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Footways in Orloff Park, Pleasanton, CA, USA about 1 month ago

Footways? Or paths? If it's really narrow, like, two bikes can't pass head on without someone pulling over, footway=yes is definitely appropriate (if bikes are allowed, bicycle=yes is appropriate). Are bicycles allowed? Is it wide enough for two bikes to pass head on without slowing? Then highway=path is a better fit. Are pedestrians banned or is there a painted centerline? Then highway=cycleway (and possibly foot=yes) is appropriate.

turntable added just as it's removed 8 months ago

Brooklyn Roundhouse was demolished the week of my return to Oklahoma in August 2012.

North Korea is strange 8 months ago

That canal's centerline could use some extra nodes. And a shoreline.

Not-very-useful GPS traces 12 months ago

The intersection of the Equator and Prime Meridian is called "the origin."

Working on the Seattle Data Import. about 1 year ago

Be careful not to break things along the way. Relations, of which there are many in Seattle, affect turn restrictions, the bike map, ease of maintainability, and more.

Bike routes over 1 year ago

Please use route relations for the cycleway network, rather than tagging the underlying ways. It's much easier to maintain, allows for richer tagging on the related route, and all around less of a hassle to deal with.

calculate ways instead of drawing or: a look at "average tracks" over 1 year ago

This could make an interesting JOSM plugin

* What I am working on :) over 1 year ago

Well, that's cool...where can I find out more about this traffic service?

* What I am working on :) over 1 year ago

Curious what is being used to generate traffic awareness.

“Sidewalks” almost 2 years ago

Please use relations for routes (like the LCN), not tagging the way.

Apple... Please don't render FixMe's almost 2 years ago

@ingalls: JOSM's history plugin should give you some idea as well.

tertiary roads, TIGER and history almost 2 years ago

Generally speaking that should be OK for county and the main forest service routes. Secondary might be a better baseline if it's a state highway.

On Tracing from Poor Imagery almost 2 years ago

@asciiphil: Oh, cool; does it check relations or just the ref= on the way? Which takes priority?

On Tracing from Poor Imagery almost 2 years ago

Wow, what renderer is that?

diverging diamond interchange almost 2 years ago

Those are fun, there's a few in Missouri. Oklahoma and Texas have something not too dissimilar for making U-turns on four-roadway freeways.

Sandy Blvd. should not be a designated bicycle route about 2 years ago

Also, it should be noted that TriMet's interns and I have been working pretty hard on getting this right, so please throw something up on the tagging or talk-us lists if you have some specific concerns; I think the folks at TriMet are still working on getting their info vetted and added right now.

Sandy Blvd. should not be a designated bicycle route about 2 years ago

I'm not seeing it... I see bicycle=yes (which is correct) and RLIS tags indicating Metro has it as a caution_area. Outer Sandy, east of 205, shows a proposed US NCN route, which is also approximately correct, though it may ultimately take another course through Portland. I'm not showing any segment of Sandy as being designated, though I'm just glancing through right now.

Wal-Mart addition about 2 years ago

I misread "addition" as "addiction" and it completely changed the meaning.

Bicycle parking: Sheffield stands over 2 years ago

I had to look this up...isn't it basically a bike staple?

clothes off! :D over 2 years ago

I wonder what a filk version of Travie McCoy's music would be like. "I want to have a billion edits, so frickin bad..."