Mapper since: December 04, 2012

A bit about me:

I recently moved to Toronto recently to keep up my grad-school cred and study cities and maps and GIS and stuff; I haven't done much mapping around here though. I grew up in north-eastern Ohio, and spent eight years of my adult life in Cincinnati. You may notice that I've edited a lot around Ohio lately, if you're the type of person who notices that sort of thing ;-) I've been working pretty aggressively toward cleaning up shitty rural TIGER imports using Bing imagery, often deleting quite a few features. It's armchair mapping, I know, but until we get a lot of new contributors from the world of agriculture, I feel like it's making a big difference just as basic quality assurance. Please feel free to hit me up if I step on any toes! I think I'm pretty good about not deleting things that have been touched by humans, but mistakes happen.

I recently got started with JOSM! I feel like I've just gone from smoking drugs to injecting them...