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Street names in Brazil are doomed 5 days ago

You should bring the changesets to the attention of the DWG

Proposal: Sunset ref=* on ways in favor of relations 21 days ago

@robert: If id is unable to handle relations in a rational manner, given that relations are a basic data type alongside ways and nodes, that's a major deficiency in id and should be pointed out to the devs.

Proposal: Sunset ref=* on ways in favor of relations 21 days ago

@Sanderd17: That's not true at all, or the cycleway and walking networks would have the same refs as the motoring network. It took me all of 15 seconds and zero effort just zooming in on a random location and finding a duplexed ref (in this case, road A27 and RCN CS7 in London).

Mapping Freeway Exits, Powered By Road Geeks With Cameras 22 days ago

I'd throw junction:ref on the same way as the destination=* tag. I realize in theory it's rare to need that level of disambiguation but in practice, there's enough mutually split (such as the end of a long ramp where a "C,D,E" of a multi-ramp exit split), left, or some central lane (still can't believe Oregon actually made lanes 1,2 and 4 the through lanes, and lane 3 an exit only lane where OR 8 splits from US 26 westbound; that one being the weirdest of the "not leftmost/rightmost-lane exit" situations I've seen).

Proposal: Sunset ref=* on ways in favor of relations 22 days ago

Especially since many of these routes are already multiplexed with the only difference being the mode of travel.

Proposal: Sunset ref=* on ways in favor of relations 22 days ago

So what makes motorists somehow privileged as a mode to do it differently than we already handle foot, bus, bicycle, and literally every other kind of route?

New MapRoulette challenge idea: exit_to > destination about 1 month ago

I'm pretty much convinced we need it because of the offside exit problem and navigation. However, for rendering purposes, motorway_junction's still going to be necessary.

How to find Missing Roads in OSM with GPS data about 2 months ago

I would encourage users mapping against this to MAP the dirt tracks and what not that are getting traffic detected, since it is an indication that people are able to traverse it, rather than marking those as invalid.

New MapRoulette challenge idea: exit_to > destination 2 months ago

junction:ref=* as well! As you previously pointed out, it does obviate which direction the exit leaves the trunk or motorway!

Simulate traffic using OpenStreetMap-data and SUMO- Simulation for Urban MObility. 3 months ago

OK, this is a total pisser from a Debian perspective...can't seem to get traffic generated.

New road style for the Default map style, the full version - PR, casings on z11 3 months ago

Damnit, Australia, get on board with specifics! National Highways should be AU xxx and state highways should be the postal abbreviation and XXX (NSW 391 or WA 47 as possible examples).

Complex Intersections, or Why We Should Get Rid Of exit_to 3 months ago

OK, it's been a bit of work using it for tagging, but some things I've noticed:

  • destination and destination:lanes is far less ungainly than a simple exit_to or relations
  • I'm not convinced Osmand uses this data yet. It certainly would be handy to validate things, since I'm currently working to implement this state wide as part of my lanes and relations completion project.
Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap 4 months ago

The turn lanes plugin should not be used at this point, as it uses the scheme that Has Lost The War™. turn:lanes is the way to go, it's the one that has consumer and rendering usage at this point, and the easier option to wrap your head around.

Restoring measurements from crashed database of Tower Collector 4 months ago

I would hope you're also contributing this data to (especially if there's any wifi data inclusive).

It's too damn high 4 months ago

So, am I to surmise, based on Bubble's presence in this thread, that something's fucky?

Addresses in Oklahoma 7 months ago

This seems to be a common thing with local US governments. The data is open, but often citing some really thin vineer of excuses to charge for access to the data directly from them. The primary audience tends to be realtors and land developers who generally don't give a shit about spending the $50 to get the current official dataset.

Addresses in Oklahoma 7 months ago

The level of difficulty is that even though this data is digital, this might actually require driving to 77 different cities and picking up 77 CDROMs...which I'm not personally opposed to doing at all, since I could trade shifts with a coworker and start doing it on my days off (along with collecting other data using Mapillary), but the expense of doing so is prohibitive.

A way to filter out closed notes in .osn files 10 months ago

Except you can do that in JOSM with osm.notes.daysClosed...

New Telenav Mapping Project: Dual Carriageways 10 months ago

Oh man, dual carriageway mapping (or the lack of it) drove me fucking bonkers when I first started editing Tulsa. The big divided boulevards now have (and have had for a couple years now) full mapping of the medians with service stubs at driveways. (U-turns are generally allowed in Tulsa, but at the time I was driving a bit of a boat, which requires a bit of extra planning; now I got a Kia and I can swing these much easier, though it does make me wish I had a U-turn signal).

Importing 1 million New York City buildings and addresses about 1 year ago

I don't really think name=* is the appropriate place for route numbers stopping at the stations.