View in JOSM over 7 years ago

WMS method:
I've also had problems a number of times with using WMS layers in JOSM. Have you tried using other WMS layers and seeing whether you have the same problem with those, or are you just having problems with the OS StreetView WMS?

Sometimes I've found after waiting a while I still have a black screen, or I have 'Exception occurred' red tiles. When this happens I delete the WMS from the layers panel (at the top right) in JOSM, and reload it - it often seems to work the second time. I usually adjust my position on the map and zoom level before reloading it - but I'm not sure that is necessary.

SlippyMap method:
I've not really found any problems with this except when zoomed in more than a certain level, which has resulted in a blank (grey) screen. To fix this go into the SlippyMap plugin settings (one of the tabs in JOSM preferences) and ensure that 'Max zoom lvl' is set to 17. Also make sure that you have OS StreetView selected in 'Tile Sources', that 'autozoom' and 'autoload tiles' are ticked.