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New road style for the Default map style - the full version about 1 year ago

Great work! The new style looks a lot better than the old one overall. It's clear now that using colours different from the background colours not only increases legibility in the extreme cases (trunk on forest, secondary on farmland), but also makes the overall legibility much better.

Some random comments:

  • I agree the with the others the shield colour is too strong, especially for trunk and motorway (this is a comment on the original rendering posted here, I haven't looked at the proposals in your responses yet).

  • At some zoomlevels trunk seems rather similar too primary, maybe it's possible to move it slightly closer to motorway?

  • The secondary casing could perhaps slightly toned down, at least on z11.

  • The new z7 doesn't look really pleasant, but I can't tell well why. The 'before' image is missing by the way). Levels z6 and z8 look fine though.

  • For pedestrian/living_street, I still like the final example. Would it be possible to reduce the clash with landuse=industrial by adding a stronger, for example purple, outline?

  • I see tertiary is now white and wider - do you have some more examples of urban areas to show how that works?

  • The difference between regular casing and bridge casing might need some work. For example on z16-z18 in this is not really clear.

  • In the same example, residential seems too thick on z15 - not sure if that's a problem in other areas too?

Once again, great work so far!

New road style for the Default map style - the first version about 1 year ago

A couple of more comments from my side:

  • I wouldn't be against dropping trams on z12 too.
  • Paths - I think we need either a double line or a dashed line. An individual coloured line is not recognizable enough as way.
  • @pnorman: Switching away from blue motorways is necessary in my opinion because of the confusion with rivers on low zoom levels.