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Sharp Turns onto Ramps 8 months ago

Great work.

The urls do not work for me, I see the href value. But it is easy enough to paste it into a browser. Actually a normal url like might be better as we could give it to josm.

When will you run the validation for Denmark again?

Sharp Turns onto Ramps 8 months ago

The lines are a big help. An arrow would be even nicer. Or maybe make the second leg a different color than the first leg.

I believe that Denmark is now mostly fixed. The sharp turns that are left is where it is possible to make U-turns on roads that have been split up in one-way lanes.

Sharp Turns onto Ramps 9 months ago

I would also like to see regular updates.

Sharp Turns onto Ramps 10 months ago

Great job.

When will you run it again and update the map?

I believe we fix most of the issues in Denmark, and it would be interesting to see if the rest are false positives or problems with the mapping.

I do think there is a few false positives for motorway_links that are not one-way.

Danish rowing clubs complete over 3 years ago

Most of the clubs do have various activities. For example my club DSR - Danske Studenters Roklub have recreational rowing, competitive rowing, and long-distance tours. We have inrigger rowing, scullers, coastal-boats, kayaks, and kayak polo. There is a fitness centre with weights, a sauna etc. In the winter we have training in ergometers, swimming (although not in the club), badminton, cross-country running, gymnastics, skiing ergomenters, circle training, Brazilian dancing, etc. The club do have a very active social life (I will be celebrating new years eve there), but is certainly is a sporting facility - three members brought back an Olympic medal from London.

So even though the other sports to a large extents is there to support the rowing (swimming for safety, weights to build muscles for rowing, etc) I do think that sports_centre is the most appropriate.

One problem with both sports_centre, pitch, and stadium is that there is not really an enclosed area for the rowing. We row on the water, sharing the water with other boats. On the other hand we do have a club-house and boathouse, locker rooms, sauna, pontoons etc, and we always start and end any activity (except some competitions and tours) at the boathouse. Unlike e.g., running or cycling, we cannot just start anywhere.

Need help: which osm apps to recommend? over 6 years ago

Navit (ZANavit) is good.

Much more Odsherred about 7 years ago

I am sure there are some errors.

But sometimes it is also really hard to see if roads are connected.
Even when it looks obvious that they should be connected you can not be sure.
For example much of Odsherred is below sea level, so the road could have a small canal on one side, with roads ending just on the other side of the canal. And often trees grows along canals.

I tend not to connect roads if I am not sure.

Odsherred over 7 years ago

Ja, der sker da noget.
Men der er stadig store huller på fx fx Vestsjælland.

Det ærgrer mig lidt, da jeg voksede op der. Hvis jeg havde haft en GPS dengang, havde det set helt anderledes ud :-)

Motivation (or how to get more of it) over 7 years ago

You could make games without jeopardizing quality.

For example you select 25 random, unmapped roads in a given area (e.g., Slagelse, Kalundborg, Holbæk triangle). The list is secret. Players go mapping and claim a road when they finish mapping it. If a player claim a road on the list, it is verified that it is a good mapping, the score is updated, revealing the name of the road. The other players have a couple of days to protest based on quality.
The winner is the the player with most claimed roads when all roads are claimed or at some deadline.
The point is that only the roads on the secret list have to be verified, which is hopefully a small fraction.
You can add various ways of giving hints to players. The more hints the larger area you can have.

Reliability of Open Street Map over 7 years ago

>How long have you been using OSM?
4 years

>Approximately how often do you use and edit OSM?
once or twice a month. Copenhagen where I live is close to completed for roads at least, so whenever I travel outside Copenhagen.

>What are your incentives for editing in OSM?
To contribute to an important project.

>What is your preferred method of attaining data to upload (e.g. GPS points, >digitizing, uploading photographs)?


>Do you feel there is much disparity in the reliability of OSM data?

not much.

If so, do you think this could be the result of the socio-economic dynamics of an area or the method of attaining data etc?

Certainly the method. I.e. Copenhagen and surrounding (East half of
Sealand) have good Yahoo images, the rest of Denmark does not. It is
very obvious that this makes the difference in coverage.

Popular remote tourist areas are probably most reliable because they are
mapped by many different people with good GPS-coverage.

stupid novice question almost 8 years ago

If you mean if you can set a waypoint on you GPS, and then add it to OSM using the coordinates, then yes.

I do not know you GPS, but I use MaemoMapper and I can set a waypoint (mark), export the GPX, open it in Merkaartor and it automatically add the point.

Averaging of Traces almost 8 years ago

Maybe you can get help from User:findvej import script:

What to do when "your" road conflicts with someone else's view of it. almost 8 years ago

I generally go for the averaging too.

But sometimes it is obvious the you have the better trace. Ie. when you have been walking down the middle of the roads. And the previous track seems to be from a car.

Sometimes you have to do something. I.e. when you have mapped several roads that turns out to be crossing the railroad, where they should not be.

And some roads are made from satellite images. I assume that my GPS is more precise or at least that different GPS tracks at different times will even out whereas it seems that satellite images are often off in one direction.

Best practice: offline mapping? almost 8 years ago

I usually do not make too many notes in Denmark since every address is already imported, making it possible to figure out roadnames in most cases.

A voice recording utility would be nice. It does not necessarily have to be geotagged. Timestamps would do. Just a application that would make a new mp3/ogg file every time you pressed "record". They it would be trivial to match sound files with streets using file time-stamps.

I have an old mp3 player, that can record. I will give it a try.