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Hello world! My name is Nate Wessel.

A little about me

I'm that guy who made the Cincinnati transit map. I also recently started the Cincinnati Transit Blog. I'm pretty excited about that; hopefully it will be chock full of excellent and open cartography. My undergrad is in Urban Planning, and I'm currently getting my masters in geography at the University of Cincinnati.

I hate cars, love cities, ride bikes, and enjoy doing things that I've never done before. Most of my time is filled up by eagerly making maps of one sort or another, but I also spend a lot of time reading philosophy, sewing, and making a public nuisance of myself.

What I'm doing here

I live in the Cincinnati area(Pendelton to be precise) and that's what I'm working on! I've been adding TANK and SORTA bus routes for a while and there are still a lot more to go. I also tend to spend a lot of time filling in big empty spaces so you may notice that I've drawn in a lot of wooded areas. Something about a big empty space on a map just feels wrong to me.

I'm also interested in really thouroughly and properly classifing and tagging major streets so I can use them for routing, primarily to analyse walksheds for transit, but also for the development of a printed bicycle map. Lately I've been intrigued by the spatial distribution of crosswalks and cul-de-sacs so you may noticed I've added a couple thousand of those.