Mr Satterly

Mapper since: April 26, 2017

Mr. Satterly

I map Gillette, Wyoming and the area around it as best as possible. I take photos in and around Gillette for Wikipedia, Find A Grave, Wikivoyage, Wikimedia, and Gillette projects. I also edit the Gillette travel guide on Wikivoyage and Gillette entry on Wikipedia. My website with Gillette resources, Unix-like computer resources, and personal projects is available at

Current Goals for Gillette

If you see this profile and are wondering what is going on with the editing in Gillette the current goals are as follows.

  1. Map all addresses and roads
  2. Make it manageable

To do that these things have to be done.

  • Realign everything to new Bing imagery
  • Draw missing buildings and streets
  • Resurvey all road names - several were wrong
  • Mark businesses inside larger buildings from surveys
  • Add addresses and street names from surveys
  • Remove misc. points, driveways, and other complications
  • Replace the sidewalks I drew with sidewalk tag on streets
  • Change street names to East/West/North/South
  • Mark all roads with no exits where they end
  • Move stop signs/traffic light points to intersections with details

Lesser concerns are

  • Draw parking lots, ponds, parks, and other areas
  • Extend creeks to at least outside Gillette area
  • Split and draw residential areas
  • Draw service roads in county areas
  • Add sidewalks, bike paths, surfaces, and ways info to roads
  • Add levels and wheelchair access to buildings
  • Redraw water areas that shrank/grew
  • Redraw coal mines - they move and reclaim land behind them
  • Connect park paths to the roads
  • Mark the 150+ statues, murals, and other artwork
  • Draw and mark memorials including roadsign memorials
  • Draw and mark communication towers - few
  • Mark public water fountains - very few
  • Add Wikipedia links to things that have entries
  • Mark all large mailboxes - not the residential metal boxes