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Hello world! My name is Nate Wessel.

A little about me

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I hate cars, love cities, ride bikes, and enjoy doing things that I've never done before. Much of my time is filled up by eagerly making maps of one sort or another, but I also spend a lot of time reading philosophy, sewing, and making a public nuisance of myself.

My undergrad is in Urban Planning, and I'm currently getting my masters in geography at the University of Cincinnati. Particular foci on transporation and cartographic design. Any PHD advisors out there?

What I'm working on at the moment

-Currently working on a bike map of Cincinnati using OSM data. The money has been raised and printing is expected at the end of July 2014. Shoot me a message with an address if you want a copy when they're ready. Will measure 24" x 31", printed both sides, folded down as small as I can get it.

-That bike map currently has me working like a dog to survey Cincinnati by bike and add lane counts and posted speed limits to every major street.

Some past projects using open spatial data

-Lately I've been intrigued by the spatial distribution of crosswalks and cul-de-sacs so you may noticed I've added a couple thousand of those.

-I'm that guy who made the Cincinnati transit map.

-I also write the Cincinnati Transit Blog, which has become more of an outlet for my work in transportation geography and agsty plannerly monologue.