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My Involvement in OpenStreetMap

Posted by Nathalie SIDIBE on 18 April 2018 in French (Français)

Hello i'm Astou Nathalie SIDIBE, a Human Ressources Manager, a social Activist, committed to Communities development and lots other volunteer and humanitarian activities for a long time, in Mali.

I got involved in OpenstreetMap Project in December 2014 after two weeks of workshops with the Projet Espace OpenStreetMap Francophone, ProjetEOF in Bamako and then I cofounded OpenStreetMap Mali and advocate for OpenStreetMap and OpenData projects in Mali.

So, since January 2015, i’ve been planning and organizing mapping parties, MappingCamps in Mali, cofacilitating trainings in Mali and in West Africa. I'm personnally involved in developing partnership with Public and Private Universities, High Schools, local and International Organizations . and also with National and international Organisations. I'm also the Lead of the French-Speaking Africa Community for OpenData, CAFDO , in Mali

As a Voting Member, becoming a Board Member is an opportunity to contribute more to HOT, to learn more and strengthen my leadership and also to share my fews experiences leading a local community.