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Photon ... a new geocoder for OSM data over 4 years ago

Wow, this is great! Results are good, and search-as-you-type is really neat. Nominatim is more like the main OSM map: good for debugging and for inspecting the map for problems. Nominatim is no match for Google Maps search - but this search engine might be!

Drawbacks of Komoot against Google so far:

  • doesn't cover the whole world (yet?) - eg. America seems to be missing
  • targeted for single results; for "aldi bremen" Google gives 10 result markers on one map, while Komoot wants me to pick one result from the dropdown (which makes sense for a route planner)
  • Google has better handling of input typos (for "ostedeich bremen" Google goes to Osterdeich in Bremen as desired, while Komoot goes to some street 50km away) Anyway, I'd appreciate having something like the Komoot search on

Btw. the cycle tour planner at Komoot is quite remarkable as well.

Say what? over 5 years ago

Interesting tag names... "add:Business Type:", "add:description", "add:phone", "add:web site link"... Also, "source = City of Paso Robles" - does that make any sense at all?

Offizielle Quellen für Radfernwege? over 5 years ago

Noch eine weitere inkorrekte Quelle: auf der offiziell wirkenden Seite kann man eine GPX-Datei für die Route runterladen (find ich schon mal sehr schön!). Aber auch in dieser Route sind definitiv Fehler drin, z.B. wird man über das Gelände vom AKW Unterweser geleitet, was so nicht möglich ist.

Ich hab den Eindruck, daß die Streckenführung häufig angepasst wird und die verschiedenen Quellen da nicht nachkommen. Trotzdem bleibt die Frage: wonach sollte sich OSM richten?

Türme und Masten over 5 years ago

Laut wird man_made=tower bei Mapnik tatsächlich nicht unterstützt, während das (als deprecated bezeichnete) man_made=mast gerendert wird. Das ist wohl Pech. Ich würde mich dadurch aber nicht davon abhalten lassen, das "richtige" zu taggen.

Unter und steht meiner Meinung nach ziemlich gut erklärt, wann man Mast und wann Tower verwenden soll; daran würde ich mich beim Taggen halten - egal was die heutige Karte so darstellt.

Italian text on a historic monument over 5 years ago

Hi netgeek, thanks for the transcription! I've added it to the tag, in 5 separate inscription tags however, because values cannot be longer than 255 characters.

OpenMapSurfer and the city of Split almost 6 years ago

Neat - finally a world map with 3d buildings. Guess I'll have to remap my entire area now to add building heights :-)

Does anyone know how often the map is updated? on steroids almost 6 years ago

Richard: that's indeed a bit more than I had intended to donate... Probably the system I had in mind was more like the one described at , allowing to serve very small regions from my server. on steroids almost 6 years ago

Half-offtopic, but: are there plans to distribute Mapnik rendering and tile serving between multiple servers? I might be able to donate some CPU time and bandwidth to render and serve the tiles for my local town, hoping to reduce rendering latency esp. for Cyclemap and Transport Map. Is there a way for the main server to redirect tile requests for specific regions to a different server?

Some wiki edits about 6 years ago

Wow, that Regional Trip Planner looks amazing! I've never seen a public transport trip planner like that. Wish we had something similar over here...

MapCraft. Cake diagrams just went clickable! + London events almost 7 years ago

(never mind my question, I just noticed that you can specify the areas when creating a new cake)

MapCraft. Cake diagrams just went clickable! + London events almost 7 years ago

Looks amazing! Is it possible to add own cakes at, or does this have to be done by an admin?